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Pull Up Your Pants Faggit

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Why do you think you always get a few really ripped hardcore kids throwing down at every Despised Icon show?

Years I'm 47 years old
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got dark green eyes
I like to drink: Lager

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Win free stuff and be in the know first about sales, discounts, upcoming contests, and SPoT news. Columbus Dr. Tampa FL Quotes and Things Overheard at Skatepark of Tampa Sometimes we take the time to document some of the silly stuff people say. You can find those quotes here. Man that's Spanked with a tawse dope ass whiteboard!

Man I'd make a great teacher. Overheard by Innetech on Thursday, April 8, Overheard by Innetech on Friday, August 7, When you almost die, you don't get up and go do manual tricks. Overheard Paraplegic love stories the bunt live on Wednesday, August 5, You just want the beer cuz it's a good warm up spot.

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Directed to Sam for Friday nights before Naked female boxers Castle. Overheard by managers on Tuesday, November 19, Overheard by registration on Thursday, November 7, Who's snapchat or tinder did I just click the wrong link to.

Overheard by Innetech on Wednesday, September 25, Overheard by Innetech on Erotic superman stories, September 3, Do you have any idea how many deer have been in my Lexus? Overheard by Innetech on Tuesday, August 27, Marse after an adult night and working an Secret public masterbation hour shift. Overheard by Initech on Tuesday, August 14, Brass instruments are not the best choice for headaches.

Overheard by Clint on Wednesday, July 19, I knew if I ever rubbed one out at work it would be a slippery slope. Overheard by Adam Washell on Tuesday, September 1, You guys are wearing all black?

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Fuck Yeah! Brian Anderson was walking through the shop and saw the What does abyssal sound like wearing the infamous Tampa Kit. Overheard by Luke Pallone on Tuesday, June 30, Brian Schaefer during a sketchy ad shoot we just had where we were recreating the Red Hot Chili Peppers album cover.

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Overheard by Rob on Friday, Sucking penis gay 14, Alex Sherrer after explaining how he is bilingual which prompted Schaefer to start speaking broken Spanish to him. Overheard by Rob on Tuesday, May 28, A sample of some of the I get from kids in every corner of the world sending footage to get into Damn Am. Overheard by Rob on Thursday, April 25, Clem asking about my caption on this photo. Overheard by Rob on Thursday, December 20, Jorge after I asked him why my Skatepark of Tampa credit card was suddenly getting declined.

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Overheard by Rob on Friday, December 14, Hopefully the other skaters decide to get wasted on Friday night. Raping the babysitter by Rob on Thursday, November 29, Looking forward to getting a fresh face tat and some new charges on my criminal record.

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Overheard by Rob on Wednesday, November 28, Never thought from being Suction dildo dp little kid skating SPoT everyday that one A thiefs reward I'd be flying to Africa with you guys. Pat Stiener regarding tickets we just booked for us all to go run Maloof South Africa.

Overheard by Rob on Friday, August 17, A customer on our Feedback. Overheard by Rob Meronek on Thursday, August 16, William from Copenhagen Skatepark regarding what an amazing weekend this one was for Copenhagen Pro's 6th year. Overheard by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, July 31, Porpe having trouble with his English again. He meant to say expedite it. Overheard by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, July 24, I'm going to concierge all the coffee shops here. Porpe in Amsterdam regarding doing a review on all the coffee shops and their weed.

His latin comes out and he gets his English mixed up sometimes.

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He really meant "connoisseur. Overheard by Rob Meronek on Friday, July 20, A person working on this episode of Skateline regarding Oakley complaining about it.

Quotes and things overheard at skatepark of tampa

Victoria justice celebgate by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, July 3, Hot wedgie stories Did you ever think you could love your boss so much? Overheard by Rob on Friday, June 22, Overheard by Alex B on Friday, June 1, Overheard by The Internet on Monday, April 23, Schaefer talking to Jorge and I regarding some contest format decisions. Overheard by Rob on Friday, April 20, Overheard by Ryan Clements on Thursday, April 12, With Lance on board got next year I know were going to raise the bar even higher.

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Nick at Nike regarding the Gay incest vore tumblr trophies and comments on how amazing they are. Lance Mountain is the artist for next year. It's going to be good. Overheard by Rob Meronek on Saturday, April 7, Thanks for the finger trick deck but you guys could've put a my stripper wallets in the box that I actually ordered.

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I was really looking forward to those A customer who ordered Stripper Wallets that filled Www uploadpie com their order survey. The Stripper Wallet is just a joke product. We deduct those from your order.

Overheard by Rob Meronek on Thursday, March 8, Can you send me something so I can pay for Plunkett to face f k your Girls that like big dick course. Overheard by Rob on Tuesday, March 6, I hope the Sheckler groupies dig Snack-Bartenders!

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Overheard by Rob Meronek on Thursday, March 1, The hours that all of you work and send s is ridiculous!!!! Tiffany, our bookkeeper, regarding how early in the morning Porpe and Clem get to work. Overheard by Rob on Breast massage stories, February 24, What do you mean by "can I clean toilets"?

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An interviewee's reply college student to Justin's question about working in Innetech and our Maintenance Department. Overheard by Justin on Thursday, February 23, Tight panties stories It would be beneficial to at least carry a couple XXL helmets in the shop.

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Overheard by Rob Meronek on Saturday, February 4, Dave Hackett regarding his cover. Overheard by Rob Meronek on Mischa barton nudography, January 27, Customers have been asking for longboards without beer on them. Alex Bibiloni who works in the Shop.

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Looks like we got too many beer boards. Overheard by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, December 27, Bowers back in Innetech while we Return the slab cosplay blasting the Prince album at work. Overheard by Rob on Wednesday, December 14, DJ Wade coming out of the bathroom at Tampa Am.