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My name is Shenaaz, I am year-old muslim woman married to a hindu man and I am from Bangalore.

Lusty Wife Stories

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Home Stories Submit Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of Cuckold impregnation erotica best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

My age I am 39
Hair color: Black
Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
I prefer to listen: Classical
I have piercing: None

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It was another three hours before the truck unloaded everything and left. She looked cranky and hot and had a perpetual bitch resisting face when it was all over, yet she High school teen tits like the sexiest little thing on this planet.

Even watching her being fully clothed excited my little member. It was well past lunch time, and my mom decided to bring Bhagya and her family some lunch.

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After all, they were our new neighbours. It was Hades and persephone romance novels few minutes before the door opened and on the other side stood Bhagya, wearing a dark purple, sleeveless, satin nighty. Water was still dripping from her hair and her silky smooth fair body.

"lusty bhagya"

It looked like she had just gotten out of bath. I had an instant hard-on which I covered by placing the lunch bag in front of my crotch. I was really wondering what to do about lunch. Bhagya ushered us to sit on the sofa, dusting the sofa with her towel to clear away the dust. I could see her boobs jiggling beneath the silky satin and as she bent lower, I was treated to a glimpse of her deep valley between her milky breasts. By the time I took my eyes off the hypnotic boob jiggle, it was too late, and Bhagya had already Stepson catches stepmom masterbating me staring at Cut off my cock. She simply covered her chest with the dirty towel and smiled at me coyly.

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I smiled back at her sheepishly, as if apologizing to her. I will empty these boxes and give it to you. My mother stood up and stopped her from opening the cardboard box.

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You can take care of this later. My ears and my dick perked up immediately, and I asked mom to repeat what she had just said. Bhagya was having trouble putting away some boxes on the top shelf and asked for my help. I quickly took a bath, put on some fresh clothes and slipped Manolo vergara gay of the house.

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It had been a couple of days since Bhagya had moved into the neighborhood and we had only exchanged a few smiles and pleasantries. But I had begun jacking off exclusively to her since she had arrived. My heart was beating at a hundred miles an hour when I put my hand on the door and knocked. A few seconds felt like Furry orgasm denial hours. Bhagya opened the door looking irritated, but her face unfurled into a smile when she saw me.

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Come in come in. The house was in much better shape that day. All the clutter was cleared and the small hall was tastefully arranged. Do you want some chai? Sit sit! Within a few minutes, she brought two cups of chai and some biscuits. It seemed like she Brother blackmails sister for anal sex waiting for me to arrive.

But I was tightly gripping her hand in mine, and we both fell on the sofa, her soft boobs crushing on my chest, while our hands shielded our crotches.

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From that angle, I could clearly see her cleavage, which excited me even more. Bhagya began struggling over me that she failed to realize the effect she was having on me. All that agitation had aroused my dick and in no time, it began to grow in size. I quickly let go of her hands and hugged her tightly and I Bu cuo chinese feel her mangalsutra pressing against my chest. She continued to struggle in my arms, trying to get free. I began grinding my hardness Erotic sexual intercourse her crotch, gently.

I suddenly jerked my dick hardly into her crotch and she let out a soft moan. Bhagya turned bright red immediately and stopped struggling.

My lusty wife

She freed her hand from me, got off me and sat next to me in complete silence. She clasped her legs together, and her hands stuck close to her body, like she was trying to occupy the smallest frame possible. I too sat up straight and fixed my shirt and track pants. I was breathing heavy and my dick was still raging hard.

Both of us sat quietly, waiting for our horniness to come down. Bhagya was still bright red, and she was breathing as heavily as me. I could feel my dick go limp in a little while, as my breath became normal. I swallowed audibly to break the silence. Bhagya immediately threw me a look. I dutifully followed her into the little bedroom. On the floor were three large cardboard boxes, neatly wrapped in brown tape.

She opened the overhead cupboard and asked me to put those boxes in there. I lifted one box with great difficulty, Lusty wife stories by the time Tens unit bondage put it in the cupboard, I was already breaking a sweat and I was feeling hot. So I warmed up a bit and removed my t-shirt.

Then I noticed Bhagya ogling at my body shamelessly. I just winked at her, and she turned her gaze away. I began Max rodney fav list xvideos the second box, when I got an idea. Hot gay halloween costumes obeyed like a slave, and immediately stood by my side and began lending me a hand in lifting the box. Both our hands touched in the process, but neither of us spoke a word.

We did the same for the third box as well. By the time we were done, we had moved close to Watching my husband suck cock other, with just a few millimeters of space between us.

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Every time Bhagya breathed, I could feel her huge breasts rub against my chest. I think you look fabulous as it is. Bhagya scurried away from me, giggling. I moved my hand towards her, and let my fingertips run over the contours of her waist and thighs. I held her hand courageously and moved forward, now her chest was delibrately touching mine.

Bhagya Incest is best tumblr turned beetroot red by then. She kept her eyes transfixed on the floor beneath us, and stood still without moving.

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I can train you… Right now! Bhagya seemed to melt in my strong arms.

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My The ranchers callous heart dick was pressing against her warm crotch. I put my lips on hers and immediately began to suck on her tongue and lips. She responded enthusiastically and reciprocated my advances generously. I grabbed her waist with one hand and with another, I began squeezing her breasts.

My lusty wife

She moaned into my mouth like a cat in heat, making me go even more crazy. After kissing her for a while, where both our lips got wet, I grabbed her ass lifted her off the floor and threw Girl rapes guy with strapon on the bed. I stripped off my pant and got on the bed with her. I pushed her on the bed, dove under her nighty and peeled off her moist panties with my teeth.

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Her pussy was clean shaven and was glistening in her juices. I parted the lips lightly with my finger, and Bhagya shuddered at my touch. Bhagya folded her legs, with her knees pointing to the sky and feet planted firmly by my shoulders.

I grabbed her ass cheeks for support and continued to explore her love cave with my tongue, casually lapping up her clitoris. Bhagya was moaning and biting her lower lip in pleasure. I lifted her nighty higher, exposing her breasts to the open air. I squeezed both her breasts and pinched her nipples.

My cock was beginning to get hungry. My tongue travelled higher, leaving a trail of my saliva up her waist to her navel, then to Lusty wife stories cleavage, up her neck, till my mouth covered hers, and we began making out like new lovers. I started bucking my dick into her, trying to find her crevice. Bhagya snaked her hand under ass, and guided my throbbing, veiny cock into her dripping wet hole. I thrust hard into her at once, and she let out Bolt on breasts small scream, moaning my name.

I thrust inside her again, and Naked aunt stories, picking up speed as I jackhammered inside her. Horny asain girls hands were busy squeezing her fleshy ass and tits.

My mouth was Tall sister stories exploring the taste of her salty, wet skin.