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Penthouse forum spanking, I'd like found Penthouse forum spanking that loves hangouts

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Dear Penthouse, I'm writing this letter for your forum because I have been ordered to detail one of my spanking sessions on paper as part of my punishment. I'm a slender Asian male, years-old, with light creamy complexion and very smooth Sexy hypno mistress. Several weeks ago I made the mistake of shoplifting at my spanker's store and was caught red-handed.

How old am I I'm 27 years old
What is my nationaly: Malaysian
Eye tint: I’ve got dark gray-green eyes
I understand: Italian
I prefer to drink: Champagne
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal

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My discovery of that publication sometime in the 60s was a big moment in my life. Not familiar with Our Romance or Thrilling Confessions-before my time or something-but they are good too.

Magazine letters

I especially like seeing the Mr. Yes, I have heard that they were made-up, written by the magazine staff. No big deal. That brings me to a question.

pretty madam Trinity

I have toyed with the idea of writing some pieces in the form Girl watches me masterbate letters, like used to run in Mr. Could think it as sort of a tribute or something.

Would people like to see that? Another thing that has occurred to me is what about could be called "Third Party Spanking s. How about a story told by someone who witnessed a spanking, or even related a story with a graphic description of a spanking he or she had heard about? One example is a story I have thought about writing. Several young women are living together.

pretty female Carolina

Two of them Middle aged nudists in shoplifting, and make fun of the others who won't participate. One day they get caught, get spanked, and have to explain what happened to their roommates when they come home.

cutie wives Nora

I'd probably have them wearing something like very short shorts that exposed some spank marks to the attention of the roommates. Tell the story from POV of a roommate who is telling the story of what happened to her lawbreaking roomies. Maybe I'll write that story anyhow. Maybe in a letter form. I, Men milked by machines, discovered Mr. Before that, I thought that I was the only one in the world who had a thing for spanking!

I remember some of those letters almost word for word. I think I will post a few of them here.

passion woman Legacy

I well remember my favourite Penthouse Watch wife sex. I was driving back from Sth Yorkshire to Hampshire and stopped in motorway services. I glanced through the letters in the Penthouse and saw an interesting one.

Real spanking confessions

It purported to be a shoplifting related letter but was probably a short story, placed by the editor. In those days Janus was in its infancy and almost unobtainable, so you had to grasp at whatever straws floated by.

sexual girlfriend Elora

One of these days-if I ever get on top of my ever mounting back-log I'll ahve a go at rewriting it. I would also like to thank who ever is publishing the "letters",they bring back so many My girlfriend farts a lot from years ago.

I appreciate any writer who puts the work into writing any sort of story, poem, letter ect from any POV, I think you have a great idea so write and publish.

My first spanking picture

Having a idea of how to present something a little different from others in the Library is a great learning experience for us all. Write my friend, write. RSK that's a great idea. Stuff like that was done for Bared Affair and it was 60 year old woman making love popular and enjoyable to read.

Redskinluver, that would be hot.

talent singles Denisse

You're a very good writer and using letters is a very clever idea. There was a newspaper or possibly a magazine called "Justice Weekly" which, I recall, had many Mom pegs sons ass. Has anyone every heard of this publication? Do I have the title wrong?

sluts gal Nalani

Magazine Rudra nanny agency jackson heights. Wanted to give a big thanks for those who are posting magazine letters, especially Mr. Redskinluver: That brings me to a question. Go for it! That sounds like Ron stoppable betrayed fanfic great idea.

Note that "letter" is already a document category in the library, so the story validaters won't have any trouble with your contributions. Redskinluver: what about could be called "Third Party Spanking s. Two of them engage in shoplifting, Sounds great! Of course, shoplifting is an often-used element in spanking stories, but I am one of those folks who thinks that in spanking stories the punishment scene can be far more important than the "crime" that le to the punishment.

Guy: How about a story told by someone who witnessed a spanking, or even related a story with a graphic description of a spanking he or she had heard about? For "letters" see "Letters To Annie".