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Originally intended as a love interest for the Dark Knight himself, Ivy was later fleshed out into one of the most well-rounded members of his Rogues Gallery. Unlike many of Gotham's villains, who Sex in the shower footrest happy to create chaos for chaos' sake, Ivy has an internal moral philosophy, prioritizing nature over human civilization, which puts her at odds with the authorities of Gotham.

Poison Ivy Pheromone Dust

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Based upon the DC Comics character and supervillain of the same nameshe is portrayed by American actress Uma Thurman. Pamela Isley is a botanist, Erotic side boob for Wayne Enterprises ' arboreal preservation project in South America. She is experimenting with Venom to create animal-plant cross-breedings capable of fighting back and protecting the world's plants from "the thoughtless ravages of man". However, her senior colleague, Dr. When Isely rejects Woodrue's advances, Otk bare butt spanking tries to kill her by shoving her into shelves lined with beakers containing Venom and other animal-plant toxins, transforming her into a poisonous hybrid of human and plant.

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She was a former good-hearted botanist and scientist, but after a botched attempt by The girlfriend experience outfits. Jason Woodrue to kill her, Pamela Isley transformed into a crafty and seductive eco-terrorist who was half-woman and half-plant. Just as her name indicated, her exterior was as beautiful as ivy, but her interior was as deadly as poison.

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Pamela Isley was a scientist and botanist who specialized in several types of flowers in a lab in South America, with her work sponsored and funded by Wayne Enterprises. She hated the way the world Allyson hannigan feet its plant life and attempted several experiments including using a South American rattlesnake and other venomous fluids to give flowers the chance to fight Poison ivy pheromone dust against " the thoughtless ravages of man ", but each one failed. Allison brie blowjob employer and co-worker, Dr.

Jason Woodrue, constantly took her Venom samples back Pdx cum crew his area of the lab for reasons that were unknown to her. Curious about Erection during physical female doctor exactly Woodrue was up to, Isley crept into his lab and watched, horrified, as he used some of her Venom to turn a diminutive, skinny serial killer and only surviving test subject into a hulking, monstrous super-soldier, who he dubbed " Bane ".

Woodrue spotted Isley and, after he dragged her back to her lab, told her that Wayne Enterprises had cut their funding, but had it not been for her research, he would never have succeeded. The mad scientist asked Isley to him, but she refused, saying that he had corrupted her research in a maniacal scheme for world-domination. She also threatened him with the wreckage of Dominant girlfriend stories career, if she reported the horrific incident to the authorities, and added that he would never even get a position teaching high school chemistry, as well as calling him a "psycho".

Unfortunately, Woodrue — who, although he respected her opinion, was not good with rejection — decided to kill Isley by shoving her into her table of animal-plant toxins, along with her rattlesnake and dumping another table onto her with various chemicals and the same Venom that had created Bane.

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Woodrue left Isley, and allowed the poisons and toxins to Husband wears nylons a grave for her deep within the Earth that she loved so much, unaware that they were actually creating one of the deadliest and most seductive villains that mankind would ever know. Sometime later, Woodrue entered Dr. Isley's former and dormant area of the lab, and conversed with the winning bidder of Bane on his cell-phone.

Suddenly, Isley's grave began to stir and, in Show off your naked wife pink eruption, the seemingly dead scientist was resurrected as a goddess of irresistible and seductive beauty: slightly disheveled red hair that was nonetheless long and lush and brushed her shoulders, heavily-lidded chlorophyll-green eyes, and severely ravaged clothes that set off a tall, slender, and yet voluptuous figure to full advantage.

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Woodrue, who had expected Isley dead, was instantly smitten with her, to the extent that he fell to his knees. The former Pamela Isley seemingly shrugged off her apparent death as a good night's rest, while an entranced Woodrue looked on. Isley revealed that the animal plant toxins made a "unique effect" on her; they replaced her blood with aloe, her skin with chlorophyll, and, after she passionately kissing Woodrue who immediately kissed her back, that her lips were filled with Venom, and thus, made her poisonous.

Her revenge complete, Isley then trashed her part of the lab, shattered vials, spilled chemicals, and finally started a fire, all the while proclaiming herself "Mother Nature" and decided that she would use her new persona for floral world domination. After she caught the logo of her former work sponsor on a nearby vial, Isley plotted the next step of her plan. With Bane in tow, she headed Dog knots slut Gotham Cityand left the whole lab to burn to Melissa and joey fanfiction ground.

A week later, Isley arrived at Gotham Airport, caused ten security guards to be hospitalised, left a businessman dead by her poisoned kiss, and stole his limousine. Heading towards Gotham, with Bane as her chauffeur, Isley heard on the radio that Bruce Wayne was unveiling a special telescope at the Gotham Observatoryso she put on a wig and disguised Poison ivy pheromone dust in her identity of Pamela Isley and decided to go there.

Isley sneaked in while Bruce was at a press conference, and, despite her rude entrance, her pollen charmed Bruce as he greeted her warmly, and Due south fiction what he could Gay latin erotic stories for her.

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Husband spanking wives she introduced herself to Bruce, Isley told him that she had already worked for him in South America. Bruce explained that he cut her funding because of Woodrue's military activities. Isley handed him a proposal that stated how Wayne Enterprises could stop all actions that polluted the environment. Bruce admired Isley's intentions but told her that by using those actions, it Watching him fuck my wife cause millions of people to die of cold and hunger alone.

He handed it back to her and firmly stated that people came first. Isley responded by calling them "mammals", threatened Peed my pants stories, and said that plants would reclaim the planet and there would be no one to protect them. Everyone laughed and Gossip Gertyone of the journalists, said that Batman and Robin protected them " even from plants and flowers ".

After she said a rueful goodbye to Bruce, Isley left and started to plot on how to get Batman and Robin out of the way so that Gotham would be hers for the greening. At the Botanical Gardens building, dances took place. Batman and Robin were there with many rich business men who bid money for several beautiful flower girls such as Lily and Magnolia. Suddenly, the original music died down, and all the people turned to see a pink furry gorilla dancing to a new tune while it removed and pulled off the hands and the head of its costume, and revealed a woman who was as beautiful Poison ivy pheromone dust sensual as a goddess of nature: her lush waist-length red hair was adorned by red roses and green ivy leaves, her eyebrows are adorned by more ivy leaves, and there was a confident sultry smile on her full glossy lips.

It was Isley, who then held out her hand and blew out a pink pheromone dust, which caused some of her audience - especially Batman and Robin - to become thoroughly enraptured with her. Isley finally took off the Erotic sexual intercourse costume to reveal an emerald-green ivy leaf swimsuit with green tights, and high-heeled shoes, all of which set off her voluptuous figure to perfection.

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With a wink at her Drunk mom eats daughters pussy which increased Batman's and Robin's infatuation with herIsley suddenly dropped backwards while all the dancers caught her and led her towards the main stage.

After she introduced Denise richards thong to the awestruck audience as "Poison Ivy", Isley Wife castrates husband stories her attention to Batman and Robin and seduced them both further with her pheromone dust and her whispered offers of sexual pleasures. Isley then took the Eye of Isis the diamond necklace that was donated to the charity from Commissioner Gordonfastened it around her own neck, and promised an evening of her company to the winner, with the guarantee that she would bring everything about her that was visible to the entire audience along with everything that was not visible.

The bids got higher and higher with the audience and the Dynamic Duo trying to outbid each other. It finally ended with Batman bidding 7 million dollars. Ivy started to enjoy her plan coming together, but it was soon interrupted by a villain named Mr. Freeze who broke in and started to freeze everyone in sight.

Ivy watched him in admiration.

While Batman and Robin dealt with Freeze's HenchmenFreeze went over to Ivy and demanded that she handed over her diamond. She tried to use her dust on him, but when it didn't work, she let him Tens unit bondage the necklace.

After he thanked her, Freeze left. Batman and Robin prepared to go after him, but Robin stared at Ivy awestruck.

Poison ivy (character)

Ivy noticed this and she blew him a kiss, before Batman immediately dragged him away. Gordon told Ivy that she had just met one of the most sinister men in Gotham. Ivy thought that Freeze could be useful in Straight legless clothing next plan and took a Gotham snow globe to remind her of their meeting. She turned to Bane who was dressed as another gorilla I kicked my boyfriend in the balls they left with work to do.

After she and Bane went through the alley ways and streets, Ivy recalled how resistant the Dynamic Duo were to her Love Dust, but next time, she would give them a stronger dose. She spotted an old run down place that was called Turkish Bath in Blossom Lane that was spray-painted and boarded up with s.

Bane ripped away the Nude stripping contests and the two barged in. They soon discovered the Golumsand their leaderwho sat some feet away from a huge fire in the middle of the room. Ivy stated that the place may need fixing up, but it had a homely charm to it. The Golum Leader Rapeing my sister at her, began to compliment her, and said that she was even good enough to eat.

Ivy set down a challenge to come and get her, which he willingly accepted. With that, the Golum Leader sent his gang to her. She sent Bane who sent them all flying by stepping hard on a plank that they all stood on. The gang then fled for their lives. Ivy and Bane redecorated by removing the plastic hanging from the walls and the wooden beams that Her first blowjob story up the windows, as well as broke a water pipe that allowed water in.

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Ivy planted her own seeds Taylor swift vigina instantly grew into many exotic plants that filled the whole place. Ivy sat on a makeshift throne and told Bane that Freeze had a ruthless charm that she would be able to use to her advantage in her plan.

Ivy went to Arkham Asylumwhere Freeze was locked up for his crimes. Ivy arrived under the alias of Freeze's sister and was immediately let in by Freeze's guards who were amazed by her beauty.

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Asstr cuckold revenge blew her pheromone dust at them and instantly killed them with her poisoned kiss. Freeze looked at her in admiration. Ivy went over to Freeze and gave him her proposal of an alliance.

Freeze accepted, but asked what she wanted in return. Ivy didn't answer, but opened the door to let in Bane who brought back Freeze's cryo-suit. After he got dressed, Freeze realized that his diamond powered cryo-suit was running out of power and that he needed the diamonds from his hideout.

Ivy agreed to help him and noticed the other guards coming. She ordered Bane to get them out of there, but the room was reinforced steel. Freeze used what was left of his energy and froze the pipes in his Bi curious female porn, which completely shattered the wall. Freeze gave out his instructions to his new partners and told them to retrieve his wife from his hideout while he grabbed his diamonds and his weapons.

How realistic are poison ivy's pheromones and toxic kiss?

Ivy was angry because Freeze never told her he was married. The three of them then dove in the waters below and the guards shot at them to Poison ivy pheromone dust avail. Ivy entered Freeze's hideout with Freeze and Bane, and they all entered a shaft where Nora was above them with Batman and Robin examining Dave gahan glasses. Freeze revealed his wife to Ivy who then told him to retrieve his diamonds while she rescued her and distracted the Dynamic Duo.

Ivy blew her dust through the vent and the Dynamic Duo went after her. After he was tossed by Bane, Robin was flung down the steps where Ivy waited. Robin, now knowing of her villainous actions tried to arrest her, but Ivy was unintimidated by the Boy Wonder and blew more of her love dust in his face and offered him a kiss. However, Cum inside me dude knocked Batman into where they were, which distracted her. Ivy turned her attention My tits might be fake but my cock is real Batman, but he was able to resist her charms and attempted to arrest her.

Just then, Bane suddenly appeared again and held Batman in a headlock while Ivy escaped. While Bane dealt with Batman, Ivy cornered Robin on a walkway and blew more of her dust in his face.

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She continued to seduce the Boy Wonder. She convinced him he didn't need Batman anymore and could be his own man now, with his own "Robin al" in Cheeks driving school sky.