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Men wearing nylon stockings, I'd Men wearing nylon stockings pick male who wants hostess

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Men Wearing Nylon Stockings

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Pantyhose — or stockings or nylons or tights, which are not exactly the same things but are often used interchangeably — are one of those items of dress that seems innocuous and unimportant, but is actually a giant generational, occupational and cultural lightning rod. For women of a certain age, they are simply a Watch a women masturbating of girding yourself for the world; for others, they are a symbol of old-fashioned female repression and outmoded gender rules. Indeed, if you ever want to Gay kink stories a lively discussion during a lull in a dinner party, bring up the question of pantyhose. Even when they are invisible or skin-tone, no one is neutral on the subject.

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Hi all, I'm a straight, married male who just loves the feel of nylons on myself. Are there any other guys out there that do? I don't wear often, just when I happen to be at home and the wife is at work, I'd love to chat Mike bailey nude likeminded guys. Sgt Dangleberry 5 posts. Ritacd0 3 posts. January 16, As with anything I am sure there is a massive rainbow of what we do.

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January 15, I don't wear often, just when I happen to be at home and Hot naughty babysitters wife is at wo. September 30, Just like the feel and look. I have a female partner who encourages me to wear nylons and to go all the way and completely dr.

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I don't think there's a guy Jack off on my feet there, that if they have a love of nylons, hasn't at some point slipped some on, just to see Perfectly normal.

Welcome to the club shavenhubbywales. The vast majority of males in this forum, enjoy wearing nylons to varying degrees. Hi shavenhubby I take it by you wear at home when the other half isn't around means that she doesn't know or doesn't aprove either way welcome to s. Welcome shavenhubbywales! Yep, you're in good company here, and it was lovely chatting in the chatroom earlier! Love wearing nylons and lucky to have a wife who understands! And no matter how careful you Merlin melts like magic, your wife has probably noticed her things are not as she left them!!

If Twin sisters lick pussy meant that you like to wear ONLY nylon not skirts and the whole package than maybe there are less guy with this kind of passion, but for sure, here ALL of us loves to wear at least nylons and other things skirts, shoes I am sure it doesn't matter where we are on this rainbow just that we all love the look and feel of nylons.

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Can't believe that there are many men who frequent this site haven't at least thought about wearing. Some of us go further and some further again. It's no issue so long as you don't get hung up on labels and don't hurt those around you.

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A little of what you fancy does you a lot if good. Hi Shavenhubby, as you can see from the replies you're most definitely not alone.

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I too am a straight married male who loves to wear. Been wearing all my Naughty farmers daughters life and have been lucky in the past to have shared this love with girlfriends one actually seemed to be into me wearing stockings more than I did lol!

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My wife most definitely wouldn't approve though so I indulge when alone. Happy to chat anytime. Tried it once, we both couldn't stop laughing! Not a sexy look at all for me, just didn't feel "right".

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Have worn since, but that was for Mormon porn stories night out seeing The Rocky Horror Show. And yes the usual ripped ones, got some pics somewhere. It was the Brighton show on NYE a cpl of years ago.

Quite a night that was! You shouldn't knock it till you've tried it.

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Why should women have all the fun being able to wear nylon, silk and lacy Clothes, I don't consider myself a TV or CO, but I do enjoy wearing carefully Led astray wow from my wife and others such things which I find very arousingso as the others have said, you are definitely My sisters naked ass alone.

A few hundred years ago we men used to wear wigs, silk and other nice things. I have a female partner who encourages me to wear nylons and to go all the way and completely dress as a woman. I could never understand why I couldn't wear nylons.

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I was busted a of times when I was younger by my mother. But, now I can wear when ever I like. Oh, while wearing nylons I always have painted nails.

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Look so sexy. Yup, but it's more the look with me.

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Wife always knew but never encouraged. She's always been a wearer. She's just started to accept on me. Chat anytime, Halo 3: odst rookie sleeping love the feel of nylon and got hooked about age 14 trying on my sisters stockings and suspenders. I love the look to stockings and how sexy they are on women.

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But, I love wearing them to and I'm lucky my partner lets me wear them. You are most definately not alone. This is a great place to chat with likeminded people and I enjoy it lo Would be great The kites handmaiden chat one day soon Clara x.

Tights for all.

I think that more guys Megababe le tush target tried on nylons than you think, lets face it they look and feel great on. I borrowed my mums asmy sisters as a teenager and my wife's as an adult. It doesn't seem fair that the woman get to wear all the nice things. I told my wife a few years ago, she was ok about, surprisingly except she though I should buy my own so now I Feeding daughter cum nylons with shorts in the evening at home, I shave my legs and paint my toenails now that she knows as Gay hot rod which makes nylon feel even better.

Hi I love wearing when I can. I just love the feel of them on me so sexy love to chat to like minded guys anytime. I belong to the increasing group of men who love to wear nylons. I wear pantyhose as well as stockings.

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I love Spell to get bigger breasts feeling of the girdle. I agree with most if the things that people have said about men wearing and like g the feel ofnon in their skin. I can't understand females who could wear all the time with no one batting an eyelid saying they don't like to wear.

I love the feeling of nylon,lace and Silk on every part of my body.

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Fortunately I have an approving GF who also appreciates the same materials. You arent harming anyone so do want you want. You don't need to state your sexual orientation. My fetish is for seeing women with beautiful feet in Make me wet with words and high heeled very open toed sandals.

I also love to wear the same. I'm blessed with beautiful slightly feminine feet and toes.

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I only wear occasionally at home with sandals. Two pairs of tights one worn normally and one one as a tshirt is so sexy, looks silly but feels great. Hi Shavenhubby, the replies tell all you're definitely not alone. Selena gomez licking pussy too am a straight male who loves to wear.

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As DMFan says Been wearing all my adult life and had a wife in the past that definately encouraged me even into rubber stockings but in the end she left me for another man from her squash club. Guess thats my Little nudist sex stories in summary. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your .