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Fantastic Four Life Story 3 is in stores on Wednesday, and in this preview, Reed Richards gets served divorce papers by Sue Storm, who is currently shacked up under Good morning call fanfiction sea with Namor the Submariner. But while Reed, for all his elasticity, may not be able to compete with Namor's Imperius Sex Appeal, at least he can those papers and no longer be a cuck.

Namor And Sue Storm

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Every once and a while Richards and Sue's marriage seems to be on the rocks. There are many occasions where it hints she's going to pack her bags and move in with some other guy mostly Namor When their relationship breaks down Richard's buries his head in his books and gadgets, but Sue seems to want to find My husband needs a bra new house, a new man.

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Spoilers for Fantastic Four: Life Story 2 ahead!

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The Chubby fuckers tumblr issue details their origin as a team of scientists whose outer space mission goes terribly awry in the middle of the s. Hired by President Kennedy to build a spacecraft in the middle of the space race, the four decide to test it themselves. Their space expedition leaves them all changedwith superhuman abilities and the knowledge that there is something dangerous lurking in the vast darkness of space.

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While the Fantastic Four are thrust into the limelight and become poster children for American exceptionalism, their lives continue in their strange bodies and the '60s unfold around them. Beast rape stories Richards has become obsessed with preparing to fight against the threat that is Galactus, growing increasingly frustrated when his attempts are stymied at nearly every turn.

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The obsession, however, is not without consequences. Sue eventually finds a companion and partner in Namor, the half-human half-Atlantean anti-hero.

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Even in their initial meeting, he explicitly recognizes her value and importance as a woman, something that she desired to be seen and something that her own husband has frequently failed to recognize. Exactly how the relationship will continue, during the sometimes capitalistic and navel-gazing s Cheerleader nude selfie well as with the continued threat of Galactusremains to be seen.

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Certainly, expressing the belief that women are important feels like a fairly low bar, but it's a low bar that Namor got over, which is more than Young and old sex stories be said for Reed Richards. Additionally, there is something very sincere about the relationship between Sue Storm and Namor the Sub-Mariner and readers are very likely to be rooting for the couple to succeed.

Bug Norman is writer, Nude wives forum, and lover of popcorn television. A current ESL educator, she's answered phones, scrubbed toilets, worked as an intern on a film set, and now writes comic news for Screen Rant.

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She currently travels the world teaching English, and video chats with her elderly cat, McGonagall. By Bug Norman Published Jul 06, Share Share Tweet 0.

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