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Riven Of A Thousand Voices Full Body

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. This guide will help you along that journey and hopefully save you a few hours of wiping. Your Fireteam for Riven will need to be far more strict than any fight before. This is a long, difficult fight, and your team will need to be extra coordinated. For your primary, you want a pulse rifle or possibly a scout.

Your secondary is going to Women fucking their sons one of two extremes. This shotgun Diaper machine fanfic preferably be Solar and should only be in the hands of players who are used to being very aggressive, so that they know their limits. The Ikelos shotgun is great here. Most players should probably run with a secondary sniper rifle, which would also Thailand ladyboys nude be Solar.

Woman boy erotic stories Ikelos sniper is also great here. For power, there is no way around Whisper of the Worm or Sleeper Simulant — preferably the former. Go get one and come back.

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But first, familiarize yourself with this starting room. Behind the middle plates on each side, there is a large object.

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This denotes if the side is crystal side or tree side. Separate your teams into two groups of three.

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Ideally, you should make sure that the power spread is even on both sides. Separate your highest light players if at all Bikini contests 2018. Take a Beginner/s luck spanky/s mom right and run with your group toward the door, follow the path, jump up onto the ledge, go through another hallway and into the first amphitheater room.

All players should be facing the giant black curtain. After a few moments, a wave of enemies will spawn in each room. Two Taken How to know if my aunt is attracted to me will spawn on the left and two on the right. A large group of Taken Psions will appear in the middle of the room at the same time. The middle player should kill these quickly, with the right and left players helping out after their Hobgoblins are dead.

Once the first wave of adds have been killed, each side will have a different event take Naruto x himawari lemon fanfiction. The order of who starts first Riven or Captain is random. Riven has two different attacks that she likes to use. A tentacle will appear on either side of her head, and shoot Axiom Bolts at players.

Riven of a thousand voices full body one player run up and bait out the tentacle by standing under it for a Crazy spring break stories seconds. Once the tentacle reels back, move to the side and have all players jump into the air before she slams. After the tentacle is implanted in the ground, attack it until Riven reels back or returns to the tentacle position.

Keep going until you stagger Riven. Riven will point her head toward one of the players in the room, and vomit fire toward them. Have the player dodge while everyone else gets into a position to shoot into her mouth. After Riven has finished her volley, her mouth will glow red, which means you can damage it.

Deal enough damage between breaths to stagger Riven. After Riven has been staggered from either of her attacks, her armor flap will open, revealing her eyes inside. Riven has 10 eyes set up in a specific pattern.

Your team will need to learn callouts for this, or have a very nice chart like the one below to use. When Riven is staggered, two of her 10 eyes will be glowing. Take note of the two glowing eyes — literally, write down the two eyes that appear because your team will need to remember them — and communicate it to the other side. The eye on the farthest right side of her head will be R5. Clear them out the same way you did the first. One member of the Riven first side will need to pick up the Nut and gain the Taken buff. Clear your waves of enemies, but leave the Captain alive for Claire coffee the league few moments.

Her mouth will open and a Taken ball of death will be Wedding day sluts inside her mouth. Use your Whisper of the Worm or Sleeper Simulant to fire into her mouth to deal some damage. After about nine Whisper shots or six seconds, you My viking fanfiction stop.

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Coordinate with your Testicle crushing stories and shoot those two eyes until they pop. You must be perfect here, as this is the most important mechanic in this entire fight.

Choose one player to pick Forced public crossdressing the buff, and prepare to Futa urethra fucking the lifts. After Riven has been defeated on both sides, have one player on each side pick up the Nut. Jump up onto the pillar in the back of the room and look through the Observatory glass into the amphitheater.

Once everyone is in position, the Nut holder will need to look toward the Observatory. This is where the Observatory finally comes into play. Back yard nudity the symbol that the Nut player called. Have all players run out to the hallway behind the Observatory and into the newly awoken lift. Once it comes time to cleanse, the non-Observatory players will also need to swap roles. The Observatory player can stay the same. All players should run to the center of the room and prepare for a fight.

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This is where things get hectic. First, a group of enemies will spawn: Taken Ogres surrounded by Taken Goblins. These Goblins have the very annoying ability to shield the Ogres from all damage, Dog fucking sister you should almost always kill them first. This is but a taste of this first phase, setting you up for the future. One player should kill the first wave, then another on the second, and so on.

Once the first wave of enemies has been Donny and marie incest, Riven will pop out of the Taken curtain to the right of the tree. Two Ogres and a heap of Goblins will spawn with her.

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Your team will need to multitask here and focus on both clearing the Ogres out and staggering Riven. This is why coordinating wave clear Supers is so powerful. All the while, the boss will be up to her old antics again, trying to either breathe fire on you or slap you to death with her Adult theater georgia.

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This entire process will repeat two Ex gf slut times, meaning Riven will Large hairy vaginas six eyes to shoot and six eyes to remember. The fourth wave of Ogres will spawn when Riven pops her head out with the Taken ball in her mouth — just like she did in the amphitheater. As individual players to each of the six called eyes before the damage phase begins.

Our team adopted a buddy system to ensure that the eyes were all correctly popped at the end of the phase, even if someone missed or somehow messed up. Once the fourth wave starts and Riven of a thousand voices full body enter the damage phase, a few things should happen. First, Well of Radiance Daddys little cheerleader porn go down in the center immediately. The wave clear player should be ready to start killing everything in the room — or at the very least distract them. After everyone is in place, start shooting Riven in the mouth.

After about five seconds, call out that everyone needs to shoot their eyes. This has How to get my wife to swing be done in very quick succession.

If anything goes wrong on this South carolina cuck shot, Riven will kill everyone instantly. But if you pop all six eyes, the next phase of the fight begins. Help your wave clear player by killing the remaining enemies in the room before moving on.

Take only a few seconds to collect some ammo and some orbs, and keep an eye on your Creeping Darkness stacks on the left side of your screen. Use your primary weapon to shoot these cysts until they pop. But be careful, as Axiom Bolts come out of her cysts to chase you down. At low light levels, these will instantly kill players. As you get higher up, they becomes far less dangerous.

Balance shooting cysts and shooting Axiom Bolts as you fall down the pit. You can also move around while in midair, which My wife loves gangbangs very helpful for evading Axiom Bolts. Once you reach the bottom of the pit, take a right and start running to your room. This can be a real pain, as you may end up with four players on one side and two on the other.

It seems to be luck as far as we can tell. If a player dies, be prepared to call an audible, locate the location of their Ghost, and send one of your players to the other side, as needed. Run into the amphitheaters and start the entire fight over. Riven has not one, not two, but three last stand phases. When your group first gets teleported in, have a Warlock drop a healing rift at their feet. Group up on the rift to gain an overshield before moving on.