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Okay, I feel I should open this with the disclaimer that I've not played the Pre-Sequel or Tales from the Borderlands, so if there is information pertaining to the nature of Sirens in either Cum on girls feet these sources that contradicts what I have here, I sincerely apologise, I'm just working on what I have as of the Borderlands 2 DLC at the latest. Now then, without further ado, let's jump right in with the facts. As is obvious, each Siren has shown to possess a power no other human has, or other Siren for that matter.

Maya Siren Tattoo

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Use it wisely. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more deed and sold by independent artists. Find Maya The Siren-inspired gifts and merchandise printed on quality products one at a time in socially responsible ways.

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For me, the best overall homages to current culture are all from our lord and savior, Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington.

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The log in in that one was so on point, god. Man I love all these AUs, adding new people, changing the story, living in a different dimension.

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Everyone knows Back tickle games it's the fandoms that make games and shows relevant. And when it comes to BL3, the fandom is the only thing that matters. Asks and chat are still open, so totally drop in and say hello if you like there.

Maya the siren - arm tattoos

What characters did you like from Bl3, Tamil sex .com from the Twins and Wainwright? Like, new characters, not reused ones. I thought Balex was shite. Keep reading.

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Honestly, I think the one single thing that could have been done to fix so many of the plot issues is distance Tannis, Ava, and Lillith from the story. At the end of the day, the entire plot ended up revolving around them in one way or Swallowing female ejaculation, to the point where our characters were completely ignored.

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Every goal we reached was claimed by Tannis or Lillith or Ava, they had shoveled in development that Www foot sex com one really wanted and that ended up making very little sense or Mary Sue-ifying themand it detracted from what should have been focused on which were the Vault Hunters, familial bonds, The Twins, and over-arcing Siren Lore.

Those four things should have been the core of the BL3 plot, but in the end were almost completely shoved to the side.

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Each new character had a functional mini arc, even if just for comedy. The station felt well developed, each zone felt well deed and with the right amount Pints of cum npcs and mobs. An empty, poorly deed, massive planet filled with nothing but Maliwan troops for absolutely no reason, and native animals that were never used.

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Where was the Hammerlock quests to study these never before seen beasts? Remember finding that tiny abandoned house next to the Typhon log?

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Was that. Who knows.

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Posts Following Ask me anything Archive. Anonymous asked: Pls how do siren tattoos im doing a piece and im literally so terrified. Anonymous asked: Dr. Concept art BL3 Moxxi is.

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Do we. Anonymous asked: What characters did you like from Bl3, aside from the Twins and Wainwright? Gonner Maleggies. Can we talk about Gonner Maleggies. Am I proud of Moxxi? Hell yeah! Am I mad at the actual game for the missed potential, opportunities, and lack of some character development?

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No echo logs bar 2 in the vault, no content bar Typhon and a couple of throwaway quests. Never finished.

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Never given any actual content. I weep. Oh BL3. Asks are open! Will the disrespect ever end.

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