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My girlfriends thongs, Fatties woman My girlfriends thongs male to hardcore

My girlfriends thong Add To Favorites. This is how it looks when my girlfriend takes me sightseeing.

My Girlfriends Thongs

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So here it goes reddit. We've been dating for 2 years and she is 20 and I'm

What is my age 32
I prefer: Man
I like to listen: Rock
What is my hobbies: Drawing
Smoker: Yes

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So basically me and gf have been together for like 2 years now and i love her but i like am obsessed with her panties like smelling them Lesbians seducing younger keeping them till the smell goes away like i even love the smell of her ass too i just can't get enough. Share Facebook.

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Is it normal to smell my girlfriends panties? Add Opinion. Smell is a powerful sense, it affects taste and mood.

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I enjoy the scent of a woman, from her perfume to her box. If she isn't available for an in person sampling, a Cock expansion erotica of her undies quickly satisfies the craving for her fragrance.

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Is this still revelant? It is actually normal to enjoy the smell of her vagina. Her butt? Not so normal, no.

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I can think of a of people who admit to smelling their girl's underwear. It's normal but i can't stop Swinger lifestyle erotic stories of that one scene from white chicks where the guy sniffed the guys fake panties while examining the hotel room hahahha.

But I guess it's pretty normal haha.

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Sounds normal to me lol Everyone has their kinks, and this one seems like one of the normal ones. Its normal to get turned on by the smell of your girls vagina Pussy piercing stories vag area :.

BillieJean opinions shared on Relationships topic. I don't think it's weird for a guy to want to sniff a girls panties.

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I for one like wearing my bf's shirts and shorts to sleep in. Up Now! Related Questions.

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Show All. Smelly odor, girlfriend refuses to go to gynecologist? Is it normal for a girl's butthole to reek, even when it's clean?

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How does a healthy womans panties usually smell after a normal day? Sort Girls First Guys First. DivaMonae Guru.

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You tell me SaVes Explorer. Obsession per se is never a good thing.

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But generally the enjoyment of smelling a woman's worn panties is quite understandable. Its normal. Kinda of a turn on for me. Especially when he tries to steal them. It's unusual but at least you do it to your girlfriend and not random people.

I wouldn't say common but it is normative to some degree. It's not normal but if that's your thing then more power to you. You find her scent erotic. Alex97 Xper 5.

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It's normal but being obssessed of doing it, err. That's different! Is she a mermaid? I want it to be her natural smell.

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