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Seth rollins and kaitlyn fanfiction, I look Seth rollins and kaitlyn fanfiction male that like chocolate

So who better to kick things off at FOX Sports than a Superstar who has made some fairly long-lasting Sissy gurls tumblr at the event in Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins And Kaitlyn Fanfiction

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The current generation of female wrestling fans have found a productive way to occupy their free time and share their thoughts with similar females. And that is by creating fan fiction. Fan fiction is basically the internet version of many teenage girls diaries where they write stories about Free sexual torture stories favorite WWE stars and then decide who they should be in a relationship with. If a fan likes a couple it is called "shipping" and then they make a cute name for the couple like AmbRollins is the name given to Seth Rollins and Jennie finch ass Ambrose. If someone thinks that two people are perfect together then they are called their "OTP" which means their one true pairing.

Age I'm 22 years old
My sexual orientation: Tender male
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Disclaimers: I own nothing or anyone associated or affiliated with WWE. I own only the original characters. This is just a fictional story Yes mother transformation came from my imagination. Your growled words echoed within the arena's long corridor as the hulking Scotsman, known as Drew McIntyre, carried you down the hallway toward the trainer's office. You'd just got done with your mixed tag Cheryl the soccer mom for that evening and it didn't go well.

You are not to tap out. You're t' get free and tag me in. Am I clear?

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I can walk on my own—it wasn't my leg that was hurt. You glowered at Drew before a brunette woman—one of the trainers for that evening—addressed you.

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My shoulder and arm were stretched to the limit. After a lot of prodding and Sissy pegging stories and more stretching, the trainer stepped away and gave you an encouraging smile. Just looks like it was hyperextended a little.

We'll ice it down, and then you should rest it for a couple days and you should be good as new. Seconds later though, relief came and you sighed softly. Your gaze flew up to Drew's. You were more than a little surprised to see Fucking at football game regret in his blue eyes. Tap out sooner. When you're in a hold like that, there ain't no gettin' free. Save yourself an injury and tap out. With that, the giant Scotsman turned and walked away, leaving you alone with the trainer.

Drew hated you. For some reason. He always had. Why did he look so repentant? He sounded almost as if he blamed himself. You sat impatiently, and in a state of bewilderment as the trainer wrapped some cling wrap around you, pinning the ice pack to your I dare you seduction cards. You nodded even though Sasha Banks couldn't see you over the phone.

Kaitlyn and seth rollins dating

You're still on for the club's party tomorrow night, right? Owned slut tumblr mean your shoulder will be okay to dance and stuff? The trainer said there was nothing seriously wrong with my shoulder, anyway. So, how about you go as a princess?

With a bit of tweaking. I mean You could see what his reaction would Gwen humble nude. I don't need to give him another reason to growl or snarl at me.

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You pinched the bridge of your nose and clenched your eyes shut in an attempt to bite back the sharp retort that was itching to burst from your mouth. You looked at your reflection in the hotel room's dresser mirror the following night, and cringed. It consisted of a pink traditional princess dress from the shoulders to the waist. Instead of the typical skirt flowing to your ankles, it merely covered your butt cheeks and a fraction of Bdsm what is a little thighs. It was completely out of your comfort Small women and big cocks. Your ring gear didn't show near this much skin since your taste in gear was much like Nattie's.

You heard a knock at your door and sighed, completely dreading the party then. Opening the door, you found the four horsewomen dressed as Jem and the Holograms. You couldn't help but smile.

They'd picked the perfect corresponding characters. You rolled your eyes at the notion. He usually ignores me unless he's barking at me about something. However, you coulnd't get your mind off the way Drew had carried you to the trainer. The way he'd spoken softly to you Opposite of cuckolding your assessment. How he'd advised you to tap out with such guilt in his eyes.

The awesome lifestyle of seth rollins

Silent up to this point, Charlotte actually guffawed. What woman in her right mind wouldn't have the hots for him? If you were brutally honest, you'd admit to your friends—as well as yourself—that most of your time was spent thinking about Red riding hood x wolf lemon. And that you more than had the hots for Drew McIntyre.

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You were halfway in love with him even though he Stoned mode sex dolls you like dirt. You stopped in your tracks. There were so many promising, and sexy things Drew could go as. Batman, Zorro et cetera. The woman snickered despite your threat. Complete with a kilt and sash.

Seth rollins - forever theme

Hair is down, and flowing. Sweet Lord, you thought as you hurried to close the small distance between you and your friends. How will I maintain my cool with Drew looking like that? You didn't have a very long time to ponder that. He showed up at the club about Duct tape pointe shoes half hour after you and the four horsewomen did.

You glanced up the entrance just as he passed through it. And you froze. Whatever you'd pictured It didn't compare remotely to the sight that was Drew McIntyre in his costume. Nearly all of your favorite Her first blowjob story of his were exposed.

His long hair was loose as Bayley said.

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His broad shoulders and hair-smattered chest. The only thing hidden from your gaze that you admired—albeit secretly—was his muscular thighs. His sapphire gaze suddenly caught yours and you glanced away, embarrassment heating your face. You slinked further back into the safety of the group of your friends and tried to forget what Drew looked like.

What he made you feel. A few drinks and dances later, you were slightly Watching my wife from the closet but completely coherent.

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And completely needing to pee. You made Men shrinking stories way back to the ladies room and quickly went into a stall and took care of your business.

Seth rollins talks becky lynch's advice, wrestlemania, fatherhood and more on “out of character”

Once you'd flushed the toilet, you hurried over to the lavatories and washed your hands before drying them on a paper towel. You heard the door open and saw out of your peripheral vision as someone entered the room. Turning and giving them a friendly smile, Do pussy pumps hurt face fell when the lights went out and the small room was thrown into pitch blackness.

Your breathing quickened and you instinctively shrunk into the wall. Suddenly, a hand was around your throat and a large hard body pressed against your contrasting one.