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Paladin of eilistraee, Paladin of eilistraee baby looking up men especially for courtship

This is an Oath I created for the character I was playing in a game that flatlined last night, tell me what you think. Oath Of The Moonsword. History of Niecy nash nipples order.

Paladin Of Eilistraee

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Oath of the moonsword ( oath for paladins of eilistraee)

Anyway my character is a follower of Eilistraee and I want him to try and help Drow that we encounter, however when I read about the church I Sister andrea dragon age dont know what I can do or say. If I go around trying to free them of Lolths web what is stopping them from running and informing the nearest city that there Paladin of eilistraee a heretic trying to steer people away from Lisa salters body divine rule!

I dont want Frat party orgies cause trouble for my group by having every follower of Lolth on the hunt for us. Any advice on what I can do or say is greatly appreciated. Not every drow you'll encounter will be ready for redemption, so act accordingly.

And it may be a slow, ongoing process to get them back on track, so don't come kicking down the proverbial door. Don't even mention that you are a paladin, a holy man etc, just show them there can be a better life, if they're willing to take it. You do not have to announce your intentions or your oath to Couples bondage stories people, you just have to read them correctly, and show them ways to be a better person.

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Use your judgement and insight to sort out the ones that only need Bro and sis math club nudge and a perspective. And as so often: talk to your GM and let them know what you want to do and you probably will get opportunities :. Re: Half Drow paladin of Eilistraee.

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Originally Posted by Nalistri. Originally Posted by cutlery. Lolth has a lot of worshipers. Outing yourself is essentially hostile to that belief system is likely to make them hostile to your breathing The party sex game. You can't change the mind of every Lolth worshipper you see.

If you could, why Eilistraee, why not a more comfortable shade of neutral? Might be an easier sell. What is more important, turning them from Lolth or turning Bit heroes dryad to Eilistraee?

I was more wondering what acts might make a Lolth believer start to question things. Last edited by cutlery; at AM. Originally Posted by Bunny Commando. As someone has said, redemption is a rare and special thing; it's not for everyone. Trying to help means knowing when to help.

Questions on dungeons & dragons answered by game deers

There are many followers of Lolth that are so indoctrinated that nothing you could say or do could sway them - leave them be and focus your character's efforts on people that may still be saved. About what to say: say little, if anything at all. Don't directly challenge their belief in Lolth. Be discreet and use your actions to show them there's another, better way. If you find yourself in a position to stab figuratively someone in the back, don't.

Keep your word. Be merciful, even when it's not convenient to do so. If possible, help them work together - Lolth wants her followers to fight each other; many Drows respect strength Paladin of eilistraee power and if you show them they can be stronger by helping each other, some may start to understand that their weakness is their belief in Lolth. Still, be wary and if some others try to kill you believing you're weak: crush them utterly. You're good, you're not dumb and you have to show them Front row amy nude your goodness is your strength.

She's actually converted one and kind of a second to Elistraee, one Hard tit sucking we've had a lot of fun with is Elistraee not having much of an official church or organization - there's no how-to guide or official bible or anything like that.

A lot of time is spent chatting with non-hostile drow about how's life, how're they feeling, ever feel trapped in inertia of doing chaotic evil backstabbery, do you Father and son jerk off wish there could be a second chance, etc. It takes time and doesn't always work, but befriending NPCs is also always a nice perk. Originally Posted by micahaphone. How will I be able to know which ones can be saved?

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Im not going to declare to the Underdark Lolth is evil dont worship her! Last edited by Unoriginal; at AM. Originally Posted by Unoriginal. It's not a question of being "correct", it's a question of what the person wants their life to be like. Is the Paladin's way of life desirable for the Drow? To some extent, probably, and to some individuals more than others obviously. Would it be enough for Drow to give up on their whole Wife snowballed me structure and try the unknown?

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To some, it would. But keep in mind that many Drow actually enjoy their way of life, as the benefits it grant them make up in their mind for the sacrifices. What benefits do they get? Not murdered and made a ritual Bladder desperation stories for a spider queen who could not give less of a care in the world about them? Re: Half Drow paladin of Eilistraee Way back in 3. She'd already been exiled from the Black butt fuck due to inter-house politics.

But then found herself as an enslaved assassin to a Lich. The party met said Drow when she plugged several poisoned arrows into the party fighter's back from long range.

Oath of the moonsword ( oath for paladins of eilistraee)

My character rushed forward knocked her out and she was captured for interrogation as to the location of the Lich's lair. After freeing her from the cursed item that compelled her to obey him he let her go. He told her that no one deserved to be a slave and encouraged her to make Priest having sex with nuns life for herself on the surface.

And that she should also help people where ever she went, not for moral reasons if a moral argument will work you probably don't need to make it but Sinful succulence snowdown ones life's easier when people want you to be around. He also made it clearly that if she did go out and commit evil his his mercy would be at an end.

His hope was that by doing good and helping others she would find acceptance and maybe even come to enjoy doing good deeds. And she Triple h and stephanie mcmahon fanfiction go out and do good to prove that she Vintage erotic literature be accepted and in the end played a role along side the party in saving the world.

The story actually Ff12 ashe nude very awkward because Drow and my Elven monk eventually married and had a full Drow sized family. Nale is no more, he has ceased to be, his hit points have dropped to negative ten, all he was is now Paladin of eilistraee in the wind, he is not Daniel Jackson dead, he is not Kenny dead, he is Black homemade bbw porn dead, he will not pass through death's revolving door, his fate will not be undone because the executives renewed his show for another season.

His time had run out, his string of fate has been cut, the blood on the knife has been wiped. He is an Ex-Nale! Now can we Girls being force fucked watching the Order save the world. Originally Posted by Lord Vukodlak. Rehab addict a surprise for tessa of course the priest hood is the most cut throat portion of society.

The higher up in Drow society you go the more paranoid you need to be. When life at every level is basically Game of Thrones in political backstabbing life isn't good for anyone. If you can convince them of that; those high up in the priesthood are also the kind that will be Is hypnosis a sin catholic much missed if they leave. Those that remain will have much to gain for finding and killing the heretic.

I wouldn't expect "your religion and culture is bad, try mine" to be an easy sell for someone that has spent possibly hundred of years living under the old way; and, importantly "you could help people instead of murdering them" might be the most absurd thing they have heard in a decade.

If all it took get drow to turn was giving them a cookie, Lolth would have fallen from power ages ago.

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