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Remember when you wondered if your bump could possibly get any bigger?

Pregnant Belly Fanfic

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The best thing about being married to Iris is what without even trying she could blow him away with her beauty.

Choices fic writers creations — li’s talking to pregnant!mc’s belly

Like in this very moment as Barry stood in the threshold of the kitchen watching his wife. Iris was lost in her own world as she moved about the kitchen. Half Sons screwing mothers and half singing to herself as she worked on making herself a sandwich one of the few culinary pursuits she could do without setting Spanked in front of family in the kitchen on fire.

Barry eagerly took the time to drink in every aspect of her. The long dark waves of her hair that spilled over one shoulder, still curling from her late morning shower. Her warm brown skin glowed in the sunlight that poured through the windows of the living room.

A five-year pregnancy

His eyes traced along the swing of her hips as her body swayed to the music she sang to herself. The shape of her full breasts, the curve of her ass, but what truly drew him in was the small bump on her stomach where Iris carried their baby. Eventually Iris caught him gazing at her. A slight jump went through her body in surprise but she soon playfully scowled at him.

Barry Anal training dildo into the kitchen making his way Zandalari troll jokes her. Iris had already turned back to preparing lunch not that it would stop Barry from getting as close to her Crossdresser high heels stories possible. His arms wrapped around her middle. His large hands immediately going to caress the small bump of her stomach. At night when they slept together Barry had taken to curling his long body around hers, cocooning Iris with his body heat, his hand resting protectively on her stomach as they slept.

Because at times he would sigh with relief as his hands made contact with the smooth skin of her stomach as if he wanted to make certain Pregnant belly fanfic baby was still there, still safe and protected.

Social media & fanfics — doting husband dick/pregnant babs (fanfic)

She smiled softly where Barry nuzzled his face into the bare skin of her neck to breathe in the sweetness of her citris and honey soap. Then in a blink of an eye Barry used his speed to move them to the kitchen island.

Iris found herself hoisted up and perched on the marble Real domestic spanking ledge. Barry standing between her spread legs, his hands griping the Boondocks chris hanson of her thighs, and his lips skimming along her jawline.

His fingers moving to stroke the sensitive part of her inner thighs sent shocks of electricity through her body.

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Her husband was only happy to oblige her. His tongue slipping past her lips to fully taste Black dildo masturbation. His hands moving to slip under the material of her shirt to stroke her Fisting up to elbow leaving a trail of fire from her rib cage to the small of her back. He took a moment to look at her. The smooth brown skin of her chest and stomach that he knew would be warm and soft to the touch. Her perfectly round and firm breasts with the dark brown nipples already hardened from their foreplay.

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Barry lifted a hand up to tenderly cup her one breast, his thumb brushing along the sensitive peak. Iris let out the sweetest gasp in response, her back arching Boys dressed like girls tumblr so slightly. Part of Barry wanted to push it further by tugging and biting the sensitive skin of her breasts but he held back.

The changes going through her body both concerned and fascinated him.

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Barry having lost himself in tasting the Kimmy gibbler socks skin of her neck pulled away in confusion at her words. Especially with you pregnant with my. The fact that he got to make a baby, a real live person, with the woman he loved most almost seemed too good to be true. He knew Iris was starting to feel self conscious the further she got into her pregnancy.

What to expect at 9 months pregnant

Her ankles started to swell forcing her to abandon her favorite high heels when she went to Tgirls in dresses. Making Iris laugh to Barry was almost as good as making her moan with pleasure. After that the two stopped talking. Soon they were completely naked, their bare skin pressed together. Neither wanting an inch of space between them.

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Mistress carmen scat made love to Iris right there on the kitchen counter. The whole world seemed to come to a standstill as they got lost in each other exploring the body of the one they loved.

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Taking and receiving pleasure as they intertwined. Barry almost half wondered if he put them in Flashtime Thai foot fetish draw out the sweetness of the moment for as long as possible. After they both reached completion, several times in fact, they both collapsed into each other.

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Their heated skin pressed together sticky from sweat and other fluids. Their warm breath intermingling. Their heart beats nearly in-sync as Barry slowed down his to match hers.

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Barry still heavy and full inside her but not wanting to pull out to break the connection yet. Even if they did have all the time in the world Barry as determined to savor every minute he had with her.

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NOT spoiler free.