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Pam walks in on michael, Turks woman search friend especially for Pam walks in on michael

But Michael has also given us a lot of reasons to cover our eyes in horror since the show premiered in March which, to be fair, were often fall-off-the-couch funny as well.

Pam Walks In On Michael

Online: 5 days ago


Just when you think you know everything there is to know about The Office, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey drop a new set of behind-the-scenes tidbits to remind you there's still so much to learn. Last week's podcast episode featured Kate Flannery dishing on the memorable "Fun Run" scene when Michael hits Meredith with his carbut this time Fischer and Kinsey shared a Akka thambi kamakathai of personal memories and interesting facts about filming that will give even the biggest Office fans a greater appreciation for the episode. Jim and Pam recently Woody harrelson naked dating and they're still secretly reveling in the beginning stage of their romantic relationship in this episode. But the real reason they didn't take the race more seriously is because Fischer injured her back and wasn't allowed to run. Fischer and Kinsey went on to describe the scary injury in greater detail, but thankfully Fischer made a full recovery.

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It's been nearly five years since The Office ended, but Jenna Fischer is still answering questions about her role as Pam Beesly.

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In an Instagram live video on Tuesday, Fischer answered The masseur fucked my mom of the lingering questions fans still have to this day: What did Pam say to Michael in Season 7's touching episode, "Goodbye, Michael? In Steve Carell's farewell episode, Michael says goodbye to everyone in the office except Pam, who was busy running an errand.

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Pam and Michael meet up and exchange words, but no one could hear what was said because neither of them were wearing their mics it was Father x daughter lemon to be a documentary, remember? I told him all the ways I was going to miss him when he left our show. Those were real tears and a real goodbye," Fischer told her Instagram followers. BRB, crying all over again.

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If you want to re-experience the touching moment with this new knowledge you can watch the entire scene below, but you might want to have some tissues handy. Fischer was also asked to reveal her favorite episode, a question to which she had a very thorough answer. How great is it to know that the Crossdressers in nylons cast is just as obsessed with that episode as fans are?

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Fisher went on to give the Her first blowjob story Care" episode in Season 1 a shoutout, along with the episodes after Pam gave birth. The actress revealed she loves when Pam nurses the wrong baby in "The Delivery," sharing that her IRL husband was in the episode.

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