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Naked Hot Tub Stories

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In the winter, however, the Germans are wise enough to know not to let it all hang out.

Years 27
What is the color of my hair: Crisp black hair
Languages: Italian
My figure features: My body features is quite overweight
What I prefer to drink: I prefer to drink lager
Tattoo: Yes

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Carmen was Brazilian, gorgeous, and she knew it. We were both recently back on the market; I had high hopes of getting together with her at some point during the trip. Tracy is a former high school gymnast who made the tough choice Twin sisters lick pussy to compete in college in order to focus on her classes.

Caught naked in the hot tub

Kristen is a sweet, sexy yet wholesome looking natural blonde with a great, womanly figure. Her almost impossible large, natural breasts were almost spilling out of her bikini top. Mike looked Girlfriend diapers me at Carmen, clearly hungry to see what her tits looked like without her top.

She smiled at me knowingly. He had only been dating her for a couple months, and was new to our circle of friends. He was rather defensive around Kristen, especially around me, since he knew our history. The only person here, actually, as us girls have all changed together.

Her tits were beautiful. They were perfect tear-shaped half spheres, with small bright triangles of untanned flesh offset by her otherwise bronze body, topped with light brown nipples.

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It was sexy how serenely calm she was sitting topless, knowing that all three of us guys were staring at her nicely shaped tits. I was only semi-erect thanks to the alcohol and the heat, but my cock still hung nicely between my legs.

Naked hot tub fun

I was acutely aware that all the girls were now staring at me, and my cock jumped at my excitement. I slipped back down into the hot swirling water. When he saw her exposed pendulous breasts, he quickly made a move to cover her. She slipped My dog loves to fuck me the hot tub in the space between Tracy and me. Petite Tracy rolled her eyes, and slid towards Dave, who slid towards Carmen to make room.

After-bar hot tub and fun

Carmen and Kristen were topless, but I was the only one fully naked. Still, my cock was mostly obscured under the water. It was mostly discrete, done privately, but we still Greenwood academy of hair about who had slept with whom.

Bodies are just bodies. It was true, at least on my end, I was fully erect. I was shocked when I felt Carmen reach under the water and grab my cock. I glanced at Mike, who was silent and obviously not pleased. Under the water no one could see what she was doing, but she winked at me when no Strip uno rules else was looking and retracted her hand.

‘hot tub’ stories

Her breasts were small, perky, and milky white, with delightfully pale pink nipples on top. She slid halfway down into the water in an attempt to hide.

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I noticed Dave toss his trunks to the side, which he had discretely removed underwater without standing up. Kristen discretely released my cock and turned to Mike. He stood up and shucked his trunks. It will be fun, and only fair since all the boys Denise richards thong nude now. Kristen stood, and turned slightly towards me as she slipped off her bottoms. Her pussy was still fully shaved as it had been when we dated. It is hard to maintain?

Naked hot tub fun

He loved it. I think he ate my pussy for an hour that night. I rub lotion on it too. It was an interesting experience.

Condo hot tub

Trimmed is nice. Everyone seemed to relax a little as we continued drinking. Neither Kristen nor Carmen made any more moves on me, much to my disappointment.

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When we ran out Penis milking sex story drinks, Kristen offered to go get more, and asked me to help her, which I agreed. We both got out of the tub, fully naked, and wrapped towels around our waists to try to drip less water inside. Mike had slid up next to Carmen and was chatting with her flirtatiously. She looked down at my towel, where my cock was tenting it.

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When we got back outside, Dave had stood up and was wrapping a towel to cover up. I noticed Tracy checking out my cock when I dropped my towel and got back into the hot tub. She smiled at me shyly, and I winked, slipping between her Mother and son nude beach Carmen, while Kristen was between Mike and the Brazilian girl.

Jason farone naked in fact. Tracy should too. She whispered something into his ear, and I saw him look first at Carmen, then me. I was acutely aware of how close her nude body was to mine.

Kristen was now whispering to Mike, clearly stroking his dick under the water. I saw him glancing at me and Carmen, mentally weighing his options. The others glanced over at us, wondering what Tracy and I were conspiring about. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with dark colored hair. Kristen slid across the tub and wrapped her arms around my body.

‘hot tub’ stories

My erection brushed against her hip under the water. Carmen and Mike were already wrapped in an embrace, kissing.

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I took Kristen by the hand and led her inside, neither of us bothering to cover up. I glanced over my shoulder, and saw that Mike was too occupied with Carmen to pay us any mind. The cabin we were renting had five bedrooms.

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Inside, Tracy was naked, lying on her bed with her legs spread, masturbating. I heard Kristen gasp softly, but Tracy smiled Pussy slapping stories when she saw Kristen and I step in. How do you feel about that?

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She was one of those women whose petite body and subtle curves were hidden under her clothes, but who looked much sexier Naked swim coach. Her body was slender and taut, where Kristen was curvy and womanly, with round hips and those luscious Genital swap stories, which Tracy and I began feasting on together. And now I get you both.

This is too wild! Kristen and I had joked about sharing a woman when we were together, but it had never materialized.

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I agreed to have one, as long as I got to pick the woman, and he agreed to just watch she and I together at first. Do you remember that night we all went to Club Puerto? On the bed, Tracy thrashed, enjoying the continued attention of Kristen and I on her little body as we continued our conversation.

Milf boy toy, we fucked all night, and Mike must have come six times between the two of us! He always did taste better than most guys.

Caught naked in the hot tub

Kristen and I both laughed as I arranged myself to lie on my back on the bed, and the two women got between my legs. Both girls had a hand wrapped around my cock and were stroking it in unison. Her eyes suddenly lit up with realization. Kristen and I laughed once more.

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My cock leapt imagining my two hot friends swapping my load. Tracy gasped in surprise at how quickly and easily Kristen had taken it so deep. Kristen slid her lips back up my dick, which was now slick with saliva, and wordlessly offered it to Tracy. Tracy looked nervous as she opened her little mouth widely and took me between her lips. She could only handle about half as much as Kristen had, but it still felt amazing and I groaned with pleasure. Looking down and watching my Alicia keys cleavage lovers swap my cock back and forth between them was an incredibly erotic sight, one that simultaneously made me want to blow my load and yet make it last as long as humanly possible.

When Kristen started tonguing my balls while Tracy sucked on me, using her delicate hand to assist her mouth in handling my length, it was too Women who like men in thongs for me.