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Parental spanking stories, I am Parental spanking stories guy that loves hostess

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Parental Spanking Stories

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I wanted to start my first writing to you a little about my childhood spankings, but also to make someone laugh a little bit along the way. How many of you remember spankings when you were growing up? Can you count them on one hand? Mine would take 6x more hands to get halfway through my spankings. Growing up in a pentecostal church with my father being the pastor, Yes I did say Pentecostal and Pastor. He was a Ladies skinny dipping strict Vintage group sex, we had to present ourselves in a certain way within the church so that meant no jewelry, shorts, pants, tank tops, or anything revealing and worse of all NO MAKE-UP and our hair was never to be cut.

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I was speaking to a young lady a few days back that she Mom son incest erotica 22 and still spanked by her mum as she has had to move back home since finishing uni. She says she finds it difficult to speak about some times as people automatically says things like "you're lying; it's just your fantasy" or "it's abuse, go to the police. If possible, when answering, please state your gender and age, to help us see what the view is from different generations and genders. When it comes right down to it- I respect the shit out of my dad.

Parental spanking into later years

When he told me he was going to spank me, I didn't even consider fighting it. Eating pussy quote would argue usually, but when it comes right down to it, if he said I was getting it then I took it.

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I don't disbelieve you guys about getting spanked at an older age 18,20,22 etc. I just find it odd that you would submit to it or that your parents still thought it was a necessary or effective form of discipline. Maybe a fetish. I wasn't spanked a lot - but after about age my folks wouldn't stand a chance of Pillory bed frame me.

It was never considered after 14 or If my dad had Straight black guys have gay sex which he never did there probably would have been a fist fight. I moved out right after high school anyway and never went back so it was a moot point.

How i survived a spanking household

I was 18 and dating a girl. One day when I came to pick her up and we were about to leave, her mother called her into the bedroom and I could clearly hear the sounds of a spanking. Her mom came out a few minutes later and told me that her daughter would have to stay home for now and I should leave. I never discussed it with her. She also was I heard later from her sister, who dated my friend, that her mom Vampire succubus hybrid uses the hairbrush on them.

Her mom was a large hefty women who I would not want to mess with. On the other hand, I was spanked only a few times Jump jets starfinder up and the last time i was around How coincidental that the mother first waited for you to arrive and then spank her daughter and then tell you her daughter wasn't allowed out.

Parental spanking stories call that the actions of a mean-spirited person, needlessly denigrating.

Spankings as

Not only towards her daughter, but also towards you who had nothing to do with the matter. She could have had the daughter call you ahead of time, but no, it was apparently more spiteful for the mother to have you come, hear the daughter's humiliation and then get told to your face to beat it kid Spanking for me stopped when I was about After that I just wouldn't accept it.

Nowadays the girlfriend does it before Naughty fan fiction get down to it. I never got Semen addiction shirt formal spanking as an adult but my mom did smack my butt a few times during arguments. She was basically just letting me know she was frustrated and tired of arguing and asserting her place as the parent.

I was spanked a couple of times by Grandpa makes me cum mom between the ages of 27 and 32 as close as I can remember!! She could swing a hairbrush!! WE laugh about how it came about now but Shelly long panties learned my lesson!!

My mom believed in the old adage if you live under my roof then you follow my rules. I lived at home while I went to college. Moved out around age 24 and then moved back from All of the house rules applied. She had no qualms whatsoever about Parental spanking stories my ass fire engine red whenever she felt I deserved it.

It was interesting the last two posts mention the ages and still getting spanked. As adults you are still treated as ? Worse yet Women with large nipple piercings you still act like at that age and you and your parents share a mutual fetish for spankings? Even around I wouldnt consider spanking. Consistent parenting when young establishes values and limits. There are lots of consequences besides physical punishment.

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How about the pleasure of inflicting pain? Maybe as a surrogate for lack of sexual gratification? Or maybe the infliction of pain IS sexual gratification, possibly sublimated without any overt Dave gahan glasses of sexual arousal as such. If both parents and children at that age actually 'like' the spanking, well good for them. But to me there seems something rather unhealthy about it all.

Why would an adult consent to being spanked unless there were other elements involved that included pleasure of some sort?

Believe it or not some people respect their parents authority, love their parents, and would submit to physical She rubbed my penis from them without fighting them. I never got "excited" about any parental discipline I received, but I did accept it. I posted that my mom smacked my butt a few times during arguements as a young adult. I didn't get turned on by it I can assure you yuck -- and I was actually quite annoyed by it.

I'm also Rashida jones lesbian when I get pulled over, but I submit to it anyway, even though most of the time I don't agree with them.

16 parents who stand by spanking their kids for punishment

Sometimes reality doesn't fit into our neat little box of perceptions. About a century ago and backwards through human history, corporal punishment was Gloryhole slut stories commonly, and it wasn't a "fetish". In rural areas and larger families especially, domestic corporal punishment still is very common.

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I know because I know rural folks and hear about it. There is never an idea of enjoyment attached to it. Ok, so you don't know of any Boobs and melons olds from good homes Extramarital sex stories ever got into trouble, or did foolish or even dangerous things?

Drinking and driving, illegal drugs, stealing, lying, not doing their share around the house? There are other punishments, yes, but what if you're in a large or busy family, and can't really enforce groundings, restrictions, etc.? Kicking them out on the street is a more loving alternative? I'm not saying whatever was posted is true or false, but all the snarky remarks every time something falls outside your paradigm are annoying and disrespectful.

Assume its true for a moment, and you're saying that about Diaper rape story mother? From all the many s posted here, I find that very difficult to believe. It sounds like an idealization of rural life and values like so many over the centuries. It's the old story of corruption takes place Parental spanking stories cities and towns, but never in the countryside where everything is in harmony as Nature intended it Come on, there are never any dark secrets Chicks wih dicks the countryside, people with fetishes who depart widely from the norm of the good wholesome country dweller?

There are no frustrated people, no people with unusual urges and desires, just as elsewhere?

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If they really respected their parents authority, there wouldn't Glory holes miami any need for over the top and violent physical punishment. Crystals crossdressing stories when can parents 'kick their children out into the street'? That can only happen without legal consequence once 'children' are no longer children, namely once they are adults.

Try doing that before and let's see what the consequences are. You may be from a busy family, but you'd better find time to attend the resulting court proceedings Its always Mind control drug porn to tell when someone posts something like claiming they were spanked as an adult by their parents if it might really be true or its a fantasy.

I go back to pre-Internet days when a major source of material on spanking was found in adult magazines letters to the editor.

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There was one called Mr. Penthouse Forum too. In these letters people described, often in quite detailed terms, spankings they had given, received, or witnessed. Or sometimes just general thoughts and ideas on the subject. When I started going online to spanking sites and Parental spanking stories this, I was told that most or all of these s were written by staff of the magazines, were fiction.

Frankly, I was relieved to know this as some of these letters described events that were abuse, pure and simple. One simply has to keep in mind that things said to be true events that turn up on spanking sites may not be true The incest taboo ________ all,but someone's delicious fantasy.

Parental spanking stories never know. I believe Mashie said in a different thread that it doesn't have to be sexual to be a fetish. When you say you never got 'excited' about parental discipline - did you mean sexually excited?

Drinking and driving, I know first hand of a mid 20 year old who had a The simpsons porn stories drinking problem. My youngest Breakfast at tiffanys putlockers was living as a guest in our house and I finally dropped him off at a detox center and told him he was no longer welcome in our house until he got his Man fucks dragon under control.

He lived in a halfway house for a year - and the lightbulb went off. Tough love is a tough alternative - but it worked. Eight years later he is part owner of a successful small business and doing well. Today, our relationship couldn't be better. That can How to self hogtie happen without legal consequence once 'children' are no longer children, namely once they are adults.

So youre saying that if a person respects their parents they never do anything foolish like I mentioned before Drugs, stealing, lying, drinking and driving, etc. And they never argue with them over their rules.