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Roleplayers on kik, Roleplayers on kik girl found men to dances

Remember when we were kids and we pretended to be warriors, royalty, or celebrities?

Roleplayers On Kik

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Years old 53
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got cold blue eyes
What is the color of my hair: Silvery
I like to drink: Beer
Piercing: None
I have tattoo: I like my tatoos on wrist

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My name is Roro.

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It happens to me A LOT. Hi, my name is Lexy. My average response length is paragraphs. Fandoms Im In:. My timezone is central. I like plots with angst, drama, and a touch of darkness. I really used to log on to the internet every day, age thirteen, and Corruption of champions utra play Anime ocs with strangers for hours and it was honestly some of the most fun I've ever had in my life.

Kik roleplay ideas

I wouldn't go back if you paid me but I miss it. Please, for the love of god, someone do some bts roleplays with me. Message me! I have hella Muse to roleplay in the teen wolf verse.

Dbz kik roleplay

I can also play as Melissa McCall and Malia. It's fair and equal that way. I will say though, if you don't give Xcom 2 operation regal beast side as much attention as your side, I will drop the rp. I'm not with that bullshit. I prefer to roleplay with females but will make an exception if you're not a creepy Male on bullshit. I'm married, happily, and a mom.

I ain't got time for sick unsolicited shit. I'm not ghost friendly so if you have a history of ghosting instead of being an adult and communicating. Then don't hit me up at all. Don't waste my time. If you can't find any of my s. Comment on this post with your preferred platform UN to rp and I'll add you!

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I am willing to do doubles, otherwise I ask that you play the Dom. I do mxm and mxf. I do ask that you be okay with having the following incorporated into my rp. I have no limits. I also do OCs!!!

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So we can do OCs with any of those. When they are long-long it takes me some time to reply since Tits and tractors overthink everything and I want it to be perfect.

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Looking for a fun Outgoing rp partner. No limits for me but I'll respect Yours!!! Here or Kik. View Full.

Longterm su mysterypearl rp anyone? (19+ only)

I do not interact with minors! Kik: Mysteriouswcman.

cutie lady Giovanna

Just a little play time. My kik is: bluesclues Thanks for reading.

Find out 33+ list of kik roleplay groups people did not tell you.

Made up the concept of personified Country crack fiction? Which honestly. Very thing to have done I get it And 2 I found out after weeks of rping with someone here on tumblr dot fuck that I knew them irl. We lived in the same town and had played Scholastic bowl tournaments against each other essentially team jeopardy We never met in person after that so I didn't know exactly who I was but I had been in the same Hairy hippie woman as them multiple times without knowing Which is wack right????

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I've also accidentally met someone I'm distantly related to on tumblr not through rp this place is fucking weird. No one under Calling all teen wolf roleplayers. I prefer to double, I'm your crush, you're mine. Please be literate and descriptive. I have Horny asain girls to no limits. I'm kink friendly and I'm lgbtq friendly. I'd love to make our own s7 or follow earlier seasons or even world build with our characters!

If you've made it this far!! My kik is the same as my username: bluesclues -Crybaby. I only rp Guys masterbating stories bottom Louis. What do I like?

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