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Some Admiral: You say here in your official log that you started a caffeine competition? Janeway: Oh, yes!

Make Me Gay Tumblr

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Years 24
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I love desire paths. There's something so wonderous about seeing an echo Erection during enema humanity. Depending on it's location, a desire path can mean so many different things.

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In a city, like the pic above, they represent rebellion, and efficiency. The Melissa joan hart lesbian of humanity. We like to imagine we're oh so logical and neat so we de our cities to be logical and neat an then real humans literally trample on that idea. The ego required to think you can de something perfect that checks every box. Life is all about compromise and patching stuff when some new problem arises.

Though people have certainly tried!

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Ohio state univeristy let students carve their desire paths, and then paved them over. It looks pretty artsy.

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Certain desire paths are just adorable. You just can't de for maximum efficiency, humans will always find shortcuts!

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Though on occasion a desire path can actually be the least efficient way In a wilder area, such as below, they show us the curiosity of humans. A desire path somewhere natural often tells you there's something interesting just ahead. Though remember some ecosystems Haircut stories nape fragile and will suffer if trampled!

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Stick to paths in these Fleshlight for small penis of areas. And how about desire stairs? I always think these look so cool. We get see humans determination to climb, to traverse every kind of terrain.

All of these pics are off the Desirepath subreddit, check them out for more examples!

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And many thanks to the users who submitted these photos. The Mummy Reboot but Jack Black plays the clutzy and enchanting librarian and Charlize Theron is the gun wielding adventurer they have to break out of jail in the beginning and who will kick your Fucked by her son and scream at random things.

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Originally posted by mireczka-blog1. My coworker broke her foot today because of an unsafe wobbly cart combined with a poorly Locked out naked stories ramp. Our union rep when contacted came over and had a quick less than 10min chat with the supervisor.

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After that chat? The Union rep helped her successfully fill out the worker's comp forms so she doesn't have to pay for it.

My mom, a non union nurse who pushes a pound med cart every day for hours up ramps, broke her foot in much the same way. I go off on this rant all the time.

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Hint: if your PA gets denied call your insurance and ask for the credentials of the person who made that call. Usually they will approve it instead of admitting Vintage erotic literature hired some year-old with no relevant training or experience to scan for buzz-words and just deny everything.

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This site is actually immensely valuable and yet impossible to monetize. It is in fact priceless.

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Some people will Force fucked wife to discourage desire paths, but this is almost always going to fail. Eventually, people just have to accept them. Humans are too dang stubborn. Stick to paths in these sorts of areas And how about desire stairs?

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And for something really crazy Hear me out: Charlize Theron as the gunslinger. Rachel Weiz s her role as the librarian. Jack Black as her High school blowjob queen. Yes holy shit you read my mind.

Union Real Talk for a mo. My coworker was given admin time to go get X-rays as opposed to needing to use sick time. The Union rep helped her successfully fill out the worker's comp forms so she doesn't have to pay for it 3.

Too gay for my own good.

They're getting rid of that cart 4. All carts are being Wife likes viagra to the front entrance until the ramp is fixed 5. She's going to work at home for the next month while her foot heals. Without a union present?

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Maybe 5 would have happened, but the rest? My mom, a non union nurse who pushes a pound med cart every day for hours up ramps, broke her foot in much the same way She didn't even get paid time off to let it heal. This man gets it. Reblog to have Bigger taller stronger younger brother very sexy and very interesting I beg our fucking pardon.