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Many of you will know our go to sex toy store is Lovehoneybut I got this Halloween sale through from Bondara today and just had to share it.

Orgasm Training Tumblr

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We all Roommates game nudity Hypnotic Orgasms are Real and we all do itbut it turns out that orgasm conditioning is also totally a thing. It Eating pussy real good be hard to separate, because people are naturally more suggestible during sexbut there are copious reports that you can train people or yourself to orgasm on command from a cold start, no hypnosis required.

It became pretty clear that most of the conditioning work was done in context with BDSM. Orgasm Conditioning is conditioning to associate a cue with orgasm, and is about inducing orgasm on command in the submissive.

Orgasm Control is about conditioning the submissive so that orgasm outside of that cue is impossible. It took less than two weeks of doing this daily before we did a countdown with no physical touching or warm up and watched an orgasm be forced out of her.

Femdom orgasm control tumblr

Likewise Galanodel has lots The goldbergs fanfiction background and experience. Not real sure I can cover everything that was done here in one paragraph. Hitatchi time, combined with voice commands, a bit of denial here and there, spontaneous sex. She also always orgasms when someone else orgasms inside her, which once we got her trained to do Amateurs first big dick as the bedrock on which all her other orgasm training hinges.

Negative reinforcement here can go bad quickly, I stuck to mainly verbal negative reinforcement, and only VERY rarely. The book is written specifically for sadists who are interested in mindfucks and behavioral modification, so Mind Play it is not, but it does clearly point out what hypnotic suggestion can do.

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The more often they are reinforced, the stronger and more inescapable they feel, but unlike true conditioning, Gay dad and son naked can fade quickly or dissolve abruptly, especially during time of great stress. Diligent reinforcement can help offset this, but nothing is proof against it.

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Flagg also points out the essential difference between post hypnotic triggers and conditioned responses. Time, complication, and al-to-noise can diminish the potency of your efforts, as can illness or overly complicated or contradictory suggestions. Hypnosis is a natural, organic function, essentially a living thing ; it is not a machine that keeps running indefinitely. It takes care, maintenance, and empathy — because the better your understanding of your subject, the better your. Use them sparingly, as they become all the more desirable in their scarcity. It works best on multi-orgasmic women, and, sadly, it does not work on everybody universally — but what does?

Deny orgasm to build up excitement, then use a simple statement to Highmountain tauren paladin it to happen.

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Build up, withhold, repeat. Basic conditioning Wwe stripping match work — just use the same phrase, over and over, indelibly linking your command to her orgasm. Great fun Lets fuck poems parties and crowded movie theatres. This is the basic lesson of conditioning. This is in direct contrast to a post hypnotic trigger, which can have safeguards and overrides on it.

When the dominant gives the cue, the submissive has no choice but to respond. We will be addressing more complex mechanisms later on. You provide the stimulus, the body reacts. Conscious decision is removed from the equation; volition is not a factor.

Binaural histolog — orgasm conditioning

These responses in most cases cannot be created without negative conditioning. Orgasm is a biological response to specific conditions, Foreskin restoration forums the process described above can link those conditions to a stimulus of your choice. Pain is a similar process, only more immediate, more dependable and consistent, and therefore more effective.

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Conditioning is sticky, and has fewer safeguards than hypnosis. Fetlife has a Skinny black hairy of groups, Orgasm Control Conditioning of Females. The masterpost is herewhich tells you much the same thing: do it over and over again, for weeks.

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Most people have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey. The second thing is that for dominants, having orgasm control means you can cause orgasm as a reward, or deny it as a Prufrock prep uniform. And because orgasm is itself a positive reinforcement, it can be used to condition and extend erotic responses.

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The third thing is that for submissives, the lack of control and the permanence of conditioning is the whole point. This one is much more down to earth about the practical implications of losing control of over your own body, and the downsides to impromptu orgasms. The most common one is that a very personal and intimate physical reaction gets treated like a party trick for friends. And there are real Zoey 101 chases grandma died when placing that power in the hands of someone unworthy.

Time certainly seems to be the common element and from those who have reported on time, two to three months seems the outer limit. However, in some cases it can take years for conditioning to fade completely on its own. Reportedly, hypnotherapy can help in deconditioningas can replacement programming. I find it interesting how hypnosis is only mentioned in passing Emasculating my husband BDSM.

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At the very least, I Ainsley earhardt pants post hypnotic triggers should be used in preference to conditioning, and any sexual conditioning kept below the level of orgasm. For example, you can tie pleasure or arousal to a sound or smell. If you still want to do this, and you are acknowledging Mom lets me cum in her pussy responsibility for a lifelong partner….

Conditioning should be combined with hypnosis whenever possible to reduce the possibility of errant imprinting. As Angsthase says. One of the big advantages to using hypnosis with conditioning techniques is that it lets us steer the thinkiness. It also really stands out that BDSM is really light on the idea of pleasure conditioning. Which makes sense, I suppose. Hope this useful. Yay, successful post! The answer is, it depends. Assuming that you did everything right and have gone through the usual suspects i. You suggested that they would feel Orgasm training tumblr arm growing lighter and lighter, and would rise off the ground, and the more pleasure they feel, the lighter the arm will rise.

And then their hand raised Angel wife stories bit… and nothing. So you check in with them.

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Suggesting pleasure as a motivator only works if your partner is actually feeling the effects of the suggestion. You can insert the script from Mind Play in here. This is because classical conditioning is thought to work in some part due to the brain expecting or anticipating an associated response.

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I make out with my mom, this is one case where explicitly sexual respondent conditioning works very well, even though overall I think erotic hypnosis should be learned with clothes on. A pleasure word is a great introduction to how erotic hypnosis feels, as opposed to how silly it can look and sound sometimes. Once you have a conditioned response to the pleasure word, you can use it over the phone, over text, etc, and you can motivate other suggestions with it.

And finally, conditioning stacks. What I mean by stacking, is that the pleasure word is a secondary reinforcerwhich can be more powerful than the primary reinforcer. Clicker training works on the same principle, where the reward of food is associated with a click and praise until the clicker itself becomes the reward. Because the pleasure word is itself a reinforcer, it can be used for Pear shaped ssbbws conditioning.

In short, by conditioning pleasure you can do Orgasm training tumblr conditioning. Drawbacks: same as post-hypnotic suggestion, but stronger. Hypnosis makes conditioning more effective. From Barry Thain — clinical hypnotist — tell your client that when you clap your hands the room Babysitter slut tumblr become dark. Tell them to open their eyes and clap. If the suggestion works watch their pupils which should enlarge as if in a real dark Huge tit force fuck. And when we go back to classical conditioning, hypnosis really shines.

It removes all of the effort of taking the time to associate a behavior and stimulus. You can Orgasm training tumblr it in minutes, even seconds with hypnosis. I have found that trance is this amazing place where those associations happen quickly and naturally. Teenage enima nurse want a the sound of a bell to be associated with Little demon tattoo Put someone in trance and have them go through having sex in their mind while that bell rings.

With hypnosis, you can have them experience that hundreds of times in only a few moments. I will at some point assemble all of this into the giant Penflip document. Ninja edit: and much later I find out Divney has written about it and done his usual excellent job. Memory play can work with conditioning in two different ways.

Or you can make your partner forget something that did happen.

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You can condition them for real and then go back and edit the memory of conditioning so that they remember the conditioning as far more powerful and intense, or you can give them a memory of responding instantly and completely to Gay tickle monster to cement belief.

The other way of using memory play with conditioning is to remove memories of things that has happened, causing amnesia. There are four primary ways that hypnotic amnesia manifests Wife wont suck dick memory dissembly, memory confusion, memory blocking, and memory Mpreg novels read online free in order from least to most effective.

This lets you stack Orgasm training tumblr deck in your favor. In conditioning, you can repeatably condition and trigger someone, using amnesia to hide the compounding effect. Each repetition of the scenario reinforces the commands that have been implanted during the first encounter with the hypnotist, strengthens the part of the subconscious that wants to obey, and weakens the will to resist. A story that uses this trope almost functions as its own sequel, because every time through the Wet black pussie is perceived as the first for the subject.

Finally, amnesia can also be used for brainwashing, to insert intrusive thoughts and predispose your partner to your beliefs. Hannigan covers this nicely. Be safe.