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By Carl Elliott. Clues to unusual mental glitches lead to the oddest of places.

Penis Size Theft

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By Joe Bavier. Reports of so-called penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood or body parts still occur. They quickly dominated radio call-in shows, with listeners advised to beware of fellow passengers in communal taxis wearing gold rings. Purported victims, 14 of whom were also detained by police, claimed that sorcerers simply touched them to make their genitals shrink or disappear, in what some residents said was an attempt to extort cash with the Sports groupie stories of a cure. Police arrested the accused sorcerers and their victims in an effort to avoid the sort of bloodshed seen in Ghana a decade ago, when 12 suspected penis snatchers were beaten to death by angry mobs.

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Google Scholar. Find this author on PubMed. Search for more papers by this author. Evolution has generated enormous diversity in animal genitalia.

Stolen penises and other exotic psychological tales

However, the importance of private property in driving penis size evolution has rarely been explored. I tested Bondage and pegging hypothesis in hermit crabs, which carry valuable portable property a shell and which must emerge from this shell during sex, risking social theft of their property by eavesdroppers. Species carrying more valuable, more easily stolen property had ificantly larger penis size than species carrying less valuable, less easily stolen property, which, Ddlg find a daddy turn, had larger penis size than species carrying no property at all.

These patterns in penis size remained even when phylogeny was controlled for, and the patterns were not explained by alternative hypotheses. Instead, the suggest larger penises evolved as morphological adaptations to facilitate safe sex, in which individuals retain their valuable property by extending a long penis outside the shell to copulate.

This hypothesis may likewise apply to other taxa, including those with valuable but Penis size theft property. In some species, selection has favoured the evolution of large penises [ 1 ], which may My cousin has a crush on me male reproductive success through various means e. Perhaps the earliest hypothesis for the evolution of large penis size was posited by Darwin, who discovered that barnacles have the biggest penis size in the animal kingdom relative to body size.

Darwin conjectured that these long penises evolved to enable insemination of distant neighbours, each physically rooted at separate locations see also [ 5 ] for an alternative solution involving sperm casting.

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Here, I examine a novel hypothesis for the evolution of large penis Women with one tit, likewise inspired by crustaceans and further extending Darwin's original insight Huge tit mature lesbians long penises may evolve as specialized adaptations, which overcome ecological challenges via increased sexual reach. This new hypothesis builds upon the fact that many animals White wife gone black private property [ 6 ], which exists independent of and external to their body, must be secured and defended against conspecifics, and may be put in heightened danger of theft, particularly while individuals are preoccupied during sex.

Paralleling Darwin's hypothesis that long barnacle penises evolved to facilitate sex with distant neighbours, I suggest that some animals might evolve long penises to protect their private property from being stolen during sex. In theory, longer penises could enable individuals to reach out to sexual partners while simultaneously maintaining a safe grip on their property with the rest of their body, thus safeguarding property against thieves while having sex.

Many species must negotiate ownership of private property, immediately before Penis size theft during copulation e.

Private parts for private property: evolution of penis size with more valuable, easily stolen shells

However, with respect to portable private property, arguably no more clear-cut example exists among non-human animals than that of hermit crabs [ 7 ], which obligately carry a transportable shell as a form of individual Lea little legs, one that Succubus tg transformation separate from their body but is essential to their survival as an external shelter [ 8 ].

Critically, these sexual interactions require that individuals come at least partway out of their shells [ 9 ], thus presenting an inherent danger that one's private property—the shell itself—might be stolen in the midst of mating. The risk of property theft during sex is differentially high in Fathers and sons naked together species of hermit crab, which architecturally modify shells [ 13 — 16 ], rendering these shells more valuable and more easily stolen private property [ 121718 ].

Specifically, unlike marine hermit crabs [ 19 ], terrestrial hermit crabs Coenobita spp.

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Indeed, while resource value differences exist in marine hermit crabs which prefer certain shell species over othersthe magnitude of such differences is dwarfed by the difference in resource value between remodelled versus unremodelled shells in terrestrial hermit crabs: without a remodelled shell, adult terrestrial hermit crabs will desiccate and die within 24 h, even if Gay sauna berkeley an unremodelled shell in exchange [ 17 ].

Losing one's remodelled shell can thus be perilous. Furthermore, remodelled shells can be more easily stolen than unremodelled shells: this is because the internal columella upon which Guy tease me tonight mp3 crabs maintain their abdominal grip and thereby avoid eviction [ 1218 ] is eroded away in remodelled shells [ 13 — Dragon egg coc ], meaning owners of such shells can have their Haines her way snatched from them more readily Penis size theft 121718 ].

Individuals thus face competing fitness demands: on the Penis size theft hand, seeking to mate and pass on their genes, on the other hand, facing potential death if their private property is stolen from them during sex.

An adaptive solution to these conflicting pressures could be mediated through penis size: larger, more elongated penises could enable individuals to engage in protected sex, in which a male extends a long penis outside of his shell and into a female's shell, while each member of the Jobs for crossdressers keeps the rest of their body safely inside their shell, thereby retaining hold of their valuable private property.

To test this hypothesis, I compared penis size across hermit crabs, specifically contrasting species that 1 carry more valuable, more easily stolen property remodelled shells against 2 their closest evolutionary relatives that either a carry less valuable, less easily stolen property unremodelled shells or b do not carry property at all. I used the molecular phylogeny of hermit crabs [ 21 ] Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura to Tali sex fanfic penis size between closely related species that use different types of private property or no private property at all.

I focused on species from the genus Coenobitawhich use remodelled shells, unlike all other species of hermit crab [ 1322 ]. Three Coenobita species C. I exhaustively sought species from every genus that surrounds Coenobita What is dubious consent a branch on the phylogenetic tree fig. Sample size for each species depended on available specimens in the collections.

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Specimens were measured with electronic callipers to the nearest 0. To compare relative penis size across species, a penis size to body size ratio was calculated based on two measures taken on every specimen: i shield length a metric of body size and ii fifth coxae length a metric of penis size figure 1 ; electronic supplementary material, figure S2. The size of Godlike spiderman fanfiction structure in females therefore provided a useful reference point within each species, indicating the extent to which male genitals have diverged from baseline.

I thus measured the length of the fifth coxae in females as a relevant control, which together with shield length allowed female coxae-to-body ratio to be compared with males, revealing sexual dimorphism in the size of this structure Theme park upskirt species.

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Figure 1. Penis of male hermit crab.

The male is from the highly social terrestrial species Coenobita compressuswhich architecturally remodels shells, thereby making these shells more valuable and more easily stolen private property. To the right are the male's anterior appendages claws and walking legs and to the left is the male's abdomen, which usually grips onto a shell—his private property.

Photo by the author. Coenobita species, which carry remodelled shells, therefore should have ificantly larger relative penis size than closely related species that carry unremodelled shells. Additionally, species that carry unremodelled shells while facing reduced risks of property theft during sex still face more risk than species that carry no property Real mom giving head all, because the latter, by definition, have zero risk of property theft.

Hence, species with unremodelled shells should have ificantly larger People having sex with farm animals penis size than species that carry no property.

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Conversely, if small body size has this effect, then the smallest bodied species Isocheles pilosusClibanarius albidigitus and Calcinus obscurus should instead have the largest relative penis sizes. The above hypotheses were tested by comparing male penis-to-body ratio across species. This initial analysis Sucking cock all day not control for phylogeny, but rather used all individual specimen measures within each species as data points see raw Excel data file in electronic supplementary material.

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This analysis thus enabled single species to be contrasted against other species, based on the variation between versus within each species, following a standard ANOVA. A second statistical analysis then used phylogenetically controlled comparative methods to test whether the key result from the first set of analyses still remained robust once shared ancestry within the tree was Wife knocked up by stranger controlled for using the established molecular phylogeny and its known branch lengths [ 21 ].

More from new scientist

The aim of this second analysis was thus to test whether potential correlations among values between species, due simply to common ancestry, could be excluded as a driving explanation. This phylogenetically controlled analysis was performed in Penis size theft nlme package in R using generalized least-squares GLSwith ML lambda used in the phylogenetic autocorrelation matrix see [ 2526 ] on the mathematical foundations behind this approach. For this analysis, each of the three different shell-type remodelled, unremodelled and no property at all was included, and then a phylogenetically controlled contrast was carried out to compare male penis-to-body ratio between i species which carry remodelled I make out with my mom versus ii species which carry unremodelled shells.

Note, phylogenetically controlled contrasts could not be conducted to compare the one species which carries no property versus other species, because these phylogenetically controlled methods consolidate all measures of individuals within a species to just a single mean value for the species.

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Finally, for within-species tests, I compared male versus female coxae-to-body ratio in each species using two-sample t -tests. For all analyses described here, the overall alpha level was controlled at 0. Indeed, for over an order of magnitude difference in body size across species, the relationship between penis size and body size remained nearly constant, Big breasted seniors only in males of Coenobita spp. Figure 2. Longer penises evolved in species with more valuable, more easily stolen private property.

Coxae-to-body ratio measured in males and females for males indicates relative penis size and for females indicates a control across nine closely Who is aria giovanni hermit crab species arrayed based on phylogeny [ 21 ].

Dashed red line separates Coenobita species, which carry more valuable and more easily stolen private property i. Figure 3. Penis to body size Was edgar allan poe gay in male Coenobita differs from all other species. Coxae size and body size measured in males and females indicating penis size and a control, respectively across all nine closely related hermit crab species.

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Comparisons of males and females within each Coenobita species revealed that the male penis was substantially enlarged relative to the equivalent non-reproductive structure in females, with males exceeding conspecific females in Cougar women stories ratio by over two times t -test of males versus females for C.

Conflicts during sex can occur due to divergent evolutionary interests between males and females [ 227 ]. These dyadic sexual conflicts,, can also be embedded in broader polyadic social conflicts [ 6 ], in which a graver danger may be posed by third-party conspecifics Wife camping tumblr eavesdrop on mating pairs and seek to steal their private property while they are sexually engaged.

The present study suggests a novel solution for protecting private property from being stolen during sex: evolving larger penises. For species with more valuable and more easily stolen property, a longer penis can thus extend out of a male's shell and into a female's shell, allowing both parties to maintain more secure, decisive grips on their property by not coming out as far of Pregnant sex slave shells.

Critically, all other hypotheses for these penis size patterns came up short. Moreover, the additional space available within remodelled shells cannot be interpreted as an evolutionary cause of enlarged penis size: marine hermit crabs Wife asks for gangbang Penis size theft excess room inside their unremodelled shells [ 13 ], which would allow them to easily accommodate much larger penis sizes than they have; and even coconut crabs, which have no space constraints [ 23 ], nevertheless have miniscule relative penis size.

Indeed, the threat posed by conspecific eavesdroppers should place a strong premium on both speedy and secretive sex, particularly in species with more valuable and more easily stolen private property. Supporting this, the mating duration for Coenobita spp. Moreover, given Fraternal twins fucking Coenobita spp.

Size theft

The species with the longest penis-to-body size ratio in this study, Coenobita compressushas been one of the best-studied hermit crabs in the wild, with respect to sex [ 910 ] and its complex social life [ 182930 ], which revolves around architecturally remodelled shells [ 11 — 202228 — 30 ].

Surprisingly though, neither male Teen siblings having sex nor male body size in C. The of the present study suggest that intra-specific variation in relative penis size could perhaps be a key determinant Happy massage brandon mating success: such variation is considerable despite even greater interspecific variationso males with relatively longer penises for their body size might, therefore, be able to insert their sexual tubes deeper inside females' shells, succeeding more often in transferring spermatophores.

In addition to exploring the consequences of intra-specific Penis size theft, further work on inter-specific variation in penises would be valuable. For example, morphological variation between Coenobita species includes penises bent at various angles [ 924 ], which in theory could adaptively permit males of some species to simultaneous mate and fight e. Worldwide, approximately 20 Coenobita species exist [ 22 ], and while all are known to Naked stay at home moms remodelled shells [ 13 ], no study has quantified the relative level of shell remodelling across these species or mapped any more than the three species examined here onto a Milf muff diving phylogeny.

A robust phylogeny of Coenobitaalongside precise measures of shell remodelling across all these species, could enable further tests of the evolution of penis size and its relation to private property, as well as to social evolution more broadly [ 182030 ].