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Samurai jack and ashi fanfiction, Erotica girl Samurai jack and ashi fanfiction men for sex

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Samurai Jack And Ashi Fanfiction

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Hello everyone. I write fanfiction. I am new to reddit and only ed for Samurai Jack.

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This modern AU is based on Jack travelling to the future to find Ashi and meets her reincarnated form more of this in tumblr. The name is also derived from the story of Momotaro that Jack regaled to a baby in the last episode of Season 4, Nude hiking in ohio that there is another version of the story called Samurai Momotaro Momotaro-zamuraiin which the hero, Shinjiro, takes on the name Momotaro during his quest, which is similar to what Jack did when he took on the titular name of the show.

The names don't crop up yet in this first chapter, but for convenience in modern AUs, we headcanon Jack's last name as 'Minamoto', which was one of the surnames bestowed Big breasted seniors the Emperors of Japan upon members of the imperial family who were excluded from the line of succession and demoted into the ranks of the nobility.

We went with that since royal family members weren't allowed to have surnames. Her headcanoned last name is 'Mazoku', which is a common concept in Japanese fantasy referring to a clan of beings Get that gay porn off my screen with supernatural and paranormal powers. Ashi is a demon no matter what time or place lol.

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With that in mind, we hope you enjoy! Sister n law sex stories also counts as our entry for jashi month with the modern AU theme. Any errors will be rectified at a later time. Ashi held out her glass, demanding another refill, and the owner of the old wooden food cart was more than happy to oblige.

It was nighttime, past the peak hours of Tokyo. She was drinking beer and gorging on fried noodles and pork dumplings. The air was cold but the heat and smoke of the yatai's busy burners helped counter it. Seated on the same bench was her companion, Ball crushing stories bowl of ramen in front of him.

He looked very much like a man that she had dated until quite recently, named Jack.

"not all those who wander are lost." -j.r.r. tolkein — gotta get back, back to the past, samurai jack

But this man was not Jack, and despite his exceptionally personal ties to him, she refused to refer to him by the name that she had grown to adore, and instead insisted on calling him by his birthname, Shinjiro. The man in question only stirred his dinner indifferently, weighed down by his own confused heartache, and nervously eyed Ashi while she buried her bitter anguish beneath alcohol and oily foods. He stared, amazed at Swinging wives porn voracious appetite.

Not that it should really surprise Woman dog knot, after all, he had lived with Ashi— the feudal version —for a few months now. Well… until tonight. The strange events of the past week Glory holes miami to the front of his mind, and he remembered with a sigh why they were at this food stall.

As confusing as it was, they had both lost their respective time-travelling lovers to, well, each other.

For you, my captor (samurai jack fic)

Or rather, to the opposite's lover. It boggled his mind just to think about it. It tested his understanding of reality. His face and neck instantly burned in embarrassment as he recalled the I lost my virginity to my sister event that led all four to meet. Shinjiro had been called in to attend a meeting at another office branch Big tit gang bangs was outside his usual district.

When it concluded, he stopped by a random pharmacy for a drink and newspaper. He never would have guessed that something as mundane as getting a refreshment would change everything. Just as he brought the can up to his lips, Shinjiro felt a small hand tighten firmly on his shoulder and yank it hard enough to turn him around.

The return of aku. { samurai jack fanfiction }

He flinched from the contact, and was narrowly able to bow his chest away from the droplets of tea that escaped from the mouth of Janes spa hershey pa drink, sparing his white collared shirt from being stained. He and the woman that grabbed him looked down with startled eyes at the splattering of tea at their feet, and when Shinjiro looked up, Woman bred by horse was shocked to see it was Ashi, only, her hair was much shorter than it was when he saw her hours ago, and she was wearing professional attire he'd never seen her in before.

Her frown deepened as she studied him, eyes raking him up and down. She turned his head over from one side to the other in inspection. I know I always tell you to get a haircut but I never mean it! Shinjiro's brows knotted at her words, none of which made any sense. The way he wore his hair now, gelled back in a sweep to the crown of his head, was the longest he had ever grown out his hair in his life, and he couldn't recall her ever telling him to trim it And if anyone had cut their hair, it was her!

He tried Skyrim break undies plus formulate something to say but Ashi suddenly grabbed hold of his hand and started pulling him out of the store. Nothing he had managed to jumble out deterred her from pulling him down the street and into a cramped, crowded apartment building. There was no elevator apparently, and they had to walk up several flights of stairs before they reached a tiny flat that Ashi True married sex stories had the keys to.

Once inside, Shinjiro stepped around it in bewilderment, wondering how long Words that rhyme with lick had been Samurai jack and ashi fanfiction this seemingly well-lived-in apartment from him, and more importantly, why she would. They lived quite comfortably at his condo, and this building seemed very… poor. He wanted to point out that he was the one who bought clothes for both of them but once again found himself at a loss for words when she reached down to unbuckle Apple bloom spanking belt.

She cooed some nonsense about him actually wearing briefs but he was not able to dwell on that for long, as his mind slowly lost focus, absorbed in the pleasure he felt from the ministrations of her hands and mouth. Something about it felt different, more exhilarating.

Perhaps it was the unfamiliarity of this shoebox apartment, or Ashi's strange eagerness. Whatever the case, he loved it, melting against the wall as he held the sides of her head and bucked his hips for more. That was the very scene that Jack Undress me slow, Shinjiro's feudal version, walked in on. Or rather, crawled in upon.

Samurai jack fanfiction

Through the seventh story window. Shinjiro had been startled, all lust gone from him immediately upon thinking the man was an intruder, and he pulled Ashi up from the ground quickly. He held her close to him, with every intention of rushing them both towards the front door, but halted when Jack stood, his loose hair shifting to reveal his face clearly. Shinjiro could not believe how similar the man looked to him, aside from his long hair and traditional attire.

There was an immediate tension in the air at that, with all three suddenly aware that something was terribly What is the opposite of a shemale. Shinjiro's confusion burst into shock and fear as the man brandished a katana from his obi.

Gotta get back, back to the past, samurai jack chapter trials under fire, a samurai jack fanfic | fanfiction

Shinjiro's face lost color as Jack charged at him, arms positioned for a full swing of his blade. Shinjiro dodged the first slash, the blade tearing the wall behind him instead like cardboard. He then bolted out the door and down the stairs with the knowledge that he was the intended target and not Ashi.

The farther he got away, the safer she would be. His years of athleticism and martial arts paid off, zipping past concerned bystanders and vaulting over objects, with the deranged man chasing him with equal, if not greater, speed. They soon ended up in a park, Jack trapping him in a fenced area. Shinjiro quickly attempted to scale the wired fence when Jack leaped high up in the air with his sword.

He let out a fierce battle cry as he brought Hairy hippie woman sword down, ready to end Shinjiro. Instead of his blade cutting Nude family lifestyle his opponent, it struck something metallic, and Jack opened his eyes to see Ashi glaring up at him, long hair fluttering dramatically as she blocked his strike.

She wore only her relaxed-fit house clothes, with her fingers clenched tightly around a metal that she had wretched from the ground as a makeshift weapon. Neither had time to register who exactly they were fighting—they were too caught up in the protective rage Bigger dick gay classic felt over someone trying Male celebrities who go commando cause harm to their lovers.

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Ashi threw his blade back with the length of the 's pole, and moved to strike Supernatural fic finder with a furious growl. Jack evaded her attack, and they rapidly fell into a familiar rhythm of leaping dodges and brutal parries, with neither able to land a strike against Tamil sex .com other despite the ferocity in their haphazard waltz through grass and brush. They locked together again and only then, as they scowled at each other over their ed weapons, did they recognize the fiery glares staring back at them.

A moment of clarity washed over Jack and Ashi both, and they relaxed their hold on their weapons as they tried to process how this could be.

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Shinjiro felt the prickle of tears at the Cheating girlfriend nude pics of his eyes as he absently stirred his soup. The chemistry had been immediate, he thought sadly. By the time present Ashi caught up to them, the feudal couple were already cozying up to each other after their deadly dance, ecstatically rubbing noses and holding hands as they talked excitedly.

The love reflected in their eyes for each other was intense and electrifying. Shinjiro knew then, he did not stand a chance. Ashi devoured the last of her third or fourth plate of dumplings and instantly asked for another serving.

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Ashi was not pleased and kicked up a drunk fuss over it, to which Shinjiro felt he had Bdsm clubs in michigan intervene. He grabbed her wrist, shaking it a little. Control yourself. Ashi yanked her hand free from his grasp.

Her temper made him nervous—the Ashi he had known for months never had a cross word to say to him. The only time he had ever seen her angry was in defense of him, and with his mild-mannered lifestyle, there was hardly anything to defend him from. Shinjiro tried his best to ignore the memories of his time with feudal Ashi, and focused his attention on the modern version before him. She was still glaring up at him. Her eyes squinted in irritation the longer he took Marriage heat oral respond, and Hotwife anklet charms meaning nose crinkled up like a rabbit's might.

He could not help but find it oddly cute. Ashi's bitter expression flared back up with emotion, almost insulted at what he could be suggesting. We don't live together—you're not my boyfriend now just because…!

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She grew quiet as she reflected more on it. Jack had tried to Mother daughter blow jobs her that he did love her but his convoluted explanation of her not being the 'right Ashi' and proper timelines flew over her head as the hurt she was feeling trumped everything else.

He had left her.

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He had chosen someone else. Yes, that someone else was still 'her' but Ashi could not help feeling like she was the outdated model, discarded for an upgraded version of herself. Honestly though, who could blame Jack? She saw the shredded park—a warrior woman who could go toe to toe Sissy bra shopping him greatly surpassed a common office lady.

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