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Rebekah is lame, I would like searching lady who loves Rebekah is lame

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Rebekah Is Lame

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Coming together for thanksgiving

I mean ik her vamp body was in a coffin for 6 months but Sex with sister in law story originals are portrayed to be extremely powerful and fully capable of easily extracting hearts or decapitating any vampire. And even if not when freya snapped those necks rebekah could've easily extracted all their hearts.

I mean I just can't help but ponder on the thought that if elijah or klaus Dawn house lifters in the same scenario they would still find a way to kill Aya and them all but I hope the originals don't just power up and power down whenever the writers want.

damsel personals Dior

Rebekah is the weakest out of TO and isn't much of a fighter. Aya also took her out with cunning. Rebekah always was a complete dumbass. I was fully expecting her to get shitted on. Rebekah wrecked half of the older vampires who Fake taxi cabs at her even weakened by 6 months in a coffin without bloodFreya snapped the remainder's neck's, and Kill all the Young panty sex, and THEN go about your business, would be the smart play.

But the writer's apparently don't believe in logic TL;DR Aya only survived through a stupid OOC decision, which kind of makes it hilarious how superior she was acting in that last scene.

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Oh ho! The actress isn't supposed to be in the season all the much from my understanding. She left the show last year and only planned on cameos.

sweet girl Marley

So its probably just the writers trying to work that in. I couldn't agree with this more. Have you ever noticed that Rebekah seems weak, just, in general?

single miss Emani

So, I actually wasn't surprised at all when Aya was able to kick her ass. You'd think after being alive years she would've honed some fighting skills.

sluts gal Denisse

So why continue to say "I have Rebekah's body"? Weird, right? And she probably would have beaten Aya given more time.

horney babes Skyla

Her not killing all those vampires after Freya snapped their neck was a huge plot hole. I get that they wanted it to go this way, they 60 guy cream pie Rebekah to lose and Aya to win, and I can even accept that.

I just wish they'd actually made it make sense, instead of having Rebekah leave all of her attackers laying on the ground helpless and alive. Found the internet!

foxy babe Natasha

Isn't it kinda lame how easily rebekah got shitted on by Aya? Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best.

Amy lame, diana moran, ruth lorenzo, laila morse, lynda bellingham and rebekah gibbs are seen as the unusual suspects in a photocall to launch cancer research uk's race for life.

Reply Share. Continue this thread. A family of power-hungry thousand year old vampires look to take back the city that they built and dominate all those who have done them wrong. Created Jan 11, Top posts november 30th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.

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