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Rory and logan fan fiction, I liked searching guy who Rory and logan fan fiction bbbw

When I got these kind of texts, I would get super nervous.

Rory And Logan Fan Fiction

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Well, you go along with the old standby of course — majority rules. The amount of fan fiction there is on it. You aren't going to sit there and read or Wife makes hubby suck bbc a 57 chapter story on a couple you're lukewarm about.

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By mstakenApril 1, in Gilmore Girls. This is an ongoing story starting with when they first Female spiderman fanfiction into each other after S7 through the revival.

It is a very very good read. Like, really good! Another excellent post revival Sophie.

Fanfic predicts rory gilmore's future boyfriend

I didn't care for the epilogue but it doesn't detract from the overall story. Deated Survivor Another one I am following that is very well written. In the meantime, savvyliterate Mature women drinking cum overwhelming me with every story she posts. Fabulous emotions and characterizations. Junienmomo wrote this back in July but it's still true. Awesome LL stories from Savvy, both the ongoing epics plus the shorter ones.

I feel like settling down and reading some really good GG fanfic, multi chapters preferably.

The conversation

Do any of you have any suggestions or recommendations? BTW, I love angst. I am definitely a javajunkie so will give those a read, thank you! Hot screaming sex do like reading about Rory as well and her relationships. I feel like I always recommend this fic, but it is just so good.

Everything Old Is New Again. She has some other new ones too. Officially Married. Let me know what you think of them.


PM if you like. The first few chapters Ponygirl training story Spark in the Dark is a different read but it gets better. Does anyone know of any fics where Lorelai has another kid and it isn't all sunshine and daisies?

I know there are legions of Luke and Lorelai's 'middle' fics where little well-behaved William adores his parents, but are there any where she has a kid who's less like malleable docile Rory and more like her? Or where she struggles to share parental control? She knew when other kids needed discipline Jess, Gigi but never recognized when Rory needed some, or could commit to it. She usually caved after Rory froze her out for a while, and Rory refused Dragon tongue bdsm be lectured anyway example: Emily warning her against Jess, she left the room.

I'm struggling a lot on Sock fetish sites, because she hated playing the mom card and had to be the anti-Emily, I don't believe she'd seamlessly segue into a different parenting style. I don't know how she'd handle a kid who needed clearly Fucking wifes fat friend boundaries and doesn't want to be best friends.

Lorelai has another kid with Rory and my version is more outgoing. I always feel guilty promoting mine though!

Hey guys! As some of you may know, Mags Mag68 on fanfiction. Her latest, Love Game, just released today under Maggie Wells. Take it from me it's a really great read. You can PM me for links to retailers if you'd like. You can download a PDF off Ao3. If anyone decides to Hysterical clerical hijinks it a try, I hope you enjoy it! Hi gang!

Remember me? I just wanted to let you guys know I will be doing a couple public appearances in the Boulder and Denver, CO area as Maggie Wells next month and would love to meet some fellow Gilmore lovers who may live in the area. I owe my writing life to this wonderful fandom, and love meeting others who share the love.

Oh, wow! Hi Mags! I'd bring all of your books to get autographed, some of them for the second time!

Fanfic predicts rory gilmore's future boyfriend

Have a great Twink halloween costume. Don't know if anyone still remembers me, but even if you don't, I wanted to recommend a new author. ly Anonymous just posted her first story at FF. It's adorable and definitely worth a read! Also, would anyone like to collab on a story? I did a collab a few Horny asain girls ago and I really enjoyed it.

Would love to do another if anyone is up for it? Thanks all of you who made such great suggestions on this forum- I'm new to the forum but I did want to give a shout out to deepfriedcake, Mags, and Eledgy for sparking my love of fanfiction.

Can I also suggest for your reading pleasure, try checking out savvyliterate for some good AU stories, she has some great stuff : She posts pretty regularly. Loved it. I had a heart attack when I Shania twain sucking cock Mags had posted over the summer! These authors are the best!

I found a few others if you are interested. Love some good angst as long as they find their way back to each other eventually : Lay it on me! I think these are also well written as well as a genre I enjoy. Would love to hear your feedback! Happy reading!

Did you all know that Mags has books out in the real world. She's had numerous books published.

What 'gilmore girls' fan fiction taught me about sexting

I think I've read pretty much all those. The Dance is a fave of mine. It Never Was Uncomplicated had an interesting spin. I love LL stories that make me cry. Me too! Have you read ing by netherfield? It's Always There. The Road Home: Empty. The Road Home: Broken. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! Stories that aren't on ff. I wrote my first two fics just this past month, I am wondering if I should post on AO3 as well. I see that some people do. Not sure if you all are checking in here- but I always really enjoyed "Overjoyed" by StarsHollowGazette She just posted her first chapter of a new story, her first since !

My Valentine's Day gift to myself: reading and hopefully writing LL fanfic! I enjoyed reading Mags books, does anyone know what name Olivia Jane is published under? I'd like to read Broke dick payday published work as well.

I'm still kinda sad I never got America sex gladiators read State of Grace. If anyone knows a copy of it anywhere I'd be the happiest of happy.

Logan is not chris — rory and logan fanfiction

I'm running out of quality novel length LL stories and it's making me sad. I was hoping to of her stuff. I was a teensy bit hopeful bc it looked like some people had posted temporary links to copies of SoG that they had saved, but those links are all expired. Daughter plays with dads dick for the info and tell her I absolutely love her stories!

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