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My girlfriend loves black dick, I'm My girlfriend loves black dick friend who loves swede

My gf has told me about getting bbc in the past and that she would love to fuck BBC Kiss of death costume the side…her stories and the thought of her coming home from a bbc pounding turn me on but im a little worried about entering this life style….

My Girlfriend Loves Black Dick

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My girlfriend wants some "chocolate".

Age I'm over fifty
Color of my iris: I’ve got misty gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What I like to listen: Classical
Hobbies: Roller-skating
I have tattoo: None

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I had a story that I wanted to share about me 37my gf 26and a black buddy 35 with a monster cock from college who came to L joe fanfic and stayed at our house last night and ended up in a wild night! A little background, he has a legit 11 inch dick with massive girth.

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He is a semi professional basketball player. We started out drinking at my house and waiting for Taking my sisters cherry girlfriends friends to show up. In the mean time, my friend, Jermaine was taking a shower and getting ready for the nights festivities.

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Her girlfriends decided they were gonna just meet us at the bar instead of predrinking with us before hand. My girlfriend, Sarah and I are sitting on the couch casually as Jermaine strolls out of the bathroom in only Sabitha babi stories white towel, with a massive bulge underneath that is easily visible. He stood there cause we were chatting about the game that was on TV and I had glanced over at Sarah who was trying to hide the fact that she was taking every opportunity that she could to check Naked men happy women this long rod that was bulging out under the towel and running half way down his long leg.

We are very open in our relationship but had never done any type of swinging or hooking up with others. When he got there, I could tell that Sarah was in awe of Sarah michelle gellar getting fucked huge dick without even seeing it.

My gf has had black cock and wants more….should i let her?

Followed by a nervous laugh. I said yes, he has a damn anaconda.

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Its about a foot long. He came back in the room and after A lot of hesitation at first and was making sure she was cool with it, which she was.

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He whipped it out and it damn near fell to the floor lol. She was in awe and I could tell by the Rough threesome porn in her eye that she instantly got horny as fuck! And she came repeatedly on my dick when we had sex, I could only imagine what she would do on this thing. She had on grey sweatpants with no underwear on, cause we were just chillen before going out…she was so wet that it was soaking through and I saw it after a while. I said you are soaked!!! Fill in the blank sex stories which she nervously smiled and nodde.

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I asked she if she wanted to grab it. She did and then started kind of felt around on it, commenting about how it was soft but firm and very heavy.

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Almost immediately after about 15 strokes, he started cumming everywhere this was a fantasy of his and he had never been with a white girl sexually so he was extremely turned on by my girlfriend who is a very Sexy brunette. He dropped a massive load all over her face and shirt that she had on, so I suggested that she take her shirt off. Her nipples grow about a half an inch when she gets really turned on and they were the longest I had Peeking up her dress seen them in our 3 years together.

My girlfriend discovers bbc ch. 01

Afterwards, Humor on xxx Cleaned it all upthen he went the slightest bit semi soft for a bit. Which she was acting like she wanted to anyway but wanted to make. This content appeared first on new sex story. I was so extremely turned on by this whole situation that I was ready to cum within about 2 minute. Of course.

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Now he had just came for the 3rd time in about a 15 minute span and she had gotten off twice while I was eating her Wife sucks the dog and she was sucking him off. I asked. We switch and almost instantly as he put it in, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she had the most insane orgasm that I have ever seen her have!

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Major turn on. Heavy panting and loud moaning that I thought she was having a seizure with only a few inches of his thick black anaconda in there.

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I was extremely aroused as she was sucking very hard because of how much he was filling her pussy with theby far, largest cock she had ever had inside of. Keep in mind, he had never been in a white pussy before so he started cumming like crazy withinStar slut fuck padme bet, 30 seconds and she forced him to cum inside her.

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She said when he was cumming that Ciri i prefer women throbbing was insane and that it made her start cumming all over his dick as well. From there he fucked her doggy style, her legs on his shoulderslegs behind her head and eventually got up the courage to ride that monster pole!

This went on for about an hour.

Extremely horny gf loves my big black cock so much

In all, she said she came 9 times She hulk fanfiction an hour and he ended up cumming 8 times in that time. I ended up busting 5 times as we would switch, but after following him directly up, my dick was not satisfying her near as much as him but i provided the lube as i came inside her a few more times to try to prevent soreness.

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It was one of the hottest experiences of my life. I have never seen her act like that or cum so hard that her eyes got stuck in the back of her head.

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On a side noteI have an above average dick that is 7. But this was an awesome experience that we both have talked Massage with cum but had no idea that it would go down tonight! Great night and we will def repeat. She said she is gonna tell some. View all posts by Popeyejones.

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Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat. Published by. Popeyejones View all posts by Popeyejones. post: Wife becomes black cock slut.

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