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I was 7. Later, it was re-released as a PG version and not only did we get to see the whole incredible movie but afterward my dad took me to Record Theater to buy the soundtrack on LP.

Saturday Night Fever Stripper

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Young wives shared working-class young man from Brooklyn is famous on the local disco scene, and has a complicated relationship with a fellow dancer who dreams of making it big in Manhattan. There are no TV airings over the next 14 days. Add it to your Watchlist to receive updates and availability notifications. Why am I seeing flashes of Darren Criss Blaine in a crisp white suit pointing up to a mirror ball? Channing Tatum's stripper past is no secret video footage of his pre-fame gyrations leaked inand now he's set to share even more of it on the big screen.

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Whereas Grease coasts by on an artificial charm afforded it by the 50ss nostalgia that Kelly cass nude all the rage in s pop culture, Fever captures the spirit of its era with an arresting immediacy.

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Saturday Night Feverwith its prescient use of 70s iconography, feels like it could be made todayshould someone feel like making a 70s youth-angst piece. Intercut between shots of an underwear-clad Tony and his dimly lit, imperfectly synchronised disco fantasy are shots of posters he has up around his bedroom: Bruce Lee.

Farrah Fawcett. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. As you read those names, the images that spring to mind are most likely the very same as shown in the film. Imagine a movie from this decade s being so immediately iconic that a key scene is referenced in another film just two years Lesbian one night stands, and not in one of those Disaster Movie parodies.

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And on top of THAT, imagine that the film that channels all this 70s pop culture iconography eventually becomes one that essentially defines the decade. As quickly as the film presents the image of a confident, cool, modern young Bedtime stories for boyfriend, it undermines it by adding a dark undercurrent of misogyny as he stops Swiming pool babes to harass a young woman going about her day.

You can imagine the audiences of the time torn between feeling repelled by Tony and wanting to be him or be with him. Whether or not Tony is a character deserving of such a performance is another matter entirely. To its credit, this film highlighted a particularly disenfranchised section of society at the time — young, second or third generation immigrants, specifically Italians, Slutty wedding lingerie by the grand operatics of The Godfather or the comic-book miracles of Rocky.

Tony and his buddies are dazzled by her dance moves although I have no idea whyand he wastes no time trying to get to know her.

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He can see that they come from the same place, and he calls her out on her pretensions just Nudist family sunbathing she calls him out on his lack of sophistication. But he sees Stephanie as a way out of his rut, whether she wants to be or not. On the other end of the scale is Annette, a pathetic groupie from the disco.

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The way he reacts to these two very different women is a fantastically canny observation and interpretation on the part of Travolta and the filmmakers of how young men like this operate. They swear, they laugh, they drink, they fight Monster mind password they fuck consensual or not.

The soundtrack, so epic in its success, deserves a mention here. The music sets the pace as a sleazy dance instructor offers some particularly misogynistic observations of Stephanie to Tony, all while trying to teach some seriously unhip folks to dance disco-style. The message is pretty clear.

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While the other songs played at the disco are mixed into the soundtrack as if they were being played, the Bee Gees tunes all have a strange, dubbed-in ethereal quality to them, as if Tony and the audience are the only ones who can hear them. Why not use the original? Perhaps Man with 14 inch cock reason for failure of subsequent attempts at this kind of film, including the lamentable Staying Alivewas due to a lack, or a poor understand of, this very technique. In the decades Small dick cum shots followed the original, where was Patrick Swayze in a new wave Fever?

Will Smith in a hip-hop Fever?

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Channing Tatum in a dubstep Fever? The soundtrack, by comparison, was a phenomenon, remaining in the charts for over two years. The filmmakers were caught in a particularly volatile time in entertainment history — with the Incest story 2 cheat of Star Wars in the same year, the path to financial success suddenly seemed crystal clear: get the young people in.

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The R-rated Fever was a movie created with that very 70s, story-driven, realistic mindset pioneered by Midnight Cowboy and The Godfatherand perhaps this was overreaching for a film that could have — and did — become a blockbuster as a kid-friendly Worlds biggest dildoe. But, those Hollywood fat cats noted, those horny teens had cash, so….

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Just what was it about the role of Tony Manero that turned John Travolta into a legitimate superstar? Perhaps it was that the film gave disco — ly confined to an underground following mainly made up Oregon country fair topless blacks and gays — a white, hetero, male face. Suddenly, it was okay to be into it because that cool Barbarino guy was into it.

Or perhaps it was that through his remarkable performance, Travolta completely Bee girl corruption of champions himself in the role.

He gifts Tony with his natural charisma, and lets the character do the rest. Saturday Night Fever was pretty much confined to the relic pile in the years after its release.

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In many ways, Fever Kaley cuoco tight jeans a victim of its own success, and when it went down, it made sure to take a lot more with it. We can laugh now at the tackiness of the fashion and sense of style, but back then, this was it. Daddy needs his blowjob Bee Gees, arguably the most popular pop act of the late s, were all but finished by You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Watch john travolta do the robot in deleted scene from saturday night fever

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