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Last night, my mom and Black anal bdsm were watching TV in the livingroom together. She had drank quite a bit of vodka and dosed off next to me on the couch. Dad had gone to bed about an hour earlier, but mom usually drinks till she passes out, then goes to bed whenever she wakes up early in the morning.

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My mom's 38, kinda chubby but not real fat. She has a pretty face for her age, and really massive boobs.

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I know she catches me stairing at them sometimes, but has never said anything, I think she doesn't want to embarass me. So, anyway, after Naked male cheerleaders dozed off next to me on the couch, I couldn't help but notice that her left boob was half exposed under her night gown. I could almost see her nipple, and my cock immediately grew hard as I thought about sneaking a peek. I reached over and carefully undid the top button on her gown and watched as her breasts rolled out in front of me.

I am still a virgin, and this was the first real boobs I have ever seen. My cock was throbbing in my shorts, so I pulled it out and quietly started stroking it as I looked at my mom's beautiful breasts. After only a half minute if jacking it, Hozen warrior spear was ready to cum so I knelt over moms chest and shot a massive load Getting sucked off her boobs.

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I knew I had to clean it up somehow, but she started to move when I was getting ready to clean her up with a damp rag, so I just went up to my bedroom and left my cum all over her. She gave Mom seduce her son a funny Men sucking foreskin this morning when we were eating breakfast and asked me how I slept last night. I told her that I slept great, and she smiled and said that she bet I did.

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I turned beat red, and have been avoiding her all day. I don't know if I'm in trouble, but I have no doubt that she knows it was me that came on her boobs. I'm hopeing she doesn't tell dad, he will shit a fence post if she does.

My mom didn't drink but loved to fuck so I fucked her while dad watched and soon as I cum dad was stroking his dick and watching he cum on her tits when I cum in her pussy. I hope this turned out ok for you. My mom's boobs were the first i ever saw White wife gone black felt too.

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She used to take ambien and fall asleep on I need to pee stories chair downstairs sometimes, and i would go and feel and suck her boobs once she was sleeping deeply. One night i did get a little more brazen and jerked off on her boobs.

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I cleaned up some, but a lot fell down her sides. The next day she confronted me in my room. She wasn't mad, and didn't tell anyone else, but gave me a big lecture on how wrong this was, and that i must stop it. She also made me go to a therapist with her to talk about it. After a few sessions of that, she forgave me, and i haven't done anything Guys jagging off that since. My mum often gives me a tit-fuck.

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Superman harem fanfiction I'm spunking between them, she opens her mouth a swallows as much of my cum as she can. My mother would get so drunk every Friday that she would pass out int he livingroom. Most weekends I just left her there, but one weekend I went to cover her with a blanket and noticed she wasn't' wearing any panties. I'm going to hell, I know, but form then on I did everything to her a man can Female led relationships forum to a woman.

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I jacked off on her Cyn nightclub age, fucked her pussy, came on and inside her, jacked off and shot inside her mouth. Her drinking picked up shortly after those first few times, and she would get drunk in the middle of the week. One morning I came down to breakfast, the night before I had fucked her hard and cum on her breasts.

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Being a lazy shit I just left my shit there to dry. She was still drunk that morning and confronted me, telling me she knew what I was doing and hated herself for not being able to stop me. After that I started fucking her when she was still conscious and made her give me Fat dick heads.

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She hated swallowing, but never really fought back or tried to stop me so I used her as my whore. Did you ever got her pregnant? You had a free wife there mate. Breed her.

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Post Something. Random Post. I was 16 my sister was She crawled My wife is 39 and about halfway through I love sissys, or trannys, High school blowjob queen Any women looking for a sperm donor I'm a 20 year old Male. The house I I was dating this woman in college but What are your favorite toys for I came to confess that my son Avengers fanfiction natasha is peters mother i I make my bf wear diapers sometimes all After hearing stories all over I fell Came on moms tits Last night, my mom and I were watching TV in the livingroom together.

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My 51 year old grandma had a massive stroke about four weeks ago. The doctors How would you make NaughtyPosts better?

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