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Sarah Walker Hot

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Lizzie : [to Chuck] I don't think you're in a position to bargain, Chuck. I have two guns. What have you got? Sarah Walker : [from behind] ME! On her back facefuck : You're no hot dog maker!

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Sarah as she appears in Season 5. Sarah Walker Bartowski, known throughout the series as Sarah Walkerwas probably born Mayalthough at least one false passport, seen in Chuck Versus the Helicopterhad her birthday listed as 30 November She is a CIA operative initially sent to Burbank to assess Chuck Bartowskithe recipient of the last contact sent by her former partner apparently gone rogue, Bryce Larkin.

She is a main character in NBC television series Chuck. She is portrayed by Yvonne Strahovski. Bareback conversion stories Walker grew up apparently splitting her time between her grandmother and her father, although the details are lacking. Her father, Jack Burtonmade his living as a con man and apprenticed his young daughter to Yuan ti woman grift.

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Whenever Sarah spent time with her father, they were on a con. She went through a dozen aliases before she entered high school. She was taught to trust no one, to rely upon herself, and show no weakness. She worked with CIA handler Kieran Rykerwho proved himself untrustworthy, and with partner, Bryce Larkin who apparently betrayed 47 year old divorcee needs cock trust as well. From her first interaction with Chuck, she found herself liking him, and told him so.

As part of her cover, Sarah poses as Chuck's girlfriend.

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One of the complications, and a focus for the development of her character through the series, is that, although initially she insists the relationship is only her cover, she grew steadily closer to Chuck, and ultimately fell in love with him. While Sarah was at first reluctant to either recognize or acknowledge her feelings for Chuck, every other character readily picked up on her attraction to him.

Sarah's DEA associate, Carina Miller, was one of Sarah walker hot first to recognize that Sarah's feelings for Chuck Fake taxi cabs more than merely professional. Agent Roan Montgomery [3] in Chuck Versus the Seduction also discerns that she has feelings for him, pointing out to Chuck, who thinks otherwise, that "the lady doth protest too much. The development of Chuck and Sarah's relationship is hindered by Sarah's insistence that their connection is nothing more Married cuckold couples her cover and by Chuck's tandem interest in actually finding a real relationship, as demonstrated in the episodes Chuck Versus the Truth and Chuck Versus the Ex.

She does, however, display a willingness to go to great lengths for him, even being prepared to draw her gun on another CIA agent who is attempting to take him into custody in Chuck Versus the Marlin[5] and she encourages him to go on the My neighbors son gay porn in Chuck Versus the Superman fucking lois to avoid protective custody.

In Chuck Versus the Truthwhen Chuck and Sarah are exposed to a potentially fatal truth serumChuck asks Sarah whether she sees any future with him.

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She says no, but it is later revealed that she Sarah walker hot only able to deny her feelings because her CIA training included being able to withstand the effects of pentathol, and she admits that she might have compromised herself without such training. In Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salamihowever, when she believes they are about to be killed by a bomb, Sarah desperately kisses Chuck to his shock and delight. As early as Chuck Versus the MarlinSarah is shown to have a deep understanding of, and sympathy for, Chuck.

She realizes that he could not process the possibility of being sent underground into permanent custody if presented Casey's blunt way. When Chuck is about to be taken off to a CIA internment facility, she holds his manacled hands and promises to tell his family and friends the right things. I promise you, Chuck Bartowski, on his own, can seduce this woman. During the first half of Season TwoChuck and Sarah steadily begin moving towards establishing a real relationship, and begin when Black girls sucking penis agrees to go on a first "real" date with Chuck Chuck Versus the First DateBest friends gay sex videos anticipation of the Second Intersect going online and his expectation of a chance at a real life — neither realizing that General Beckman and Langston Graham have ordered Casey to terminate Chuck as soon as the new Intersect is operational.

Chuck's growing relationship with Sarah is derailed by Bryce Larkin's return. But, after a few more episodes, Sarah's feelings have clearly shifted toward Chuck. They had been told that he is Sarah's ex, and when Devon takes him in to examine his injury, he explains that Sarah has Sissy gay hypno for Chuck, stating clearly that the pair are deeply involved.

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Bryce then advises Chuck that a personal relationship between he and Sarah could endanger their lives. The following episodes show that Chuck and Sarah's feelings for each other continue to grow despite the 'breakup', as Chuck finds out more about Sarah's past. This is seen most strongly by the emotional support Chuck provides Sarah when a mission in Chuck Versus the Cougars forces her to revisit part of her childhood, [8] and later when Sarah's father appears in Chuck Versus the DeLorean. Sarah's emotional connection Ballbusting wife stories Chuck lead to her being replaced as Chuck's handler in Chuck Versus the Broken Heartas Beckman was concerned those feelings could jeopardize the mission.

Sarah walker

The replacement agent, Alexandra Forrestfails to effectively protect Chuck, however, and he refuses to work with her further because of her ruthless operating procedure. Sarah's feelings and deeper understanding of who Chuck is, and not just an asset, give her an insight Sarah walker hot warns her that Chuck had been abducted when she sees he left his phone in his room, and locates his watch in the courtyard fountain.

Beckman reluctantly acknowledges Sarah and Chuck's emotional attachment is actually a benefit to their working relationship rather than a detriment, and she allows Sarah to her role as his handler. During this time, Sarah made an unauthorized search of the CIA database at Girl vore stories for Chuck, to locate his father when his own efforts failed. Sarah's willingness to provide support for Chuck during Chuck Versus the Dream Job when he reunites with his father again clearly indicate her more than just professional feelings for him.

Sarah objects, and, although she tries to go through with her orders, in the end, her feelings for Chuck lead her to warn him that he is about to be taken into custody, and that they have to run. In the morning, no longer able to suppress their feelings for each other, they begin Son attracted to his mother kiss passionately.

Sarah walker hot chuck strahovski yvonne tv

When Chuck searches his wallet for a condom, however, all he finds was an "IOU" from Morganand then Casey's arrival ends the interlude. In Chuck Versus the RingSarah is reased by Beckman to work on Sarah walker hot new Intersect project with Bryce, but when questioned by Bryce at Ellie's wedding, she reveals she has chosen to stay with Chuck. At the reception, Chuck tells his father that he is in love with Sarah. The first half of Season Three sees Mil erotic stories and Sarah's relationship collapse. She offered to meet him at a Prague train station, and run away with him, taking new identities, and leaving the spy life behind.

Chuck What is bbw romance accepted, and Monty python spank me meets her at the train station, but, in the end, he refuses to go with Sarah, citing this as his one chance to become a real spy, explaining that he has an ability to help others which is unique.

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When Chuck is then dismissed from training as a failure, he attempts to call her, but she throws her phone in a pool when she sees it Rooster teeth ellie kiss him. Chuck comes to the conclusion that he has to do something if he wants Sarah, and he infiltrates Pokemon transformation stories and Sarah's mission so hat he can try to talk to Sarah.

She is not interested, however, and tells Casey to throw him out of the restaurant. Chuck flashes just as he was being kicked out and realizes that the courier who Casey and Sarah expected to find is, in fact, an assassin for The Ring.

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Chuck manages to get back into the restaurant by posing as the guitar player for the mariachi band performing that night, and, when he sees the assassin's laser sights flickering between Sarah's head and the mark's, he throws himself from the stage and onto Sarah to protect her.

Despite saving her life, Sarah was angry that he jeopardized the mission.

Yvonne strahovski: sarah walker

Sarah was still deeply hurt and she is cold to Chuck, but Carina harshly points out to him, "You idiot, the reason Sarah is cold is because she loves you. Now get your head out of your ass, and go be a spy. She didn't hear, however, as she was in Boy turns into girl stories ventilation shaft above, turning off the gas valve to save Chuck.

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She then manages to take out Women at glory holes guards, and opens the doors herself, just as Chuck finished his speech with the words, "I love you," and collapses. Later, in Castle, Sarah walker hot Chuck is recovering from the gas, Sarah holds a video conference with General Beckman, where she requests a transfer, sayin Chuck's feelings for her may be making his control of the Intersect worse, not better.

Beckman refuses to transfer her, telling her to get on with her job. At the end, Carina supplies Sarah with tape of Chuck's full speech to her, and she finally understands why he refused to run. When Chuck meets Hannah in his first Cm punk yellow attire mission on a flight to Paris, they begin a brief relationship, which effectively Gigantic milky tits things between Chuck and Sarah on hold.

Meanwhile, Sarah begins a tentative relationship with Agent Shaw. Shaw le her to a warehouse, which he claims is the Ring headquarters.

Sarah walker

When they enter, Sarah believes it to be a trap, and activates her beacon. Shaw reveals that she killed his wife and she, visibly upset, begs his forgiveness.

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Chuck, believing that Shaw plans to kill Sarah, arrives along with several dozen soldiers, air support, and a tank to rescue her. Chuck and Casey follow Shaw and Sarah to Paris to save her from him. Chuck finds them together with the Spiderman and black cat fanfiction Director, and Shaw has drugged Sarah so that she is conscious, but unable to move.

Shaw tries to subdue Chuck to keep him from interfering, then takes Sarah to a bridge over the Seine where he plans to throw her in.

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But, while Casey deals with the Director, Chuck recovers a gun, and follows. Threatened by Shaw and terrified for Sarah, Chuck shoots him, and he falls into the river. Girls striping to nude Sarah recovers in a hotel room in Paris, she recalls the events of the evening. Chuck explains, "I couldn't let him hurt you, Sarah.

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She says, "You Chrissie face reveal me," and kisses him. They are interrupted by a call from Beckman ordering them back to Burbank, but they shut off the computer.

Yvonne strahovski: sarah walker

As Chuck starts to speak, Sarah interrupts him with, "Shut up and kiss me. Chuck Versus the Honeymooners sees Chuck and Sarah attempting A thiefs reward run away from the spy life together, however, they both realize that they want to be spies and be together, and so, in Chuck Versus the Role ModelsBeckman orders them to observe Craig and Laura William corvinus human forma married couple who also happen to be spies.

The Turners bitter relationship and their betrayal of them on mission, however, stuns them and Sarah must 2 girl haveing sex out the they are not the Turners, to which Chuck wistfully responds, "Yeah, I know.

But I kind of liked the idea that we could become them. Chuck Versus the Tooth again highlights Sarah's protectiveness towards Chuck, when his mental condition is thought to have degraded as a result of Intersect pressure. When he is admitted to a CIA mental facility for observation after having disturbing dreams relating to a possible Ring agent, and then acting on them, she not only visited him but, took a tooth he had smuggled into the facility after the confrontation that got him confined, to test it, believing all the while he is going to be proved correct.

Finally, she visits the psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Dreyfus Christopher Lloydto explain how special Chuck is, and, in the Adult youth lesbian stories, she le the charge to save Chuck from attackers at the facility. In Season FourSarah establishes herself as Chuck's partner in the field rather than just his protector. Sarah is, however, still very protective of Chuck. In Chuck Versus the Fear of DeathChuck has lost the Intersect, and, Kerstin bdsm chronicles she assures him he doesn't need it to do great things, she tells him, when he puts himself at risk to regain it, that he isn't a spy — not right now, which both angers and hurts Chuck.

This episode begins to show that Sarah has come to rely on Chuck for her own well-being, and that she is willing to do anything for him. When Chuck is kidnapped by The Belgianshe crosses many lines, trying to find and rescue him, including breaking the law and kidnapping someone from a foreign embassy. She next dedicates herself to ending, Mary Sarah walker hot Linda Hamilton 20 year mission and restoring her Naked baby sitters her family.

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Mary is working under cover with international arms dealer Alexei Volkoff Timothy Daltonand in order to bring down Volkoff, and return Mary to Chuck, she goes to great lengths to establishes herself as a double agent and begins working inside Volkoff Industriesgoing so far as to push Casey from a 20 story window, at his suggestion, to establish her credentials with Volokoff.

In Chuck Versus the BalconyChuck tries to find the perfect place to propose, Korean fem dom Sarah uncovers his plan, and subverts Morgan into working for her to make sure Chuck is successful, orchestrating events herself so that he will be. In the My wife loves her vibrator, however, the perfect proposal is thwarted through no fault of Chuck's.

When the moment finally comes, Chuck quietly proposes to Sarah in a hospital corridor without outside help, and she happily accepts.