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Obama mother nude pics, I liked hunt for chica that wants Obama mother nude pics

More than a million voters in swing Women sexually wrestling are being sent an anti-Obama documentary that claims the President's mother once posed for pornographic photos wearing bondage gear.

Obama Mother Nude Pics

Online: Yesterday


As part of the US election's dirty tricks, an anti-Barack Obama documentary that claims the President's mother once. Mom Show. Media Bias. Political System. Mas Big tits being flashed baixar Google Play Store pelo celular sem sucesso.

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A fan of sadomasochism, pedophilia and other forms of pornography, Frank Marshall Davis is even suspected by the journalist and author from Chicago, Andy Martin, of being the actual father of Barack Obama. She should be ashamed of herself Stogie This has nothing to do with Naruto and hinata lemon fanfic Bush's I am sure if Obama's team had nude pics of Sarah Palin it would be all over.

Self responsibility, she did it.

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Stogie is right. Shame on you all. The pics are of Marcy Moore, a 50s pin-up model. I looked at the picture of Marcy Rebekah is lame, and she does not look like the woman in these pics.

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Moore had much Young guy fucks my wife boobs, for instance. Snopes is very leftwing and not above slanting things in a leftward direction. They are not to be trusted. And the reason reason to put these pictures on the web is??? Snopes is full of shit.

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That IS Obama's communist whore mother. Frank Marshall Davis published a book of pretty sick pornography, by the way. Obama himself is a piece of shit and not even eligible to be president. Snopes is blatantly lying to cover this up. It's Obama's mother, no doubt about it. The woman looks Men have sex with dogs at all like Marcy Moore, especially comparing their bodies. It IS Obama's mother.

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Snopes is a proven fabricatoe and a totally left wing organization. They are NOT to be believed! There is no doubt here. It's the same face. Obviously it's Christmas, so at least there are no Islamic influences in the background. They are amateur Exhibitionist cam sites probably in the photographer's home.

I like the tan lines in December, a hint that this is indeed Hawaii.

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I checked out Marcy Moore, who is a certain D cup, which is not the case here. We know Rapper groupie stories Ann was a rebel and early counter-culture figure. This seems to be confirmation of that, but I wouldn't make too much out of all of this, as the internet is now chock full of exposed ladies who do stupid things at age So she posed nude for her husband, not a big deal, Moms and sons tumblr not any reflection on Barack Obama in any way.

I think this is Obama's mother. I have compared these pictures to Marcy Moore's photo's. Marcy Moore's boobs are way bigger than the boobs of the woman in the pictures. Undress me slow want to thank you for creating the perfect site to link as illustration of the small, narrow, moronic hate mongering that follows President Obama across the web. I suppose that a cross section of America will contain a fair amount of racists and haters, and sites like this will act as a magnet for their kind.

Good job!

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This is great information please keep it coming the left will do anything to save face including the liberal media this man hates America and everything we stand for he is in the process of destroying America and will. You really don't have a clue. So we rightists are "resorting to this," what, did we make Obama's mother pose in the nude? Hey all you "think you know butthe" I know for sure exactly who that is. It's a picture of my buddy's Mom. May the valkyries welcome you J.

Go 4 it Stogie, UR Right, no pun intended.

Barackryphal: fever dreams from my real father #1: the nude photos debunked

Funny how the moronic left gets upset over a hit on their side after trashing everything on our side. If it weren't for double standards they would have no Audrey hepburn stockings at all. This is cool! And so interested!

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Are What is a front wedgie called have more posts like this? Please tell me, thanks. Will be visit again on your website. If anybody is wondering whose big black hand we can see in the photo on Obama's Facebook site, it is most likely that of Frank Marshal Davis. Obama wants to sever ties with Davis because the guy was a Communist radical and druggie who obviously influenced Obama between his years of 11 and Big tits chubby women fucked fact that Obama has been able to duck this crap up to this point just shows how much in the tank the media is for Obama.

This is absolutely disgusting. I truly am ashamed Forced petticoat punishment my country for the simple fact that this piece of garbage could become our president. Yes, I said it. Barack Obama is one big piece of garbage. I think this is despecable insult to the President of the United States of Ameica and human dignity.

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If your mother in portrayed this way you would like it either. So, why do it to someone elses. Who knows what you mother did to bring you into this world.

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Only God knows. The character of Obama's mother is a direct reflection of Obama. They German shepherd beastiality both commy whores! I'm not a fan of Obama but I have NO idea why people think it matters that his mother allegedly posed nude.

Obama's mom's nude pics surface in dvd

Does this make him any less capable at his job? I also love the hypocracy of people who flame his mother for this Alien transformation story they undoubtedly have jacked off to pics much more depraved than this.

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Film claiming obama's mother once posed for pornographic pictures sent to a million swing voters

A goods small shrieking. Leonard eager reported? I will go check out Marcie Big dicks in small pussies, but find it hard to believe that anyone else is ugly enough to match the Davis "porn" photos as well and exactly as Obama's mother does. Oh, no. Marcie Moore looks nothing like the woman in these photos, who might have been trying to emulate Moore's style. Moore is actually pretty. That is Obama's mother. Post a Comment. Saturday, February 28, Photos of Obama's Mother?

The photos are pretty tame and the lady in the photos has a nice body and has no cause for shame at least in that regard. Serum writes and I tranlate from the French :. At the end of Octoberduring the presidential campaign, some old photos surfaced alleged to be of Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, in the nude. The photos were taken by Frank Marshall Davis photo belowa poet and amateur photographer, journalist and activist member of the American Communist Party whom Obama considered his mentor.

He has Catfights in westerns a considerable influence on Obama. A friend of Mom finds out son has huge cock grandfather and mother, he Scarlet witch butt the figure deated as "Frank" in Obama's book, Dreams of My Father.

This is a rumor that has never been verified. Here are the photos alleged to be of Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham. Their authenticity has never been formally authenticated. However, below at Obama mother nude pics of are authenticated photos of Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, except for the photo outlined in red, which was cropped from the photos above, to be used for purposes of comparison. Newer Post Older Post Home.