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Welcome to season 3 of Netflix's You! I Tumblr interracial erotica you all for taking this journey with me. If season 1 deconstructed the myth of the perfect guy and season 2 revealed the dark heart of the perfect girl, season 3 now takes us inside the happily ever after carved out by these lovely snarling beasts.

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Let's recap! Suburban fatherhood doesn't sit well on Joe Goldberg Penn Badgley. For one thing, he's driving a Lexus around his new town of Madre Linda, which roughly translates into "Sweet Mother. Then there's his perfect baby girl, who turned out to be a boy. Little Henry was hiding his light under a bushel during the Kaley cuoco sucks cock. Joe's spent the first months of fatherhood convinced his son hates him, and it doesn't help that his mother-in-law's shaman Stepson catches stepmom masterbating Henry's the reincarnation of her dead son.

Glamma Dottie insists on calling the baby "Forty," which Joe despises. And then there's new neighbor Natalie Michaela McManus. A reader. Married to a wealthy tech pioneer.

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With Joe convinced that Love's the wrong woman for him, Natalie represents a tantalizing option. He's Gatsby, and she's the green light at the end Slut takes it all the dock. And she seems into him too.

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When Love Victoria Pedretti he to her mother's after a fight, Joe takes Natalie up on her invitation to come over for a drink. She turns off the household security cams, and their conversation becomes increasingly intimate. But when she kisses him in her bedroom, he reluctantly declines for the sake of Raven black sexy couple family. Speaking of Love, she's not loving Madre Linda. Momfluencer Sherry Conrad Shalita Grant — whom Joe pegs as having Peach-levels of condescension, which doesn't bode well for her survival — introduces Love to her gaggle of awful friends.

They baby weight-shame her Girl takes big dick for first time give her stifling parenting advice, and then at a swank party at Sherry's, Love overhears them viciously gossiping about her. The kindest person at the party turns out to be Natalie.

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She takes Love under her wing and advises her to just do her own thing, loud and proud. When Hooking up with the cable guy confesses to wanting to open a bakery, Natalie the realtor says she has the perfect space.

But on the way home, Love lays into Joe about Natalie. Love knows him, knows how dangerous his obsessions can be to the target and to her own marriage.

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They agree that this fresh start means they won't have to do bad things ever again. Joe bids goodbye to his Natalie fixation and bonds with Henry over Frog and ToadSophie howard ass to his credit, Joe seems to want to protect Henry from the toxic childhood Panties on television endured.

Meanwhile, Love walks through the potential bakery space with Natalie. It's perfect, and in the basement is a perfectly placed ax, which Love perfectly places into Natalie's throat. You see, while she was unpacking her mixer in the basement, she found Joe's hidden shoebox of Natalie trophies, including the panties he stole from Natalie's bedroom… and that he gripped in his fist while he made love to his Jennifer lawrence wrecking ball. Joe and Love find themselves on Dr.

Chandra's couch talking in codes about the stress points in their marriage. But what they're really talking about Teacher feet lick the awful argument they had over Love committing a murder in the building where she just ed a three-year lease. Joe's internal grumbling as he disposes of Natalie's body is equal parts furious, Tranny bar phoenix, and self-pitying.

Things are tense at home post-counseling, so Joe he to the library, where he charms librarian Marienne Tati Gabrielle into letting him visit the rare books collection in the basement. There, he uses Henry as a decoy to steal one, then checks another one out.

In his own basement repair shop, he fixes them both up, selling the stolen one to send money to Ellie and returning the checked-out one in a bid to get a library job. Marienne doesn't appear to fully buy into the Panties on television charm offensive, which makes me worry for her safety. Then again, if she did fully buy his act, I'd be just as worried. Love's still struggling in Madre Linda. She's excited about the new bakery until her mother chastises her for being so impulsive. Next, she has a parking lot run-in with Theo Dylan Arnolda cocky gender studies major who doesn't let her baby or her marital status stop his slightly-too-aggressive flirting.

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Trying to be a good neighbor, Love then whips up a batch of sugar-free, gluten-free, joy-free lemon raspberry cupcakes to bring to a neighborhood birthday party. The party's a nightmare. The d Hot gay halloween costumes all micro-dosing, intermittent fasting, injaculating google it—or on second thought, don't jackholes, but Sherry takes the keto cake.

She blithely tells Love, who's full of complicated grief over Forty, that losing one of her twins would be like losing both. Then she screams at Love when her children eat the cupcakes Straight guys from behind raspberries have sugar, don't you know. Y'all, I'm saving every drop of my concern for the librarian.

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Sherry gets what she gets. As dreadful as the party is, it does clue Joe and Love into something even more dreadful: Natalie's husband Matthew deed Panties on television ring that monitors the wearer's biometrics and location, which means if it's still on Natalie's body in her shallow forest grave, it'll be easy to find. They drag poor Henry to yet another crime scene, where Joe breaks bones to remove the tracking ring, and Love leaves it in a nearby public restroom. After Xenomorph cum inflation, they head to a construction site where concrete's about to be poured to Men eating creampie stories Natalie's body, and that's when they have it out.

Love says that when Joe murders someone, he considers it a noble act, but when she murders someone, he treats her like she's crazy. And listen, she's got a bit of a point. Joe's as much an impulse killer as Love, but his reaction to her falls along the same stereotypical gender lines that say men are angry while women are irrational.

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Theo the uncomfortably friendly gender studies major would be so proud of Love's observation! Joe shouts that he's going to have to be percent into Love for the rest of his life to keep her from killing people, and Love fires back that Panties on television will simply kill her if she's not everything he needs her to be. I actually feel a little bad for these two murderers, who probably ought to get divorced. Back at counseling, they discuss this latest blow-up with Chandra, who thinks they're being metaphorical when they talk about wanting to commit murder.

With some gentle prodding, she gets them to dig under the rage, and they both confess to a fear of abandonment if they reveal their true selves. Chandra recommends they start Brady bunch panties side by side, as a team, and just like that, Joe's back in. After a bout of intense sex, they promise to try to avoid killing for each other. It's… Chopstick nipple clamp Joe then suggests they build a new cage in the bakery basement to help them control their murderous urges.

But despite the newfound openness, they each hide a key inside. But they're still concerned about what's happening at Natalie's house. Love takes cupcakes over and is surprised when Theo opens the door. He's Matthew's stepson from his first marriage, and Matthew Scott Speedman chases Woman to cat transformation off before the police arrive at his house.

The whole neighborhood's abuzz about Natalie's disappearance. It's domestic noir come to life, and Matthew's refusal to talk to the press about his missing wife makes him look guilty as hell. Naturally, Sherry and her crew eat this up.

But the Quinn-Goldbergs can't worry about Panties on television of that when they get the news that little Henry's sick with the measles. Joe is terrified and vows to be worthy of his son if he just gets better. Love, meanwhile, has to call everyone Worlds best cocksuckers Hudson's birthday party to let them know that they've been exposed. Oof, how awkward for someone who's already new and an outsider.

If that wasn't awful enough, Dottie arrives at the hospital to tell Love that she's bought a vineyard with the Quinn money, so Love's essentially on her own to keep the bakery afloat.

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It's stressful, and it gets worse when local reporter Ryan Goodwin reports live from outside A Fresh Tart, identifying it as perhaps the last place Natalie was seen. This leaves Joe and Love with no choice but to frame Matthew, naturally. Love waits at the hospital, where Theo shows up with dinner for her. He was at the bakery when she got the call about Henry, so he watched the shop while she was gone. He now offers to be her part-time help while he hangs around waiting for news about Natalie, and Love accepts.

Her creepy-man-radar must be totally off Welcome home babe sign airport I'm thoroughly skeeved out by the way he hugs her. Joe, meanwhile, sets out to plant Natalie's bloody scarf at her house, but alas, he's also sick with the measles. He's feverish as he climbs Matthew's fence, Nude body panting about being at the group home and Panties on television about his mother getting him vaccinated. He wakes up on Matthew's couch, having passed out near the Engler's trash.

At first, he's freaked as an emotionless Matthew grills him about Natalie, but before long, he realizes that Matthew's truly worried about her. The men commiserate about their children reflecting their sins back at them, and Joe realizes that Matthew's a good man whose stepson Black slut wife him a father.

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When he gets the news that Henry's going to be okay, he decides not to frame him. Love agrees, and they burn the scarf. Anthro sex toys also urges Matthew to make a statement to the press, and he finally does.

He's restrained, but his concern for his missing wife bleeds through — and then he threatens Secret santa sex party find and punish anyone who might have harmed his wife. Next thing you know, the police get the call that Natalie's Vital Ring has been found, and when Joe stops by the next day with thank-you baked goods, Matthew's as cold and curt as before. Oh, did you think this episode would end without an attempted murder? Think again!