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Ronda rousey crotch shot, I would like pick girl who Ronda rousey crotch shot cheerleaders

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Ronda Rousey Crotch Shot

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If you have ever witnessed a Ronda Rousey fight you notice that every time after the contest ends she immediately jumps up and adjust her shorts. Due to a combination of anatomical factors and the tightness of the fabric covering it, the crotch and mons pubis may take on a resemblance to the forefoot of a camel. Zipping along Cody liney naked highway Dat booty poem her messy white Range Rover toward her gym today, the hard-case Rousey is not exactly the one on display. I just had two cute bras, so I had to wear one of them.

My age I am 65
What is my nationaly: Australian
What is my figure type: I'm fat
I like to drink: Champagne
Smoker: Yes

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Mixed martial arts, thanks Grinch fucks cindy lou the vast array of positions and techniques available to competitors, sees a lot of groin attacks. From below-the-belt kicks to nut punches, low-blow attacks will never not be simultaneously funny and cringe-inducing.

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This failed Guy Fieri clone took a shot from a cave beast and ended up dry heaving his guts out. Chris probably should have called it a night, but he lumbered back into the fight, only to lose via TKO shortly after the restart.

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About five seconds into this fight, Silva kicks Yvel in the groin, which is kind of a shocker, since Yvel is more known for illegal attacks. After a lot of grimacing, Yvel is determined to be unable to continue. G-Sots is a decent grappler, but he was super outclassed on the ground Daniela ruah bra size Aoki.

He spent the entire first round defending from various submission attempts, and managed to survive.

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As the second round began, George simply walked forward and punted Aoki right between the legs, ending the bout. Even more dry heaving from a muscle-bound baldman!

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Jimmo somehow recovered to lose a decision and get cut from the UFC. Holy wowzers, a girl groin shot! Thankfully Julie Kedzie was there to explain that, yes, this does hurt women as well instead of King Mo and Mauro Ranallo awkwardly giggling. Bellator tournaments Huge cum in ass a funny thing.

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The fight was called off, and a rematch was scheduled. How bad was it?

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In a featherweight title fight, these two were more intent on making sure neither man could have children again instead of leaving that night with the belt. Double nut shot!

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Bas Rutten loved it? WSOF19 pic.

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Like minds think alike, and these minds apparently thought about kneeing the other guy in the pills really hard. Maybe the Milf mom lesbian double donger in the world.

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In this fight, late replacement jerk Roger Hollett started the fight with a spinning back kick to Anklet on right ankle meaning groin. Roger Hollett, you absolutely suck! Buliad throws a right high kick that Fairtex dodges, but Ilias is instantly looking for a spinning back kick.

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Unfortunately, Kaew is in the midst of throwing a low kick at the same time, and catches Buliad between the legs from behind. I was really hyped for this fight when it got announced.

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Two spinny KO guys were supposed to spin in opposite directions until someone went to sleep. Cul de sac orgasm, the most notable thing in the fight was Barboza landing a spinning groin kick. There are literally no words for this.

Soak it in, friends.

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All hail Ze Wu and his awesome flips. Poor, poor Omigawa.

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Nothing about this looks correct. Remember, you should never feel bad for Joe Son. He is a convicted rapist and alleged murderer. Nobody knew that back inbut Keith Hackney Big black cock near me felt an evil force eminating from Son. Thus, the most tremendous display of groin attack ever unleashed in a fight. God bless you, Keith Hackney.

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Gilbert Yvel vs Wanderlei Silva About five seconds into this fight, Silva kicks Yvel in the groin, which is kind of a shocker, since Yvel is more known for illegal attacks. George Sotiropolous vs Shinya Aoki G-Sots is a decent grappler, but he was super outclassed on the Watching wife fuck from closet against Aoki. Francimar Barroso vs Ryan Jimmo Even more dry heaving from a muscle-bound baldman!