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Nude Vacation Stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on My wife kicked me in the balls mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife Stacey and I were in desperate need of a relaxing, romantic vacation together. We both have very stressful jobs on Wall Street and haven't had a vacation away for a long time. Stacey left the decision making Nude vacation stories up to me as far as location, venue, flights and hotels.

I guess she just doesn't like taking the time to do the research, she says it's too much trouble and not worth Girls quick masturbation aggravation. She also loves to be surprised by my choices and is always pleased with any destination I choose.

I decided this vacation I'd do something very out of character for us and book a week at a nude resort in Cancun, Mexico. Stacey and I have always enjoyed having sex in places where there was a possibility of being seen by others. I guess you could say we're exhibitionists, but we definitely don't consider ourselves to be swingers as we've never had sex with others during our marriage. We have enjoyed having sex on the beach, on hotel balconies and even Wife swap party tumblr a few parking Watching wife seduced. Once we were having sex in the car and both got out totally naked and I fucked her as she leaned What is dolcett the hood of our car.

I told Stacey about our vacation plans but left out the part about it being a nude resort. I wasn't quite sure if she would go along with the idea if I mentioned it before hand, so I only told her the destination.

‘nudist resort’ stories

At this point, I should describe Stacey and myself. My name is Rob, I'm 29 years old. Stacey considers me good looking and Force fucked wife I'm tall, dark and handsome. I dispute those claims but it's nice to be admired by your spouse. I stand 6 feet tall and weigh approximately pounds. I work out at least 3 times Brother sister incest adult-fanfiction week and am in pretty good shape, though definitely not a muscle man.

I'm confidant of my size in the penis department though, I'm about 8 inches long and neatly trimmed as Stacey prefers. Now, Stacey Sarah michelle gellar toes my princess. She's very petite and feminine, standing at just over 5 feet tall and weighing pounds soaking wet. She's 27 years old and recently died her hair red, a flaming red. I think she has a perfect body with natural 32C's, her nipples always at attention.

Stacey is a real head turner.

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She's completely smooth all over, including her pubic area. I love her firm natural tits, the way they bounce when she walks.

sexual female Aniya

She Nude vacation stories always bra less when not working, she's so firm she really doesn't need one. She is absolutely gorgeous, stunning in my opinion. New York City sucks in February, so we figured it was the perfect time to get the hell out of town for a week. The weather was shitty, cold and snowy, and people were feeling the effects of cabin fever in anticipation of better weather and longer days.

In other words, everyone in our circle Cum in girls food friends and co-workers were moody and just plain unpleasant to be around. I scheduled our vacation to coincide with Valentine's Day, being the romantic guy Stacey claimed me to be. I had a reputation to uphold as she constantly bragged about me to her friends. If her friends only knew where we were about to go on vacation The big day arrived as we had our bags packed.

I called a taxi to drop us off at the airport to avoid the ridiculous cost of parking at LaGuardia. Everything went perfect as we checked our bags and passed through airport security.

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The lines weren't even long, a great start to our vacation. Male sex noises sound effects arrived at our gate with plenty of time to spare, boarding our plane right on time.

We were fortunate to have no weather related delays as it's very common in February. Our flight was a one stop flight, stopping in Atlanta. Again, everything was perfect as we were airborne on the second and final leg of our trip. I couldn't resist slipping my hand under her shirt and discretely massaging her tit. Stacey smiled as her hand started sliding up my leg.

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Luckily the guy sitting in the aisle was sleeping as I let her delicate fingers outline my cock is it grew to a semi erect Cheating spouse sex stories. Stacey took a peak at our neighbor in the aisle seat and slowly lowered my zipper.

Beach vacation

She then snaked her hand into my pants, caressing my growing erection. I continued massaging her breast as she covered my crotch with the sweater she had in her own lap. Stacey then freed my cock from my jeans as it sprung True foot tickling stories attention.

She stroked me slowly as to draw no attention as I was now pinching her erect nipples. I was so turned on, I knew I wouldn't last long and I'd surely make a mess of her cashmere sweater. My biggest fear was that our neighbor would wake up and notice or that a stewardess would notice. I was so fucking turned on at this point, my head was back, my eyes rolling back into my head. Just the thought of being caught had me ready to shoot my load.

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She continued stroking me as she pretended to rest her head in my lap. I could see her looking around to make sure the coast was clear and that our neighbor was still sleeping. All appeared well, she moved her sweater slightly to Young guy fucks my wife side, exposing my cock.

She immediately covered my cock with her mouth, totally engulfing me as she massaged my balls. She massaged True gloryhole stories base of my cock as her throat tickled the head of my cock making me unable to hold back.

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I exploded as I pushed upward, burying my cock deep down her throat. She gargled and continued milking my cum with her throat contracting the head of my cock as she slowly stroked, each spasm splashing her throat with my hot, gooey cum. She never released me until Erotic side boob drop had been milked from my pulsing cock, as it started to soften.

Stacey carefully Aneros vice amazon discretely covered my cock with her sweater as she looked into my eyes, licking her lips.

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Just then I noticed the guy next to us trying to hide his eyes behind his eyelids as he strained to not be noticed. This guy had seen the entire episode, I could tell as he squirmed to contain his erection.

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That made it even hotter as I whispered to Stacey. Wait until Illustrated tg stories see where we're staying," I said. Let's just say you'll have the freedom to do just about anything you like Gay surfer report I said with a smile. To that, I just got a funny look as we settled back in during our flight. Our neighbor in the aisle seat finally "woke up" and struck up a brief conversation, feeling out where we'd be staying in Cancun. I told him quietly without Stacey hearing and got a thumbs up from our friend.

Our flight landed, we waded through customs and found our transportation to the resort. On our way to the resort,Stacey noticed how friendly and outgoing the people were who ed us in the van. As we arrived at our destination and collected our luggage, we ed the line at the check in counter. The resort was beautiful with palm trees and fountains greeting us at Midnight texas succubus actress entrance. While we were Laurie dhue feet line a couple walked by, totally naked, and casually exited the rear of the building.

Stacey and I both stared in awe as they ed others outside at one of the three swimming pools at the resort. Most of the couples were nude. That doesn't mean we have to be naked too," I said trying to cover my tracks cautiously. Wow, I couldn't believe her reaction was so positive and accepting. I thought for sure Nude vacation stories be in deep shit until I Rikishi stinkface eric bischoff the chance to talk her into staying.

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Husband and wife mutual masterbation checked in and got the keys to our room. As we entered our room, we both stood in awe. The room was a suite, with everything a complete house would have, including a king size bed, complete kitchen, living room and even a hot tub on the balcony. We spent the next half hour unpacking quickly. Stacey was the first to change, Nude living stories the bathroom wearing the skimpiest bikini I've ever seen her wear.

It was a white string bikini, g-string back with tiny triangles covering very little of her perfect breasts. She was as close to being naked as possible while still wearing something. I decided to be a little more risque than I would ever dare anywhere other than a nude resort.

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I purchased a little square-cut bathing suit online. It was very small, Going braless to school fitting, with a pouch in the front to accentuate my equipment. As I came out of the bathroom, Stacey stared and smiled. We loaded a bag with sunscreen, towels, books and drinks and left the room, hurrying excitedly to the beach. The beach was only a few steps from the resort.