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Pokemon transformation stories, I am look up men who wants Pokemon transformation stories

It was written by Cevaztyen from August up until Septemberstill incomplete with 35 chapters, the last one ending in an odd cliffhanger. Written in a sort of episodic format, the protagonist is a very unfortunate person named Jonathan. The poor guy is late for a date with his female best friend and has no gift to Kellie picklers friend caroline her, so he goes into a strange antique shopand buys a blue statuette for cheap.

Pokemon Transformation Stories

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Log in with itch. That way, all que quizes are skipped. Well, that worked for me some time ago, It's been a while I played this.

Read pokemon stories - webnovel

I don't know if it still works that way. Sidenote, kind of a shame there wasn't an option for bisexual. It could tease you and be like "Almost there The story was pretty good, but it's too bad that there are no picture with, it could make the game more appreciable :. However it works, it involves a ditto so answer randomly and Charlotte flair leather jacket might get lucky.

Its great! I hope there is a squeal Lucinda witch costume something like that, maybe a little longer one? Just out of curiosity, do you have the intent of finish your other story, or continuing this one? Are you 18 years of age or older?

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Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch.

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Restore game. Run game. NSFW ahead.

Pokemon transformation

Probably won't work well on mobile. Something I've been working on for a while now! Was a lot of fun to do.

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There are 11 different Pokemon you can turn into. There are a total of 8 ending scenes, plus a secret one. More information. Comments Log in with itch. Senriku Axon days ago.

Read pokemon stories - webnovel

So, is there a guide to turn into each pokemon? Suspended days ago.

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Show post I got ditto ending, but are there any other secrect scenes? K1rb0 1 year ago.

Transformation stories

I was hoping for some art as well, but it's still pretty good. God, this was creepy as hell The image is very misleading, I expected art for each transformation. How boring. This was amazing, but I would've loved to be made into Grovyle's personal cum dump! UnknownPlayer0 1 year ago. SaItyLemon 2 years Deadpool finger in hole.

Pokemon stories

How do you get it? SaItyLemon 1 year ago.

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Name yourself ditto. Shadaloo 1 year ago.

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Will there be a version were you can download this game? MirMi 2 years ago. LukeAtThat 2 years ago.

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Will we always end up as a Quilava, or can we turn into other pokemons? SqueakyOrca 2 years ago.

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There are 11 different Pokemon, depending on your answers to the first quiz. Ah, okay.

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Thank you. NotSoSecretGay 1 year ago. Not meant to be funny.

Transformation stories

You missed the point. It's cool Maybe to short. GayNSFWpokemontransformation.