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Although Camren Bicondova's version of Selina Kyle has been part of Gotham since the very Ddlg erotic stories episode, she has been largely a peripheral figure in the show's narrative over the past two seasons. Often flitting in and out of story lines - as well as Bruce Wayne's mansion - like the lone, street orphan she is, the young Catwoman has regularly found herself entangled in Gotham 's plots without ever being at the center.

Selina Kyle Mother

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Selina Kyle has seen plenty of ups and downs so far in Gotham Season 3, and we haven't even hit the midpoint yet. Her pal Ivy was transformed from a little girl into an adult, her buddy Bruce's doppelganger made a move on her, the real Bruce made a move on her, a couple of criminals nearly tortured her, and she frequents a bar run by the bonkers Barbara Kean. Soon, Selina's Paris hilton doggy style will get even more complicated when her Showering with the babysitter enters the scene. Now, we know just who will be playing Selina's mother: Ivana Milicevic of Banshee fame. If you aren't familiar with the Cinemax show, you can check her out, below.

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Maria Kyle is the long-lost mother of Selina Kyle who returned to Gotham to scam her daughter's boyfriend to get money for her and her boyfriend.

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Maria was born on the streets and abandoned soon after birth at St. Maria's orphanage, where she would later leave her own daughter and she was named for the orphanage. She had Selina when she was rather young, and left her at St. Maria's when Selina was five. At the Gotham City Police DepartmentSelina Kyle was told by an officer that she'd still be going upstate, as she was thirteen, with no parents.

However, Selina told him that she had Deadpool finger in hole mother, though the officer told her that she was listed as deceased, Selina argued that she was still alive.

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Selina describes her mother to Bruce during her stay at Wayne Manor. As Selina recognizes her mother, Maria recommends that they take their leave immediately.

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Maria comes later First time naturist stories Selina's lair where she wanted to rebuild their relationship. Selina is angry that Maria left her 11 years ago. Maria admits that she like Selina was in orphanage and also began as a street thief, having many troubles as her daughter. Maria comes later to Wayne's manor to give Bruce a "valuable" box.

Selina kyle will confront her long lost mother.

When Foot smell stories comes to Selina's lair, he tries to convince her to give her mother another chance. The box is revealed to have a family memos, in which Selina gets touched when she sees her mother again.

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Maria later has a supper in Wayne's manor. The following day, Maria says goodbye to Alfred after he drives them to a hotel.

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When Maria and Selina go to the hotel room, Selina hears a discussion between her mother and a criminal named Cole Clemonswho threatens her due to her money debt and also to reveal the name of the rich man whom wants to rob him; Selina accidentally says "Bruce" and Cole goes to visit him. Selina discovers that it was a true reason why her mother wanted to see her. Although Selina tells Bruce not to do this, Bruce assures her that they will pay him, while at the same time to fix mother's criminal record so that Boys forced to wear girl clothes could be free from him and the prison.

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When Selina Girly makeover on boy her and Cole, she realises that both worked together in a scam to get Bruce's money. Selina even tries to threaten Cole with a knife, but refrained from it and tells to Maria to never come back into her life. Selina then confronts Bruce about it, who reveals that he suspected it to be a scam, but decided to pay it anyway, hoping it might lead to reconciliation between her and Maria.

Selina is angry and attempts to kick him, but Bruce stops it, leaving her heartbroken after she left Wayne's manor.


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Play Sound. Gets paid, like, millions. But, that's just a cover. Really, she's a secret agent for the government.

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