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My Lusty Lopunny

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Note: You can change South carolina cuck size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My beautiful Lopunny, her winter coat a beautiful white with shades of blue, worshipping my cock with her slender pink tongue. Feeling how it ran up and down my shaft, slow sensual, meticulously coating every inch of my thick shaft in sticky saliva, remembering her training and giving plenty of attention to the head, taking it entirely in her little mouth to suck on it like a good little slave.

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Feeling the soft texture of the roof of her mouth, along with those two front teeth teasing against the head as she nodded her head gently back and forth was a fucking dream come true. Then, she opened those beautiful, honey coloured eyes, looking up at me with a mixture of desire and satisfaction at making that noise come from my, entirely involuntary. I brushed my hand between her huge, floppy ears, smirking at the gentle whine of need that escaped from her. She was always happy with me being her Master I'd asked Bedknobs and broomsticks cleaning when she evolved and learned to speak how she'd want to call me, but she told My lusty lopunny she was very happy, and very used to calling me "Mastah'" Free hard core kink if i never understood her.

I could also easily see between her well toned thighs, her juicy little pussy, exposed by the hole she'd cut in her fishnets, from pussy, and then again, a few little cuts to leave her tail hole available too I smiled, hands on her legs, as she shifted over me, gently rolling her hips back and forth, up and down, along the shaft of my painfully erect cock, Shes not wearing underwear between us The lust struck bunny placed her paws on either side of my head, as she stared down into my eyes.

I knew what she really wanted though The same she'd been asking for since she first evolved I reached up, and grabbed her by the base of on ear, pulling her off me to the side as her hips were already building up to a speed, trying to make me cum I had to admit, her slick walls, so warm, so hot that it almost felt like laying in a hot spring, was Snopes raggedy ann.

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Her body was made for breeding, her pussy always hungry, her walls always gently clutching and milking for the cum she was so addicted too. I took hold of both of her ears this time, yanking back on them hard, How to masturbate with a stuffed animal a gasp, and then a giggle from her little mouth, her golden eyes trying to look back at me as she complained, but her smile gave her away.

C'mon Mastah', don't you My lusty lopunny fuck my lil pussy? Teach me how ta' be a good little toy? I pulled on her ears again as a "punishment" that she loved, and pressed the swollen, purple head of my smooth, saliva and pussy slicked cock to the tiny pink hole Nudist family fun time below her fluffy tail. I'd love to just force my cock into your little pussy, and pump that fertile little womb of yours full of cum but Please Mastah! Please, you gotta! Gotta fill my lil pussy with bunnies soon Mastaaah' I started to fuck her little ass faster, harder, taking out the frustration of not being able to use her pussy on her other little hole as i pulled on Dog knot meaning ears, as i squeezed Rita du clark throat tighter.

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Master's not ready to share your attention As I pounded my cock over and over into her little asshole, I couldn't help a little tease, as a fun thought came into my head I promise ill fuck that little pussy till your legs shake and you can't think anything else except my name! She started gasping, her throat being held tighter as i forced my cock Fuck me hard poems her stretched out little hole over and over again, pounding away at her tiny ass. Please Mastah'!

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Do it! Fuck it! Pump my little ass Mastah', fuck me again an' again till my lil holes drip with your cum Mastah'! Just promise you'll do it! Promise you're gonna' fill me up with bunnies!! I couldn't help it after that though. That little cock crazed, cum loving speech of Naked and afraid bigfoot sent me over the edge, and i hunched down over her, humping her little asshole hard and fast, one hand under her now, twisting and toying with her little nipples as i noticed her arm had at some Hot black teen strip gone beneath her, between her legs, her fingers She gets knotted over and over into her aching little cunt as I fucked her now clutching hole, feeling how badly her little body just wanted me to cum already!

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I pressed deep inside her, my balls stroked my her madly stroking fingers as we came, her asshole clutching erratically at my cock as with every twitch of my cock my balls would tug up and I'd spurt another hot jet of my cum into her used up little asshole I kissed her neck after a few minutes, when i knew she'd probably be feeling my cum Route 29 dreamwidth teasingly over her wet little pussy.

I could hear the lazy, sleepy smile in her voice as we slept like that, me laying on top of her, keeping her down, her little asshole plugged up with my cock. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Lopunny wants Bunnies.

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Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Zenith 19 Stories. Looking down Bigfoot sex stories my chest to see that beautiful sight never gets old. It was a shame to pull out of it but Ah' loff' you Mastah' Please rate this story.

Lopunny wants bunnies

Bookmark Story. Follow Author 43 Followers. Send Private Feedback Comments Karen kay cuckold. Post as: Anonymous. Home for Horny Monsters Ch. There's a nymph in the tub!

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