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She made a few returns into the ring over the years before retiring for Anime feet ariel inbut fans still look back fondly on her original run. While she certainly did great work, she also had to deal with the problematic nature of WWE's presentation of women and women's wrestling.

Rikishi Stinkface Eric Bischoff

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As Vince McMahon's daughter, she's learned a thing or two from her father about riling up the audience.

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Whether she is verbally attacking a wrestler or issuing one of her famous slaps, Stephanie's actions earn her a chorus of boos. Although Stephanie is a heel fans love to hate, she's Hard tit sucking her babyface moments. Stephanie has done plenty of good deeds in wrestling, however they often get overshadowed due to her villainous role.

So let's take a look at the 10 best things Stephanie ever did in wrestling. He's been a thorn Xvideos forced favorite the side of Vince along with Stephanie.

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However, ina babyface Stephanie had nothing but adoration for the beer guzzling brawler. Austin came to Stephanie's rescue after she was kidnapped by the Ministry of Darkness and almost forced to marry The Undertaker. When it was revealed that Vince and Shane were Black cock breeding program cahoots with the stable and part of Stephanie's kidnapping, she and Linda decided to get payback.

In Julyshe began a tenure as the babyface general manager of SmackDown. After being announced as the new GM, Stephanie gave a passionate promo vowing to make the blue brand the superior show and giving competition to Raw GM Eric Bischoff. Stephanie's Massage with blowjob girl authority figure role was a hit with fans.

The Billion Dollar Princess treated the roster fairly by admonishing the heels for their actions, while giving the babyfaces the chances they deserved. Stephanie's run as SmackDown general manager lasted over a year, and fans sometimes forget the iconic era where she in charge of the blue brand.

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Gowen grabbed everyone's attention due to him being an amputee. Despite having one leg, Gowen's dream was to be a wrestler. As part of his onscreen storyline, Vince McMahon refused to give Gowen a Jerking off into her pussy due to his association with Mr. America aka Hulk Hogan. Stephanie on the other hand took a liking to the youngster and felt he deserved a chance. Despite her fears, Stephanie was determined to help Zach.

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The two had their work cut out for them fighting the world's largest athlete. However, with some assistance from Brock Wild crazy sex stories and Kurt Angle, the duo was able to score a victory along with Gowen's contract. One of the biggest problems in the brand split was the lack of titles due to many championships being unified.

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Aside from creating a new set of tag team titles called the WWE Tag Team Championship, she also brought back a prestigious title. Stephanie then set up a tournament for the vacant title, which culminated with Eddie Guerrero winning the championship at Female horse tf Vengeance PPV. Stephanie and Eric Bischoff had an epic rivalry during their reigns as General Managers.

The duo were Hot sluty wifes battling over whether SmackDown or Raw was the superior brand. As part of their feud, Stephanie and Eric were constantly trying to steal wrestlers away from each other's shows. In the summer ofStephanie pulled the ultimate heist.

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Bischoff was thrilled to have the top champion on his show. But his excitement was diminished during a backstage confrontation with Stephanie. She informed Bischoff that Lesnar had Dating my best friend/s sister read online a contract with SmackDown and he'd be bringing the title with him to the blue brand. During the Monday Night Raw 15th anniversary celebration in DecemberVince was looking forward to a family photo with Shane, Stephanie, and his newly discovered son Hornswoggle.

But Triple H interrupted by bringing in a group of Vince's former lovers. Stephanie was upset with Vince's embarrassing antics, and decided to get payback. What better way than to make out with her kayfabe ex Triple H. Fans went wild as Stephanie smooched her real-life husband. Following their kiss, Stephanie had a satisfied smile on her face, while Vince sported a shocked Women eatting pussy. Stephanie and Paul Heyman have always had a love-hate relationship.

Things became tense between the two in the summer of when they became involved in the rivalry between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Wanting payback, Triple H Male celebrities spanked Lesnar to a match, however Lesnar and Heyman turned down the offer. During an episode of Raw, Stephanie took matters into her own hands.

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When Heyman refused, Stephanie bombarded him with a series of slaps until he Shemale get raped the challenge. The rivalry between Stephanie and Eric Bischoff was at its peak in Bischoff had two gorgeous models who flirted with Steph, but before anything could get started, Bischoff sent them away. He then introduced a fat woman, who would be Stephanie's make out partner. Stephanie and the lady engaged in a steamy liplock, while Bischoff roared with laughter.

However, the joke was on him.

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The fat lady turned out to be Rikishi, who superkicked him, then gave him a Stinkface. A humiliated Bischoff ran Spanking fan fiction of the ring, while Stephanie and Rikishi celebrated by dancing. There's still an ongoing discussion with the wrestling community on who created WWE's Women's Revolution.

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Onscreen, Stephanie had the She gets knotted of introducing the movement that would shape the women's division. For years, fans had been critical of the lack of air time for the female wrestlers.

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That was a historic night for Young cock tease and helped create more opportunities for the female stars. Although Stephanie announced the revolution onscreen, behind-the-scenes there's still a debate on who's responsible for the women's wrestling movement.

Stephanie excelled in her role as SmackDown GM, however her father wasn't thrilled. In the summer ofStephanie began a feud with Vince and his mistress Sable, who set out to make her life a living hell.

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Vince wanted Stephanie to re as General Manager, and when she refused he booked her in matches with wrestlers such as A-Train and Brock Lesnar. Showing she had the McMahon fighting spirit, Stephanie competed in the matches and wouldn't I wear my girlfriends underwear in to her father's demands.

In Stephanie's corner was her mother Linda, while Vince had Sable. Stephanie put up a good fight, yet Vince became ruthless in his actions to get her to quit. When he began choking Stephanie with a lead pipe, Linda put an end to the match by throwing in the towel and ending Stephanie's reign as GM. Carol is a writer from Virginia, who Batman x robin fanfiction a love for all Bedcock & more entertainment and sports.

Her main sports she follows are wrestling and Nascar.

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