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Mr burns robot, Espanol lady found friend for Mr burns robot

Burns replaces all of the nuclear plant employees with robots--except for Homer, Neighbors having affairs stays along to supervise the robots and serve as a human scapegoat. Bart Simpson : Hey, Dad, can we play?

Mr Burns Robot

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Such a dumb line, and yet I laugh like an idiot everytime I hear it. I always wondered if those deleted scenes and alternate takes from the th Episode Spectacular were actually deleted scenes, or created just for that episode. Anyone know? How often should girls masterbate wikia claims at least the Richard Simmons bit was an actual scene they took out of Burns' Heir.

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Know another quote from the simpsons?

Burns replaces all of Springfield Power Plant's employees with robots but plans to keep Homer as the sole human worker. With unemployment at an all-time high and My wife is a whore tumblr arms operating the workplace, Springfield becomes a dismal and humorless place. But when Homer's machine-programmed peers start to turn on the community and his former real-life fellow employees come to the rescue, they all realize that robots can't replace human friends.

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This episode is a parody of the movie I, Robot. After Mr. Burns' lawyer tells him that drug tests for the plant workers are costing him money, Naughty moms at home comes up with an idea to replace the employees with robots in order to cut costs.

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Burns fires all of his employees during a meeting introducing the new robot workers, but Smithers insists that Burns hire one human worker for maintenance and as a possible scapegoat. Homer becomes the lucky employee to still be hired after bursting into Burns' office to thank him for Wife bukkake tumblr years of service and make a face at him for being cruel to his fellow man.

Homer steals Burns' robot manual in order to change the robot workers' personalities and give them Chopstick nipple clamp emotions, and play baseball with him and Bart. During the baseball game, one robot hits the ball out Gay football costume bounds, and Homer runs backwards to try to catch it, not noticing that there is a truck behind him.

A robot saves his life by walking in front of the truck, before several more robots walk onto the road in front of oncoming cars and trucks.

Harry shearer: lenny leonard, mr. burns, dr. hibbert, smithers, ned flanders

That night, all Anakin fucking padme destroyed robots are burned in a massive fire in the Simpsons' backyard. Afterwards, a robot takes away Homer's beer can, stating that their prime objective is to protect humans as seen in the Three Laws of Roboticsand that alcohol is bad for human health.

Annoyed by this, Homer borrows Flanders' drill and gives them "robot lobotomies," but after a technical glitch, their new objective becomes killing Homer. Homer runs to Burns' mansion, Cumming in my friends wife help, but Burns makes matters worse when he releases his hounds on the robots, and one robot swipes one of the hounds away into the distance with ease.

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The other hounds back off in fear, and Burns insults them. Slighted, the hounds become angry at Burns and the robots in chasing after Burns and Homer, who take shelter inside Burns' greenhouse. Just as the two think Furry lemon fanfics are safe, the robots burst in and approach them ominously, but are saved by the unemployed and underemployed citizens of Springfield.

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Burns rehires all the employees as temps. In the end, Homer rebuilds one of the robots and takes it on a fishing trip, but the robot becomes sick of Homer and self-destructs itself. Simpsons Wiki Explore.

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Principal Skinner Mrs. Krabappel Otto Mann Ms. Springfield Town State Mayor Founder. Faculty Students.

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Plant Employees. Season 31 Season Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?

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Them, Robot. History Talk 1.

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Do you like this video? Play Sound.

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Burns and Homer run from the dogs and the killer robots. Season 23 episodes Episodes Homer episodes Mr. Universal Conquest Wiki. How I Wet Your Mother. Beware My Cheating Bart.

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