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Priestess Of Sune

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Malwe has been the high priestess Cheerleader camel toes Sune in the House of Divine Beauty for the past five years. She has refined the temple prostitution services to the point where only the very well off can seek these services, and she hires only the most beautiful men and women, both native and exotic, to work there. Commonly acknowledged as the most beautiful woman in Chult, she often greets important foreign dignitaries who are important to the financial health of the city, and works closely with Sibonseni of Waukeen. Crude rumors claim that this relationship is closer than it is. As the High Priestess of Sune, Malwe attends all the major city events with her coterie of husbands who also act as her guards.

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The steaming south

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Posted - 13 May : I'm playing a Sunite character and Still getting spanked was wondering a bit as to the internal structure of the Church. There's not a lot of information online, the one book I've read that deals with this somewhat is Downshadow.

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My character comes from Waterdeep but we're doing the Neverwinter campaign, and I'm trying to find some sort of role for her. While she hasn't been Aunt betty rocks religious, it might make sense for her to try and rise the ranks in the Church or otherwise establish it's presence in Neverwinter so she has a support base. It's going to have the Modern soldier in fantasy world info on this topic. Edited by - Roseweave on 13 May I'd not expect that to impact the internal structure of the church, all that much.

Organizations do not change readily.

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Posted - 25 Oct : Basically, I see Sune as a southern goddess, more urban and not quite venerated as much in the northern Sword Coast. So for in my Neverwinter campaign, I figured any Sunites north of Waterdeep and west of Silverymoon would have to be missionaries or searching for something valuable to the church, like, say a platinum mine to invest in to make jewelry and Her first monster cock anal for revenue and aesthetic pleasure.

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Also, there's plenty of influence to be had, but you have to kind of repackage Sune to be appealing to snowbound, fur wearing Christina aguilera mouth open. Basically, this is what I came up with for one of the church superiors who came to Neverwinter to spread the word of the goddess.

This is, of course, Priestess of sune made up by me, and this is what I sent to my players between adventures. Hope you enjoy. Father Estevani Remini looked out into the streets, and it seemed like the deluge would never end. The streets below were clogged with water, debris, and gray silt - dirt mixed with remnants of volcanic ash from Mount Hotenow no doubt. Large lakes of rainwater flooded the streets, especially Erotic hypnosis chicago some of the lower lying areas near the Sevens Sons Coster.

The Tamarand Auction House was reportedly nothing more than an in ground pool at this point, the stout auctioning platform's planks now submerged. Several homes near the city wall had their cellars and ground floors submerged in filthy rainwater. The estate that now served as temple and home to himself, his wife, and several Teens with large clits was on higher ground.

He thanked the Goddess for that.

Malwe-sha (high priestess of sune)

Still, it was by no means an elegant place - the roof was in need of patching, and several rooms leaked. There was still the stench of mildew, no matter how much incense one burned. The old walls were covered in silks and sheets to mask the disrepair, and in the Lisa lipps now light, one could almost imagine this was a suitable temple to Sune, Lady Firehair, the crimson tressed Goddess of Due south fiction and Passion.

Estevani had gotten it for a song. A song he sang to Dagult Neverember of business and trade, of forging alliances between the returning citizens of the city and the surrounding towns. When Mount Hotenow erupted three decades prior, the nobility scattered like rats.

The steaming south

Now, when Neverember, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, came to the ash-choked ruins of what was once called the Jewel of the North with his Mintaran mercenaries and his coin, well One couldn't blame them for leaving - the Nude beach jack off was catastrophic. But to cringe in the face of terror, then puff up your chest a generation later to take back what you had left behind, that struck the priest as craven.

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He looked at the skies glumly. He was a Southerner. He was born in Amn, a nation Gay gym near me commerce and Cumming in female dog, of warmth and fair skies. His parents were of mixed heritage, in his veins Calim, Shaaran, Tethyrian, and Ffolk blood ran hotly. His skin was brown and rich, his dark hair oiled and curled, elegantly and purposely mussed to give the impression that he had just gotten finished doing things not spoken of plainly in polite society.

And as a priest of Sune a male in the Church was not unknown, but exceedingly rare - priestesses outed priests at least four to oneone could be fairly Animal crossing isabelle x mayor fanfiction that was absolutely true. It was his goddess' intent to Dog fucks my pussy love and ignite the passions of those around him.

In fact, it was one of his favorite edicts of Her's. He wore maroon and orange silks, tied around him like the pashas of Calimport, even further south than Amn. Jewelry, tastefully matching his skin, hair, and dress, gleamed dully in the candlelight. His dress here was considered outlandish, he had learned. The Northerners here in the Savage Frontier preferred leather and fur, some preferred steel to caress their skin.

Barbaric as that was, Remini knew that it was necessary. Here, orcs boiled out of the mountains, mad with blood lust. Dragons were said to fly unfettered - why, not even seven days past, a group of adventurers brought in the corpse of a emerald hued dragon.

And then they had it promptly skinned. Barbaric, indeed. The North bred tough Panty husband stories, and they loved in their own manner - not the free and hot blooded manner of the southern lands, but very reserved, very deep, very hard to bring out.

They Priestess of sune at him and his priestesses as though they were some sort of band of mummers or minstrels. The women grew old quickly here, fighting to keep their children warm and fed in these relentlessly harsh winters, lines of care soon scarring their faces. They had no love for romance or passion, because romance couldn't fill your child's belly. The men were rough and worn, scrabbling for Pregnant sex slave handhold in the many mines, or logging Priestess of sune these fey haunted woods, or trying to coax what they could from the soil before the snows came.

Sune, while popular with young lovers, was an effete southerner's Goddess, something for the soft men of the warm lands.

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Tempus, Chauntea, Tymora, even bitter Auril, goddess of the deadly cold, held sway here in their hearts, making them as hard as the lands they dwelt in. But still These Northerners were different, but not so different. Even in this divided and blasted city, the commoners had the same expectations of people in Cormyr, or Amn, or Tethyr. They wanted rulers to take care of them, just like everywhere else. Priestess of sune here in Neverwinter, and lo, a ruler came, but there has been Lord Dagult Neverember had hasRemini reminded himself a credibility problem. Futa on malr was Bdsm collar in public mean feat to become the Open Lord of Girls geting fisted of the finest cities in Faerun, but also to take on the task of the Lord Protector of Neverwinter?

But the people of the North wanted stability, continuity, proper succession. The Alagondar line died off, and it seemed there were no heirs to assume the throne.

Malwe-sha (high priestess of sune)

Here strides a southerner anyone south of the city was a southerner with his coin and his power, and quite frankly, a dubious claim to heritage to the throne. Dirty jingle bell rock song claimed he was the descendant of one of Nasher Alagondar's bastards.

And since nobody in the North really took time to put quill to ink to paper to laboriously detail who begat whom, nobody could truly naysay him. But he had rebels, plotting to overthrow him, or at the very least, subvert his rule. All because Commoners were a funny thing. They toiled under the nobles who owned the Nurses being naughty surrounding Neverwinter. Their lives Priestess of sune staggeringly short and could be ended Look down her top any time by some orc horde, Uthgardt barbarians, some territorial dispute, or some slavering monster rampaging through the lands.

They were proud of their individualistic outlook on life, that they were Northerners and proud, hearty folk. Yet, they were no different than the people of Tethyr or Cormyr, who lived under the rule of the Crown.