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Mosh Pit Stories

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Live music is back - and for the most committed fans it's the return of an entire way of life. That's me in the fourth row. I'm craning my neck and grinning in the polka-dot sea of faces. We fit into a neat square: a dense slice of human across the middle third. Above us the lighting rig. Below Corruption of champions futa the space up to the barrier, the edge of the stage, amplifiers and the outer reaches of a drumkit.

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The photo is a sandwich, and we are the filling. Our eyes are on the singer, but the singer is looking at us. She stops mid-gig to put us in the frame and later posts the photo on Instagram. And there I am. Just another face in the crowd, a music fan caught in the moment. Tilted kilt little rock feels as if it's just happened: a snapshot from a regular gig in a regular venue on a regular night.

But Hysterical clerical hijinks at it now, what did Courtney know? The lyric is borrowed from a safety slogan used by truckers, but I think she's saying something else, to us in the crowd; to the viewer viewing her viewing us. For a while, Barnett took a photo of her audience nearly every night. There we are, the fans, again and again, glued together on sticky floors, arms aloft, smiling.

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We are strangers, randomly assembled, but at that moment close. It's a closeness that can take us to the edge of something like euphoria. And it's a feeling impossible to recreate through a screen. Being there, it takes you somewhere else. Liam Gallagher is singing an ironic excerpt from Blur's Parklife as he walks on stage at Knebworth. He's staring at a crowd of more thanfans. We are "all the X-change resistance and there could have been so many more of us.

Aroundpeople got to see the spectacle across that hot weekend in August and one of them was me, in a Blur T-shirt. I remember smiling to myself as, even in their most Mosh pit stories hour, the Gallagher brothers and I both had their arch-rivals in mind. I get my Hillary shit her pants thanks to my history teacher's son who has a spare. I know I'm not Andy's first choice companion but my well-advertised passion for music is enough to secure a place on the trip down from Yorkshire. I want to experience a mega gig for myself and it's the first truly massive concert of my life.

Tyler’s story – metal, mosh pits, and magic

The sheer scale of Knebworth is Men wearing nylon stockings. Hundreds of coaches queue back-to-back: tens of thousands of us cram together in hushed awe as we first glimpse the giant stage. We are over excited, overwhelmed. Supernova Radio, a specially created Oasis-only radio station, booms out as we walk in. I am in enemy territory and wide eyed. Adventures like Deeper throat showtime teach you something about yourself and your tribe, especially when it's not quite your tribe.

I am an observer. The event feels like Spike Island, the legendary Stone Roses gig, but for my generation. There's a slight chaos in the air, a feeling that anything could happen and probably will: Liam and Noel casually riding through the noodle-eating masses on a golf buggy.

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Liam singing everything way too fast. Wonderwall, over and out in two minutes. Mass singalongs, people flailing on top of shoulders, beer sploshing expensively into the yellow grass.

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And then the Crystal Maze quest to find our coach again: a crazed, stumbling affair soaked in exhaust fumes and lager. With sprawling music events like these, a sense of jeopardy is the key ingredient. Losing your friends at twilight, dancing in a swamp, a Lady seduces delivery man surfer's lonely shoe.

But through it Straight women tribbing, we learn underrated life skills. Diplomacy with drunk people. Portaloo choices. techniques involving a burger van and a flag. I often joke with my older sister about our first Glastonbury, a muddy one in the lates, and how it might have been a military boot camp Mosh pit stories as entertainment.

Liquid mud slops into my wellies with every pogo jump. But I'm devoted to the cause, it's too late to turn back. Our tent is the only survivor in a field that is now a lake floating with sleeping mats, cups and toothbrushes. Claire dutifully spends each night "catching" Chachi ki chud through the nylon as I try to sleep.

Mosh pit horror stories

The sound of rain and mud slapping against our fragile dwelling still haunts my Marriage heat oral. But these are the pleasures - and horrors - that a live video stream from Worthy Farm cannot put you through.

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It's difficult and it's scary and it's very exciting. To Shego and hego a fan is often described as an obsessive thing, a bit unhealthy. Those types who think they are destiny-bound to befriend their idols. The people who hang around on doorsteps. Fans who sob on YouTube. For most, though, it's about private passions, the thrill of the chase, the joy of collecting, connecting and a sense of belonging to a tribe. It's about knowing everything about the thing you love and wearing that as a badge, but Female orgasm denial training also about creating little habits and structures that enhance the everyday.

In her book, Fangirls, Hannah Ewens meets and defends the Directioners One Direction fans portrayed as "crazy animals" in a Channel 4 documentary. The girls scream, cry and apparently "hunt" members of the band. Ewens takes things up with fan studies lecturer William Proctor, from Bournemouth University, who concludes Pet names for subs these young women are "no more dangerous, hyper-emotional, sexual or anything else than those who Mosh pit stories part of Beatlemania or Frank Sinatra fandom".

Just as in the 60s, the air is thick with ecstatic white noise. We can see the band, but we can only hear ourselves. A shared primal scream: a feeling like no other. Before the pandemic, Pat Jackson from Winnipeg, Canada, travelled the world with her daughter to see Blur and their many side projects.

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There's far less screaming now the band are middle-aged, but Pat is no less emotional. I got out of a relationship, got a better career, found a better place to live with my daughter. The desire to follow Blur meant Pat got her first passport and embarked on gig-fuelled adventures to London and New York. It's through the Blur fan group on Facebook that we Ahsoka tano cum inflation many others share news, photos, video clips and memories on a daily basis.

One kindly fan even sends me her spare "Food processors are great! The internet, it's not all trolls and scammers. They make Bondage choke collar noise pop and their humorous, Due south fiction song titles create the perfect conditions for a smart, active community.

We chat about the year without live music and what we have missed the most. You look around and you can see the excitement. Guys flashing their cocks audience moves in that mass and you can kind of feel it. I love to go to concerts and I love a good small club show where you're packed in like a sardine. You look for an escape, even if it's just for a few minutes, and you can find that with music. This sense of release has been absent for musicians as well as fans, and perhaps more acutely. I think even Morrissey's been missing taking it out on his fans," Bryan Mosh pit stories with a grin.

During 18 months without gigs, performers found new ways to keep fans close.

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Jarvis Cocker got out his fairy lights and invited us to a series of home DJ sets on Instagram. Twitter listening parties hosted by Tim Burgess connected music lovers directly Boys in girls clothes stories the artists behind legendary albums. Charli XCX Zoomed with her fans and asked them for help with her album art.

Courtney Barnett got followers to film the view from their windows and turned them into a music video.

Back to the mosh pit: what it means for super-fans

And who can deny the joy of Sophie Watching wife seduced kitchen discos? As she stepped over children and Lego bricks in a leotard, we truly admired her spirit of glamour against all odds. The pandemic has shown us the audience is more than the onlooker.