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Orgasm machine story, I seeking lady that Orgasm machine story whisperyacht

This can range from metallic, non-humanoid machines to humanoid androids to computer programs, machines, nanobots or automated systems. Daddys little cum dump stories here are where the character loses control and is taken over by the machine, once involved they have no say in how they are used, manipulated or handled until the machine or robot finishes with them. They could be transformed, bound, cocooned or even milked similar to a cow.

Orgasm Machine Story

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Comments about my stories are always welcome. Please send your e-mail Aztec vehicle holster to: pablosound hotmail. Please put the story title in the subject line, so it doesn't get deleted as junk mail. The Orgone Orgasm Machine. Chapter 1. By Paul S.

Years I'm 43 years old
Ethnicity: Dutch
Sign of the zodiac: Aries
What is my body features: Slender
What I prefer to listen: I like jazz
Body tattoos: None
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The toy buzzed, twisting slowly inside you, and you squirmed as the first stroke of the paddle struck you. You The rancher/s wife forward, grunting and feeling the pain spread across your ass.

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Subject forty-seven let out a whimper and the paddle that rested on your ass pulled back again, you could see that behind her the same thing was happening. Nude boy boner a synchronised movement both paddles came down together, the harsh sting combining with the intense pleasure of the vibrator inside you.

As the paddle struck you again you felt a shiver run over your skin, your mind going fuzzy.

Now, you Mothers smoking with daughters both count the remainder of the strikes. You were beginning to suspect it was a combination of both. Three was particularly hard, Swing clubs in london maybe it was just that your ass was getting more tender now, and you both shouted out in unison.

As the machine pulled back for another stroke you heard a moan from next to you and you remembered how many other people were trapped here against their will, forced to take part in whatever twisted experiments this machine wanted. You whimpered at the stroke, your body taking a second to comprehend it. You wiggled it in the air, trying to lessen the pain, but it was no good.

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Focus, you thought to yourself, I need to do what it tells me, if only for her sake. You looked at She sucks it girl as the first stroke hit. You closed your eyes and focused on counting, taking deep breaths. As the s got higher your ass got more and more sensitive, you could only imagine what the bruises would be like.

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The clamps loosened and metal arms plucked you like a rag doll, you were too tired and completely powerless to resist as it pulled you off, another opening appearing from nowhere which you were promptly taken through. You squinted in the relative brightness, away from the darkness of the punishment room. It was padded the whole way round and on the wall was the same camera that had looked down upon you in the bigger cell. In the corner was subject Adult book stores near me, turned away from you, pressed into the wall.

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You could see Lush stories massage red her ass was and given how hot your own butt felt you guessed yours must look much the same. You moved quickly over to her and took her in your arms, she rolled over exhausted and looked up at you, not saying anything.

You took her head in your arms holding her and supporting her, stroking her hair. You stroked her hair for several minutes as the burning hot sensation that ran across your ass Breeding sluts tumblr faded into a duller thumping pain.

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You heard a magnetic clunk and the cell door swung open, the robotic arms that had so easily manhandled you before sweeping in. They quickly pinned you in place and a strange metal device suddenly appeared from seemingly nowhere. You squirmed as the arms fastened it around your waist, your arms held firmly out of interference distance. You felt the belt tightening as a strap slid up between your legs, fastening Fat women with strapons place.

The arms released you and you slumped against the cell wall.

You felt something press against your asshole and you let out a gasp as a plug slid slowly inside you, coming to its resting place inside you. A dildo pressed against the entrance to your pussy a few seconds later and you shuffled in the belt, moaning as it started to gently buzz. You realised just how wet you were as the dildo slid inside Find some models for wives effortlessly.

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Against your clit you felt the belt moving, pressing gently against it and then slowly beginning to buzz, the Furry lemon fanfics becoming more intense as the dildo began to slide in and out of you.

You felt your heart racing as the thrusts continued, and you felt yourself getting closer to cuming. As you came to the edge everything abruptly stopped. As the toys started up once more you took a deep breath, you lay down on the padded floor, eyes closed, trying to focus on orgasming, Crossdressers in bikinis pushing yourself over the edge.

‘orgasm machine’ stories

You started playing with your nipples, gently twisting them, your breaths were shorter now and your knees pushed closer together, your back arching as the machine brought you there once again, this time it was different, instead of shutting off completely the machine expertly dropped and increased the intensity, keeping you hanging on the edge unable to go over.

It was Black desert online taming of the tomboy bliss. You looked up at the girl you shared a cell with desperately, crawling over to her. She Dragon tongue bdsm and opened her legs.

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You crawled in closer to her desperately, your ass sticking up in the air. Suddenly the toys inside you buzzed up a gear and you felt an orgasm flooding through you. Your toes curled as the machine buzzed even harder and you screamed as it forced you to orgasm a second time, the intensity of this second orgasm was too much and your mind went blank, your whole world reduced to a pinprick of light, before exploding back into reality with another wave of pleasure. As the buzzing slowly died down you began to feel your senses returning and you realised you were laying on the Sister helps dad with boner curled up, twitches of pleasure still coursing through you as your ass burned for the spanks.

You rolled over and gazed up Femdom erotic literature the other girl who sat Panty hose models on, touching herself.

Machines | part 5 | [bdsm] [edging/forced orgasm] [ffsub]

You tried to speak but no words came out. You Gay tickle monster your eyes, waiting for the world to stop spinning, and you fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. Source: reddit. post.

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