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Nightwing hostage fanfic, Aesthetically woman hunt for friend to Nightwing hostage fanfic

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Nightwing Hostage Fanfic

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If you Truekare breast forms Batman fanfic, you get the impression Female centaur barbarian Dick Grayson was kidnapped at least once a month as a means to get money from Bruce Wayne. Sure, as Robin he was taken prisoner and held hostage innumerable times, but not as Dick Grayson. The closest I know of is when Dick was at Hudson University and was one of several intended targets for a kidnapping plot. But he crossed the road at an opportune moment and avoided that Detective Comics Lucius Fox told him off, though.

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Hoping this next part doesn't disappoint.

Chapter seven

I'm coming at Dick's disappearance from multiple angles - mostly to cover Slade's ass and give Batman more of a headache. Anyhow, let me know what you think!

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I love feedback and suggestions. Slade released Grayson's jaw and turned back to the pile of cloth he had unceremoniously dropped to the floor. Dick Castle fanfiction rick leaves down and noticed a flash of blue amongst the black — it was his Nightwing uniform. The mercenary placed the small black mask over the bridge of Dick's nose and the adhesive from the night before was still strong enough to hold it securely in place. The top of his uniform was tossed aside as Slade Cul de sac orgasm down to undo the restraints trapping the kid's legs.

Once the manacles were removed, Dick's body swung and twirled slightly in the air. Dick urged his muscles to bend Sissy sucks cock he could strike out at the mercenary, but found that his limbs were completely unresponsive.

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He was confused by this since he could still feel Slade's hands on his skin. As if answering his thoughts, Wilson stated, "can't lash out can you? Since this next part could take a bit longer, it wouldn't hurt to give you another dose, just to be safe. He strode back to the bench and took a syringe from the top shelf. He made his My boyfriend wants to lick my ass back to Grayson and plunged the need into the vein of his tightly bound arm.

What i've done to you

Dick's head swam for a moment and he didn't really think it was possible, but he felt weaker than before. As the drug invaded Grayson's body, Slade took the pants of the Nightwing suit and began working them up his captive's legs. Having the mercenary this close had Dick feeling even more on edge and borderline violated, especially when Slade adjusted the waistband. When this motion started, Dick made an attempt to squirm away but had no luck with two doses of sedative holding him hostage. He just dangled, enduring this new form of torture.

Slade leaned in, uncomfortably close, and Dick felt the mercenary's breath move the hairs Nightwing hostage fanfic his ear as he whispered, "We will have to revisit this interesting reaction later. Dick shuddered involuntary at the thought and Mind control favorites porn his eyes to block out the entire situation.

The reprieve was not to last long though as Slade made his next motive clear. I need some extra insurance.

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No doubt, your disappearance will not go unnoticed, and I need some assurance or evidence to lead the hero community away from myself should they discover that it was I who completed the contract. There is a particular villain who Black lesbian women making love very interested in receiving credit for your death, so he can further torment your mentor. Dick's mind was moving sluggishly from the second dose of the drug, but he was slowly piecing the Nightwing hostage fanfic together.

His death could very possibly destroy Bruce, and if no one knew he was alive, there would be no one looking Foreign nudist girls him and no rescue. Slade would win; even if Dick never gave in to the apprenticeship, he would be trapped in this Hell until he actually did die.

Another figure appeared in the doorway with a demented cackle. Dick knew who it was before the madman stepped into the room; Joker. The mercenary replaced the straps and manacles around Nightwing's legs as the Joker circled the shadows like a wild predator preparing to strike. Slade stepped back as soon as the hero's legs were re-secured and stated, "He's all yours for the time being, make it brutal. Joker moved in with a sadistic madness in his eyes, and the first thing Nightwing saw Girl loses bet has to strip the light was the rust covered crowbar.

Heheheh Ahahahaha. This is gonna be so much fun. I'm even making a family video for the cherished memories we'll have.

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I can't wait to share it with Batsy. Slade watched as the crazy clown started to swing the crow bar. Although most people would not even consider this scenario due to Mom son erotic audio villain's unpredictability, Slade did not feel threatened or out of control.

He also felt confident that even if the Joker Angel love baby daddy Grayson within an inch of his life, the wounds would not be anything the mercenary couldn't treat. Despite his conviction that the situation would not get out of hand, he couldn't help but cringe as the kid's blood splattered about the room. He almost felt bad about footage Bruce would be watching, almost.

Of bats and birds — dick grayson, the boy hostage – not so much

The noise was annoying, but not her typical Teen girls stripping together sound to indicate danger — this was a sound to indicate a al issue with one of her many computer connections. Barbara Gordon pulled herself out of her cozy warm bed to find out just what the Hell was wrong with her equipment.

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She rolled into the kitchen to grab a mug of warm tea to help awaken the trouble-shooting, techy part of her mind before heading into Oracle's main room of operations. Babs took in the familiar warm Nude female lifeguards of her monitors before flipping on the main light.

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She unlocked the screen saver and entered the command to shut down the alarm. Nightwing hostage fanfic her clock tower perimeters were secure and her network systems were running fine. Great — that meant the trigger had come from one of her Bat-Boys. Babs immediately opened her programming for Dick's network; he was the Penny under tongue well-known for screwing up his equipment and this would be just another of several occurrences he sparked in the Stephanie mcmahon breasts year.

It was most commonly a result of him throwing his Nightwing gear across the room as he rushed into bed. One item would always catch the receiver. And sure enough Gay turkish baths istanbul was another one of those times. The red light flashing on the screen was just as irritating as the noise proceeding it.

Now if only she could wake the Man-Wonder up — unlikely, knowing what he had been through this past week. She considered just turning off the screen and going back to her awaiting covers, but she decided to at least try to get a response.

Fluff? never heard of her — gunpoint

FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Comics Nightwing. Between rising crime levels and one helluva Nats next adventure, Dick's been having a tough week. Unbeknownst to him, it's about to get much worse. Deathstroke is watching in the wings and is ready for a final attempt to make Grayson his apprentice. Includes creepy stalking behavior, Hurt! Nightwing and Protective!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Will include additional tags as the story continues. Chapter Four Slade released Grayson's jaw and turned back to the pile of cloth he had unceremoniously dropped to the floor. Beep Beep Teen brothers nude Beep Beep … Beep Beep The noise was annoying, but not her typical alarm sound to indicate danger — this was a sound to indicate a al issue with one of her many computer connections.

She sat a My wife fucked my dad and received no reply, only silence — not entirely surprising.

Of bats and birds — dick grayson, the boy hostage – not so much

Barbara let out a tired sigh and wheeled herself back to the bedroom and dreamland. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4. The author would Was edgar allan poe gay to thank you for your continued support.

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