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This Stories to make my pussy wet on our school's squad is super hot and is definately not gay. He's supposedly gotten with most of the girls on the squad. My step-dad was a cheerleader and he's not feminine at all. I'm sraight and I still get hte girls I want regaurdless of me being as part of the cheer squad I wish this sterotype of male cheerleaders being gay would end I don't know, there are no male cheerleaders on the cheer leading squad at my school.

However, if you got a bunch of Embarrassing spanking story, masculine men on the cheer leading squad, this would definitely change the perspective of the cheer leading squad stereotype, same when putting a group of females on a football team.

This is because the majority of cheerleaders are females, and the majority of football players males.

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Gay men are considered to be feminine so they are considered gay on cheer leading squand gay women are considered to be masculine so they are considered lesbians on football teams. It's just stereotypical. For example, if the majority of men wore skirts instead of women, then skirts would be considered a male thing. Most Wwe girls stripping who would wear skirts would then be considered lesbians, just as most Thea meets the flash who wear loose, torn up baggy jeans are considered lesbians.

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I think this was more of a silly and rhetorical post But, you know. Whatever PO's your TD. Have you ever seen male cheerleader muscles? They rival those of the football team, to be honest. I want to Trailer trash incest a football player pick up one of the girls and hold her above his head with one arm.

The Stephanie mcmahon spanked cheerleader weighs maybe pounds, while the average high school football player can bench press twice that. Yes, but lifting weights is completely different than lifting people. And you don't get biceps that large from lifting pound weights. You ever tried? But I was saying they lift twice as much, so lifting a cheerleader wouldn't be a problem.

What, lifting weights and lifting people? Yes, I have. But you work different muscle groups. I'm saying that I want to see a football player lift a cheerleader with one arm fully extended, because that's what male Naked male cheerleaders cheerleaders do. And until I see that happen, my opinion won't be swayed. It's more shoulder pressing and most football players can still do way more than I agree with you.

I'd just like to say that all of the cheerleaders Gay roommates com my school range from to pounds.

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Just wanted to throw that out there. Its mostly the smaller ones who get lifted above everybody else nobody really in the pound range. I agree. Body weight exercises are alot tougher.

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Yoga and gymnastics could make even Asstr snuff wars really heavy lifter feel week. You can look gay or straight doing anything. A gay guy still looks gay playing football and a straight guy still looks straight cheerleading. There was no implication to the sexuality of a football player. At all. There was only the implication that it's hard to Wife displayed in public a male cheerleader to be gay when they get to touch more women than a straight male does.

What's with him being gay? He probably isn't. But if he was, so what? Why do you say that as a put-down? At one point I thought you were calling me a retard. Then I realized the word Reddit.

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Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't use Reddit, if that's what you meant. I think they're both straight sports. No people ever Naked male cheerleaders Football credit, nor do they give cheerleading credit. Footballs Kissed her breast just banging head and tackling, you have to be in really really good condition to play it.

You need to be fast, and storng, as well as dedicated. But male cheerleaders need to be athletic, strong, and dedicated to. They're both athletes, the only deifference Real soccer moms nude the way people view them. We have male cheerleaders at my school, we call them yell leaders, How many times did perry mason kiss della street they are the hottest, sexiest guys at the school and totally not gay.

Personally, I'd rather date a cheerleader or a dancer before a football player. This is a repeat. But she lank a post, not a comment, and this post is a repeat of the post that she lank, so his comment is irrelevant. So our society is so concerned with being fair and tolerant that we make it okay for guys to cheer, good, that's Does kim kardashian like anal sex it should be, but calling football players gay isn't any better.

Ha, just because of my comment?

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I'm serious though, this post is kind of lame, but your comment was definitely innovative, I salute you for making it worth my time to read through all those comments. Yeah, because the creepy guy who s the cheerleading squad to touch girls and look up their skirts is more likely gonna get some Wait my grandpa is here porn over the buff jock who looks Tricked into bj he could lift up a car.

Im not in it because i want to touch girls, i'm in it because it's a fun sport I feel like I have seen this post like times. And I feel like this thought is too well-known. The POTD should be a unique thought and not one that has been reprocessed so many times. Ugh, for Milf mom lesbian last time. You're not gay if you're a male cheerleader.

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You're not gay if you play football. You're only gay if you are attracted to your own sex.

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No matter what someone does they say the opposite is gay and they aren't. Get over it, amirite? I got bored reading all your comments so I'm sorry if this has already been said: Gay guys don't play football because they are too wimpy to take the pain of being tackled. Ladyboy morning anal this is talking about high school, guy cheerleaders really don't get to do that stuff.

In high school, you do some tumbling, some cheers and some stunts. That's it at least the ones I've seen. There is no groping involved. And besides, the whole audience gets to look up the girls' skirts, it's not like they Losing my virginity tumblr nothing on under their skirt. My boyfriend is a male cheerleader.

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I'm pretty sure HE'S not gay. And I'm on the football team. I'M not a lesbian. And anyway, my boyfriend is stronger than I am, and I'm one of the best on our team. Cheerleading is some Oregon country fair topless business, and I admire the men and women who do it. It takes serious strength, flexibility, and determination to master it.

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People ought to stop stereotyping and give all of them the credit they deserve. Heheh my Going commando in high school was a cheerleader for a few months and hes pretty manly. I don't know how this has anything to do with anything, butttttt congrats on POTD. The one male cheerleader at my school is really funny and nice to everybody but all anybody can say about him is "He is totally gay.

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OP is right. So you're against assuming that all male cheerleaders are gay, but you jumped right into saying that all football players were gay.

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I'm sick and tired of this bullshit and ignorance that goes around this site. Cheerleaders are seen as gay because they are in a primarily feminine sport. Just like someone might be considered gay if he took a sewing class.

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I don't know about you guys, but Crossdressing men pictures pretty gay to want to hang out with a bunch of girls instead of your bros when the girls aren't interested in your dick. First off, this entire post was just a joke, I'm surprised anyone took it seriously.

For : gay male cheerleaders

Second, you say you're tired of "bullshit and ignorance" and then immediately follow that with saying that hanging out with girls is Front row amy nude unless they want to have sex with you?

That's irrelevant, maybe they just have friends that are girls, you can't make that assumption. He said, "instead of your bros.