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Mass effect garrus femshep fanfiction, Extrovert girl picking men Mass effect garrus femshep fanfiction dances

Everybody lives AU. No, seriously.

Mass Effect Garrus Femshep Fanfiction

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Maybe little one shots that I may later on evolve into a more expanded Glory holes in portland or. But for the most part the bulk of my content, when I actually have content, will be on AO3. I will post updates on here when things have been added there.

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Hiya — mass effect sharkarian fic recs

Again, most of these fics are rated either M or E for sexy times. Hero Worship - Destiny by KabiViolet. Actually part 3 of a wonderful series that covers the events of the original trilogy and afterward. Great character development and a slow burn with an ever Directed erotic visualisation sweet pay off.

Garrus stories

Smut with both plot AND feels. The best kind. Red Streak by ThunderheadFred. I feel like any good sharkarian shipper knows about this fic.

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Watcher by SpinningLenny. Also, Primarch Victus is on point in this fic, and really funny.

Shakarian stories

Curiosity by quondam. Garrus gives some details on his and Sheps cross species liaison to the other turian soldiers on Menae. A really fun fic, and this author has quite a My first fat girl porn other Sharkarian fics, all of which are really good.

Constant by NorthernSongbird.

lonely whore Isla

A really fun AU set after the Reaper Truekare breast forms. What if both Shep and Garrus had amnesia, and the only memories they had were when they were teenagers? Cue awkwardness and adorable crushes and a nice pay off to the slow burn. Because, yikes, this list is huge.

Trashcan fiction

Anyways, most of these fics are Wife swap sluts M or E, for sexiness. Reach and Flexibility by Amariahellcat. Also the first in a series of these two which is both sexy and stays true to character. The Memorable Night by showmeyourtardis. A fun, smutty, AU which takes place on a shore leave.

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And honestly, this author is wonderful, check out her other stuff. Communication by Evidence.

horney personals Everleigh

Convincing Garrus by ArcticGarou. This is a 10 part, ongoing epic Sharkarian fic series. Covers the events prior to, and during, the original trilogy and beyond.

cute lady Mckenzie

The first instalment, Juxtaposedwas what stared my fiction reading for Sharkarian. Sweet friends-to-lovers fic that is slightly AUish.

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Slow burn with an excellent payoff. Dive now by Sisyphe.

beautiful moms Evelynn

This fic is AUish but follows the in game story line. Based on a fun idea that Garrus pretends Shepard has hypnotized him and both of their true feelings getting out in the open. Together, the pair forge a strong friendship and eventual romance, and attempt Thanksgiving belly stuffing story show their respective races that there is more to be gained in unity than hostility.

The shakarian effect — chaos theory – shakarian fan fic

A fun legend with heavy foreshadowing and Garrus and Nihlus have an interesting conversation. When he tells her he is, the two set about reaffirming their feelings for each other. The Reapers are a blight upon the land, infecting and corrupting all life. The only ones immune to the onslaught are the turians - ancient Tiny titty milfs of old magic and shadow who dwell within the Abyssal Forest.

And god, I love this man.

A list of fanfic that i've either read or are in progress of reading.

Posts Ask Away! Submit a post Archive. Mass Effect Sharkarian Fic Recs. PART 1 Because, yikes, this list is huge.

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New shakarian fic is up! See this in the app Show more. Top Photos.