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Schoolgirl pin story, Erotica lady searching Schoolgirl pin story especially for chat

The schoolgirl pin is one of the most frequently used finishing moves. It comes quite naturally to people when engaged in any sort of fight, whether it be a fantasy mixed wrestling match, a full on catfight or a fight going on in the street. In MMA, it is known as the mount.

Schoolgirl Pin Story

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She had never really wrestled before, although she was a soccer player, which did help Kik roleplay link become athletic, as well as get some strong thighs. She stood up to challenge me. I couldnt help but admire her sexy figure.

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It was a hot sunny early afternoon in June that Janet and her sister Joy decided to have a bbq on the back lawn of our house. She was 26 years old, 5ft 6ins and had put on a little weight and was lb.

Schoolgirl pin

Her figure was curvaceous with her lovely ass even more rounded than before which was enclosed in a pair of tight levis jeans and like most of her riding jeans and jodhpurs had a scuffed and slightly discoloured bottom area due to her excessive sitting in a saddle. She was now Father and son compare size professional horse riding instructress and had come straight from work exercising her horses so to complement her attire still wore a pair of muddy riding boots and had a cool sleeveless white shirt.

Her sister Gay incest stories real was 31 years old, smaller than Janet at 5ft 2 ins and a lot lighter Schoolgirl pin story wiry at lbs. She wore a pair of deer jeans, tee shirt and trainers. Although their sizes were different there was no doubting they were sisters and both had green eyes and dark brown hair although Joy's was long and straight whilst Janet's was medium length and wavy.

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When we finished eating all 3 lay down in the hot afternoon and drank a of bottles of wine. We were all happy with drink when Janet came from the house with another bottle put it down and sat astride and directly on the small of my back. After about 15 minutes I needed a rest and drink of water as all the wine and I seduced my aunt had dehydrated me.

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She was disappointed and refused me water which resulted in my collapse with Janet still on top of me. Although we had little tussles in our house this was the first one outside with an audience for quite some time. Probably because she was stronger and heavier than before she found it True foot tickling stories to pin my arms next to my head, of course the advantage of being on top and having the leverage and Humiliating erotic stories to my lack of fitness helped.

She scooted up so although she did not kneel on my arms and she had them trapped by squashing them along side my head as she moved up to sit heavily on my upper chest nearly at my chin.


Joy laughed and said we'll see, after all he's 5ft 10ins and very big. The bet Chineese massage near me on and I immediately tried to buck her off me and twisted my waist and legs over trying to unseat Having sex with an amputee. I bucked furiously but all that happened was that it moved Janet higher on top and I sweated a lot and became redder and redder. I stopped to catch my breath; she took the opportunity to further reinforce her pin, although she didn't need to and moved her knees in to make sure I looked straight up at her.

I was now frustrated and formed a mighty text book wrestler's bridge to try and topple her.

Schoolgirl pin

Can you remember how I used to pin you on Dad's yard and also on my bed. We both took a drink of water but Janet's mind seemed Wwe fanfiction rated m. I was to be the referee but the only rules were no hair pulling, kicking, biting or hitting and who ever gets 2 submission wins.

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Joy taken completely by surprise fell on her back winded Sharing my wife with massive cocks Janet sat heavily astride her stomach. Before Joy regained her composure Janet had hold of her wrists and with her leverage pinned them to the floor and scooted up and placed her knees on them. I looked over with admiration as they both looked gorgeous, Joy muscular, slim and so fit who was covered and glistening in sweat looking up in anger and Janet straddling on top in the mount position perfectly balanced in control, her scuffed knees and stained round ass of her tight jeans was sitting on Joy as though she was riding a National winner.


Joy tried again and again to catch Janet with her legs but each time she missed with Janet looking down and pulling her tongue What is a spitroast each time. Joy did writhe on the ground and bucked like a demented bull but Janet just rode it out.

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Old ladies giving head even tried the bridge but due to the 25 lbs weight difference this was Schoolgirl pin story and when she tried to lift she did so very slowly. Janet continued smiling down and pushed up Bigger dick gay classic her crotch rested right on Joy's chin with her ass sat on the throat. All that Gym work is no good when a real woman gets on top of you.

Janet was nasty and after15 minutes she started tickling Joy's armpits and also knocking her knuckles on her temples, following her last trick of pushing her knuckles into nerves below her ears Joy couldn't stand it and collapsed having maintained the Bridge for 18 minutes.

After this Joy lay flat on her back with knees folded whilst Janet sat on her throat with hands calmly on her thighs. I think sitting and straddling is my destiny. You are hot sweaty and if necessary I could sit on you all day, even you must realise that.

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Ghetto girl from friday looked so small under the larger Janet and her head was moving in short sideways movements between Janet's thighs. She was nearly crying and shouted, no! Janet had of course planned this and the 20 minute Bridge bet was all part of her plans to have Joy exhausted and for Janet to have a big advantage for round 2.

Janet quickly got Fathers and sons naked together in a head lock, brought her down swinging one leg over Joys torso. Once Ebony money mistress Janet moved higher and managed to secure Joys arms with her knees and then her ankles as she secured the pin.

Janet scatched her ass, adjusted a wedgy and moved forward to secure the pin on Joy's throat pushing her jaw even further forward to make her uncomfortable.

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How else can I torture you? I shouted to Janet that enough was enough and time to get off her and let her up and that there ws no need to humiliate her.

‘schoolgirl pin’ stories

At this point Janet rubbed grass over Jot's face in her ears and mouth and started to tap her head in a Chinese style torture. Joy started crying and tried to submit and say that Janet is the better girl. After a further 5 minutes she reluctantly decided to get off Joy and help her up.

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Still crying Joy lept up and went running to the bathroom and then home to plan her revenge.