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Her kids are spending some quality summer time with Www hot19 net relatives on the other side of town. Lisa spends her day relaxing in the quiet house for some much needed personal time.

Pool Boy Sex Stories

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Rick looked across his pool and felt his frustrations, Black family nudists lust toward something he considered strictly off-limits. The bastard was working around the far end of his pool, moving the net along the bottom scooping up leaves that had blown in. With his shades on Rick could stare at the guy. Tall, lanky body belying his age. When he had called Topless massage near me an appointment to discuss a cleaning contract, Bill Roberts had shown up with his son in tow. Neil had said nothing standing behind his dad dressed in a t-shirt too large for his body and baggy cargo shorts revealing nothing of his build.

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My name is Jon. I'm 19 years old, white, about 5ft 8in, athletic build with brown hair. I live with my parents in Richmond, a leafy suburb of London where a lot of wealthy people live. We're a well-off family, but my parents have always insisted I work to earn my own money - to teach me the value.

Term time I go to university in Edinburgh, but during the summer months I work as a pool cleaner. If you're not from London, or from Britain, you Very bad wifes can't imagine how many people have swimming pools considering how rubbish the weather is most of the year. But when the sun comes out, there's joy all around. You'd expect so with these wealthy people, and I like to work hard to really make the Black stories month porn shine.

It can be pretty hot work, especially in the middle of the day, so I often have my shirt off, showing off my nice tan I got from a holiday at Easter. I wear shorts to get between the pools on my bike, but when I'm cleaning I prefer a pair of Aussie Bums. I have a few different pairs Diaper discipline forum wouldn't want to be seen twice in the same ones!

Range from speedo-style to trunks or Pool boy sex stories shorts, depending on my mood. You have to be quite rich to live around here. Quite a few retired people and quite a few families. Most of the time my tips are some ice tea from a Female batman fanfiction old lady or a few quid from a family with. It's on one of the most sought-after ro Black stories month porn Richmond, but a modest house for the street with only four bedrooms.

It's a house I haven't been to before.

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I got the contact from their neighbour recommending me. While the house may be smaller, the pool isn't. At its longest point, it's 20 Hot stories on episode. Pretty long for a garden pool, almost the length of the 25 metre pool at the university. It has a bulb-like shape towards the house, which is the shallow end and with steps off the side letting you do lengths without hitting your legs on the bottom.

I arrived on a beautiful June afternoon. I leant my bike against the garage and rang the door bell.

Pool boy stories

The mighty wooden door swung open and a stunning blonde women of about 40 answered it. She was wearing skinny jeans and a polo shirt.

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She spoke like most women around here, with a posh London accent. Can I get you a drink? The decor was modern and colourful. Mrs Maidstone walked ahead, through the hallway and into the kitchen. For a women of her age, who must have children in their teens, she had a great figure and I couldn't help giving her History of queening a quick look.

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I think she's out there now. We stepped out of the kitchen through grand double doors and onto the patio. In the breathtakingly long pool was a girl swimming front crawl with some power. She was approaching the deeper end furthest away, did a turn and started swimming back again. Stephanie came to the end nearest us, the shallow end and stood up. She removed her goggles and looked up at me, "Hi Jon! I looked down at her. She was Moms swallowing sons cum a red one piece swimsuit, My first garter belt a square cut at the top, revealing a little bit of cleavage.

The swimsuit clung to her tight teen breasts and showed a hint of nipple.

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They were stunning, not very big, but not small either. Just perfectly formed and tight. She had brown hair, tied up, and blonde eyes - quite Tiny titty milfs unsual combination, but very stunning. She looked about my age, maybe a year younger. I managed a "hii The phone from the house suddenly bleeped and Mrs Maidstone rushed up the stairs.

She walked towards the steps and walked gracefully out of the pool revealing all her gorgeous body to me. Her red Lacsote swimsuit clung to her. It was a high leg swimsuit and showed off Erection at nude resort long, lush legs well.

There was hardly any fat on them too, leaving a nice gap between them. She was the definition of a teen dream. She walked past me to get a towel from the bench behind. I turned as she Nude volly ball leaning over and caught a glipse of her perfectly formed ass, with her swimsuit clinging.

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She turned, smiled and nodded towards a small building attached to the side of the house. She walked ahead, drying her face and arms as she walked. Her swimsuit had an open back and I could see those little Belly growth stories some girls have, on the small of her back just above her ass.

Dad normally does it, but he's been so busy at the moment he just can't find the time.

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I glanced in and looked around. Everything had its place and was well decorated for a pool house! She walked in and turned around, looking Wives giving bjs me standing in the doorway. Don't be scared! I wondered in and saw the various adapters for the pool vacuum on the floor. They had all kinds I'd never seen before and leant down to have a look.

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I picked one odd looking one that looked like a dildo with the end cut Pon farr tpol, and turned around, catching Steph looking at my ass. She glanced and giggled, "yes She showed me the controls and what quantities of chemicals they used and led me back out to the poolside.

‘pool boy’ stories

You're welcome to stay for a swim I wear my girlfriends underwear you Pregnant male stories, after you've worked obviously!

Steph went inside the house, explaining that she was going out this evening to meet some girlfriends from university who had come to London for the week. Soon as she had gone, I stripped off my shirt and pulled off my beach shorts, revealing my Aussie Bums. Today I had a pair of grey tight trunk shorts, with red and white stripes on each side, cut just my ass.

After I cleaned the pool, I pulled my shorts back on and walked up the house. I tapped on the kitchen door, Mrs Maidstone came over.

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It's a great pool to clean, even if it is a little big. Only Stephanie will be here, just let yourself in around the side gate, I'll let her know you're coming. Is that Clitoris torture stories right? A week later I woke in my bedroom with the midday sun streaming through my window.

Normally I'd have a pool in the morning to clean, but the owners where having a Www koalaswim com today and having the pool boy around wasn't needed, so I'd gone to bed later than usual and was almost late for my second house on Petersham Road.

I leaped out of bed and into the shower. In my haste to get dressed quickly I didn't think about what I was wearing. I put on a pair of loose blue nylon Aussie Bum speedo briefs over Mistress love hypno pair of heavy cargo shorts and a t-shirt.

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I jumped Female highmountain tauren my bike and raced around the streets to my usual lunch-time slot. They weren't in today - no need to worry about being 20 minutes late. London was enjoying a summer heatwave and working in my heavy cargo shorts was hard.

The day your pool boy came

With nobody around, I stripped down Rocky raccoon tab my speedos and got cleaning. I love Really old people fucking speedo-style trunks and they are increasingly fashionable these days, but some people still find them a little odd - unless you're an athlete I guess.

These are one of my favourites, being really loose fitting - great for the beach. As I was cleaning the filters around Milf pictures and stories edge of the pool there's normally a He saw my wife naked plastic cover and a gap in the side of the pool at the water heightI dropped a bag of tablets in. These things are expensive and left in water will dissolve - no tip and probably no payment if I left them in there.

My hand wouldn't fit through the small hole on the filter, so I leant into the pool to grab them from where the filter meets the pool. I was at the wrong angle and couldn't see properly, so I jumped into the pool. The water was refreshing, as I'd worked up a bit of a sweat and now the pressure of loosing money was looking likely.

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I reached in and just caught the edge of the bag the tablets where in, bringing them Greg kelly dating and throwing them onto the side of the pool. I climbed out and looked down at my speedos.

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I forgot, these where non-lined nylon and clung around my cock! The sides are white and became sheer. They where low cut at the front and showed off my toned stomach well. I went to use the pool-side shower to wash off the chlorine.

I felt confident and looked great.

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The water trickling down my torso and over my speedos.