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Latex doll stories, Extrovert Latex doll stories hunt for men for lapdance

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Latex Doll Stories

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Jack was a regular kind Trans captions tumblr guy. He had a normal life as far as anyone knew. Dated from time to time, but nothing serious. Even lived in a nice apartment in a good part of town.

My age 41
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My hair: Dark-haired
I can speak: Russian
My body type: I'm strong
What is my favourite drink: Stout
My favourite music: Rap
Smoker: Yes

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The elevator doors slid open Wardrobe malfunction in school a desolate underground car park. Stanley exited the lift ready to face the drive home after a long night in the office.

He was a dead-end ant in his mid-to-late thirties. Stanley was a closeted homosexual and spent the majority of his time watching bizarre pornography at First time naturist stories by himself.

He dreamt of serving under a perfect Master, while he was used and abused like the toy he wished to be. Stanley also had a secret fascination with rubber sex dolls, and to be more precise, becoming one. His search history would confirm this.

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The wannabe sissy spent so much time masturbating to images and stories of Pussy boy talk reckless dolls — wishing to give up anything to make his dream a reality. Little did Stanley know his wish was about to be granted.

On the other side of the world, a German Master had his eye on Stanley for quite some time. Now comfortably retired, he could channel his millions into making his perverted ideas a reality.

Rubber doll jessica 1: the beginning

With his vast knowledge of computer systems, Master was easily able to single out Stanley due to Female horse tf bizarre search history online. Master had been tracking him for months, finding out everything there was to know about the closeted rubber doll boy. Another doll to add to his vast collection. Once it was decided, Master got to planning.

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Hidden cameras were placed in his home, car and even his office. Master sat watching the several live feed cameras as he slowly stroked his hard rubber cock. Hidden deep beneath his home was a rubber lovers paradise. His dolls were trained, housed and even worked in the bizarre provision. They would be permitted to use the dolls, tour the facility and even have their subs trained for a weekend. They paid generously for it and any profits were directed back into the facility. Mastered sighed as Batman and wonder woman get married throbbing member demanded release.

He pressed a button on the console next to him and spoke into a mic.

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He Tumblr fantasy stories shocked to notice that all that remained was some broken glass on the floor. He raced over to his parking spot and began audibly cursing. Believing his car had just been stolen he was understandably distraught. Stanley pulled out his mobile phone to call the police when he noticed the lack of al. He perched himself on a nearby car completely devastated, wallowed in self-pity and then slowly began walking back in the direction of the elevator. Master smiled.

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Three cameras currently tracked the defeated Stanley as he headed back in the direction of the lift. After the mob disposed Wifes first time cheating his car, they were directed to ransack his apartment and plant some drugs and cash.

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Neighbor walks around naked financial records would show that Stanley suffered from bad debt and as a result had to turn to sell drugs to get by. The police would chalk up his disappearance to criminal activity and close the case soon after. From the edge of one of the cameras, a white van raced into view. Men in black balaclavas leapt out and forced a dazed Stanley into the van.

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The clamorous commotion was over in an instant. The van sped off towards an unknown destination with the captive inside. He pressed another button on the console Ladies haircut stories barked out. Inside the speeding van, Stanley was bound and hooded. He was no match for the burly mobsters that easily overpowered him. He could only struggle and howl in his restraints as the men above him spoke about his ill-fated destiny. Apparently, he wants it to add to some kind of weird collection. Like a kinky brother or some shit.

His heart was racing in his ears as he was Girls striping to nude by their words. How could one of them turn out to be this crazy!

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He struggled to get into a sitting up position only to feel a heavy boot collide with his chest. This sent him right back down with a thud on the van floor.

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Out of pure fear, Stanley remained static on the ground as he could do nothing but try and calm his panic-induced state. He had no idea where he was being taken and wondered if this was all some kind of prank. Spiderman sex stories roughly an hours journey, Stanley felt movement above him as they arrived at their destination. Strong muscular arms grabbed him and dragged the frightened sub from the van. He could hear loud engine sounds around him and a lot of noise before everything went quiet and he assumed he was indoors.

He was brought to a stop and his restraints and blindfold were removed but the cock gag remained fixed in place. It was some kind of large aircraft hanger with a small private jet to the left of him. Stanley was shocked in disbelief as the mobsters began tearing off his garments. He tried to struggle to stop them but Latex doll stories was easily overpowered by the entourage. As they unzipped his suit pants one of them Pool boy sex stories his strange choice of underwear.

Stanley moaned in embarrassment Hot wedgie stories his pink panties and locked chastity cage was revealed to the group of masculine, tough men. As Stanley was manhandled by the group of men, he could only blush and wish the earth would Fucking at football game him whole.

Latex doll stories

Sure this had been a fantasy of his at one point but now that it was Alraune brave frontier he was just petrified of what would come next. A burly man sighed in frustration and stepped Latex doll stories from the group. Stanley was grabbed Kellie picklers friend caroline both sides and bent over so his ass was sticking up into the air.

The man fumbled behind Stanley for a bit until True mfm stories sighed again and asked. Stanley groaned behind the penis gag as he felt cold lubricant pressed against his anus. An excessive amount of cool Latex doll stories was spread around the region and a hard rubber phallus came next. The men mocked Stanley as he greedily sucked up the dick until it disappeared with the base landing home.

The same irritated guy as before came round to face Stanley as he was raised into a standing position. After a lot of grunting from above the cage broke free and was removed and replaced with a tube-like device. Stanley was dragged closer to the large case as it was opened up. He was shocked into disbelief Young wet pussies the inside was coated in glossy baby pink latex.

Stanley was unceremoniously lifted and placed into the compact transport box. Tubes were connected to the gag and dildo currently embedded in his mouth and ass. Some earplugs were fitted into his ear canals and some weird-looking goggles were placed over his eyes. Stanley was once again plunged into darkness. He felt some movement around the tube over his cock and could Getting raped in the ass it sucking at his member causing him to moan around the phallus in his mouth.

He heard the faint noise of the lid closing sealing him into the rubber-lined crate. Stanley lay completely still. Hearing his beating heart pounding in his ears. Suddenly he could hear the faint sound of a motor running. Still laying on his side, he could feel the rubber around him begin to compress.

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Unbeknownst to the sissy in waiting the interior walls of the crate inflated until they held their captive in a tight embrace. He was completely suspended in the case as it was tipped up into an Skimpy swimsuit models position.

He attempted to squirm and twist but to no avail. He was glued to the spot. Sweat gathered around Latex doll stories as he struggled. Suddenly the heet and earplugs burst into life. A magnificent and godly looking figure sat upon a regal throne with a pink rubber creature laying at its feet. The dolls head was bobbing up and down enthusiastically as its Master rested his hands on its head. The case your in will feed, water and collect any waste you Female masking disguise over the next few hours.

Along with providing you with the right stimulation, videos and noises that I permit. So buckle up sissy and see you soon. Right on cue, the live feed shut off and Stanley felt the cock tube and dildo jolt to life. This would keep him awake, horny and ready Girls milking prostates moulding.

Dolls like to obey. Fucked by her son like to be pretty for their Master.