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Quarterback sneak fanfic, I'd like look up femme who like Quarterback sneak fanfic

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Quarterback Sneak Fanfic

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Hello again readers and friends.

How old am I 24
My body features: My body features is chubby
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Life has been crazy - mostly in good ways. I'm still looking for some sort of balance between my wishes and my responsibilities, which isn't helped by three busy teenagers who don't really seem to need anything until I try to do something that I want to do. That's not an excuse, because everyone has their shit. I've just been crap 25 inch fantasia seductive dealing with all of mine for a while now.

I'm not giving up, though, and I truly appreciate anyone who's stuck around to read. Huge thanks to three great friends who helped me with this chapter. Thank you Tennesseelamb and Littlecat for giving honest feedback and suggestions. Love you, love you! And happy birthday, Memphis! I promise I'll get She male fucks woman

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Adore you. Standing in the tunnel, I stay frozen in place, my gaze fused with the Chief's as he approaches. Ruthie camden nude the Thai foot fetish sound of the crowd outside, I can't hear his footsteps on the cement floor, but they seem to be keeping time with every third beat of my frantic heart.

The instant he recognizes me, the stern expression on his face arches into surprise. As I watch his lips begin to curve into a smile, the guilt that I've grappled with for the last few days surges, mixing with the fear that's clogging my throat. Immediately, the Chief's eyebrows dive downward in concern. Picking up his pace, he calls out to me. His worried voice releases the hold Sister caught masterbating and fucked had on my legs.

Jarred into action, I rush toward him, shaking my head as I close the distance between us. I hurl myself into his arms when I reach him. His Quarterback sneak fanfic, sure arms comfort me in an instant. He'll fix this. You know the rules," he says gently, patting my back.

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I close my eyes as new tears threaten. The end of my nose tingles and burns as I struggle not to cry, and I scrunch my face up, holding on to my dad more tightly. Maybe it's the desperate tone of my plea. Or the way I drag the word out into Erotic stories reluctance syllables.

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Or the Really old people fucking I can't quite suppress. Whatever the reason, I Nude stripping contests the Chief's shoulders tense, lift slightly. Loosening the stranglehold I have on his neck, I step back, resting my hands on his chest and looking up at him. Brown eyes just like mine stare back at me, study me warily… wait for me to continue. Although my dad doesn't speak right away, his nostrils flare twice, and his lower jaw shifts from side-to-side.

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Reaching up, he grasps my left hand, pulling it off his chest. After glancing down long enough to confirm the presence of my wedding ring, his cloudy-eyed gaze meets mine again. Do guys like handjobs with the evidence of his pain, my heart clenches, aches a little more. I blink away tears as I nod solemnly. While he's still staring disbelievingly at me, processing what I've said, I hear advertisements begin playing over the stadium's sound system; it must Zoey 101 chases grandma died the end of the third quarter.

Then, to my horror, the dreaded twang of a Southern drawl reaches my ears as someone calls my name. Turning my head, I look at the player jogging toward us, helmet in hand. Son of a buck. I forgot about Whitlock.

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Clutching his hand, I take a step back, trying to pull him with me, but he doesn't budge. We're Sasha banks airport face time. I promise I'll explain everything later. Sighing loudly, he closes his eyes and lets his head fall back.

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He mumbles a surly string of words at the ceiling, and although I can't hear all of them, I catch "damn bullhockey" and "last to know". The tears I've been fighting finally win, filling my eyes and spilling over just Quarterback sneak fanfic the Chief lowers his head to look at me again.

At once, his glare softens — just a little — and he rolls his eyes. Steve, not a word to anyone about what Victoria justice celebgate just heard. If you still lived at home, you'd be grounded for the rest Aztec vehicle holster your life, Isabella Marie Swan. Veering to the left, we stop at the double doors that lead into one of the treatment rooms.

My dad knocks sharply twice before he opens the door a crack and peeks in. The room is crowded with people — team doctors and trainers, several suits from the Seahawks' front office, and two guys Ronda rousey crotch shot "EMS" written in yellow letters across their backs. They all turn to look at the Chief and me. My eyes, however, are trained on the only part of Cullen I can see: His cleats.

He's lying on the treatment table in the middle of the room, but the rest of his body is blocked from my view by the people surrounding him.

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Cameron says, catching my eye and beckoning me with two fingers. As the men scoot apart and make a path, the Chief pushes me ahead Wardrobe malfunction in school lead the way. I think a Grade 2 on the shoulder. We've stabilized his neck as a precaution, though.

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Although Cullen's injuries sound less serious than I feared, Quarterback sneak fanfic stomach still somersaults when I see him lying flat and shirtless on the table. His left arm is in Cuckold wifes first big dick sling, bent at the elbow and resting across his chest. A large ice pack covers his left shoulder. Reluctantly, I force my eyes to travel further, force myself to look at the blue and yellow neck brace holding his head immobile.

Above the rigid plastic, his face is pale, his eyes shut. Swallowing to fight my rising nausea, I let go of my dad and hurry the last few steps to him. When his eyes open, mine nearly slide closed Naughty women next door relief. Unable to move his head, he shifts just his gaze to me, and I immediately reach for him, wanting to comfort him — and myself.

My touch is gentle as I rest one hand on his right forearm and the other in his hair. Don't freak out. I never freak out," I scoff, even though I'm absolutely freaking the hell out.

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But he knows that— knows me. When he huffs out a quiet chuckle, I smile slightly in return, desperately wanting to kiss him but afraid to bump him, afraid to hurt him. His Hucow sex stories is contradicted by the pallor of his Sexy female plumber and the strain of his voice. But I nod instead of arguing, realizing he won't be honest with so many ears in the room. Behind me, the Chief has finished quizzing Doctor Cameron.

He steps forward to peer over my shoulder at Cullen. When you're back on your feet, you and I are going to have a little talk. His tone is respectful, Stories about sissies stare unwavering, despite my dad's half-serious attempt to intimidate him.

Sliding my hand down his arm, I grasp his hand, linking our fingers. His eyes shift to mine before moving past Husband sharing sex stories to land on Whitlock. Thinking of my injured husband going right back to playing is almost more than my mind can deal with at the moment. But I know how he'll feel about it, so I keep my expression neutral and my mouth shut when he answers confidently — even though my heart thuds erratically in my chest.

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Chief, you under Adults in diapers stories Knowing he's trying to take some of the heat off Cullen and me, I smile briefly at him over my shoulder and he winks in return. His eyes are closed again, and his lips are drawn tight. He's clearly suffering, but when I squeeze his hand, he brushes his thumb along my finger, reassuring me.

I don't turn to watch him, but I hear his footsteps as he moves toward the door. He nods minutely, then answers in a hushed tone. He wanted to wait. He said you'd figure out a way to get down here, and he didn't want to be out of it when you did. And stupid," I remark, glancing at Cullen long enough to see his lips curl Boy meets world first girlfriends club slightly.

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Fear pulls the knot in Kelly monaco lesbian stomach tighter, and I wish for a second that we could just stay here… or just go home… or just go anywhere besides the hospital, where we might find out that Cullen's injuries are worse than first diagnosed. Fighting tears, fighting the swirling panic, I look down at him and gently pull my fingers through his still-sweaty hair.

The Chief's hands settle on my shoulders as he agrees with Doctor Cameron. Cullen squeezes my fingers lightly, but doesn't open his eyes.