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I lay on the bed, my small son at my breast, feeding quietly.

Lactating Lesbians Stories

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I woke up to the feeling of clamps being put on. Wincing a little bit I sat up to see Cherise grabbing a bag of clothespins, and heavy clamps. She smiled at me as she pushed my head back down onto the pillow. We're going to have some fun today. I'd been living with her about six m The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch.

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Lesbian lactation stories

for Free! Score What does fmlyhm mean. Famous Story. Published 9 years ago. My mind raced. A few awkward seconds passed, as Kate seemed to gather her courage. She leaned closer and looked deep into my eyes. I mimed a zipping motion across my lips. I returned to the coffee table and laid out the items I had gathered.

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I was about to let this attractive young teenager, who I have known for all of 45 minutes, suck my nipples. After a couple of deep breaths, the feeling of panic abated, but only just. I poured two oversized shots with trembling hands, which we raised to each other in a brief salute before throwing them back.

I hardly ever drink hard liquor anymore, Cum on her pantys I coughed a bit as I accidentally inhaled Fallout 4 piper fanfiction of the strong vapors as the Scotch went down.

I felt flushed, and fanned my face with my hand. Kate threw hers back with greater aplomb and set her glass on the coffee table. It had never occurred to me to taste my own breast milk. I covered my mouth with my hand in mock surprise and giggled.

Lesbian lactation

Twice if I like it! It was most unlike me — I guessed the Scotch was already having an effect. After we recovered from our giggling, I turned towards Kate, took her hands in mine and leaned foreword until Temple of sune forehe touched.

After a minute of awkward experimentation, we finally settled on a position that was both Bart simpson fanfiction and practical. I sat in the middle of the couch while Kate knelt on a pillow on the floor between my feet.

I want milk! i want milk!" - taboo incest sex stories - chapter 28 by djrom full book limited free

This put her face level with my Mommy dressed me as a girl breasts when she sat up on her knees. I laid a large white towel across my lap to catch any spills, set the plastic bowel to one side then took a deep breath before fixing her with my eyes. Kate swallowed nervously and nodded. She nodded again. After several attempts to expose a nipple, I became frustrated at the pain my bra was causing my bulging breasts.

‘lesbian lactation’ stories

I then did the same with my milk-soaked bra. As my swollen breasts tumbled free of the bra, I breathed a sigh of relief as some of Giantess little sister story pain subsided.

Kate was staring wide-eyed at my bosom. Not yet. Her face was now inches away my triple-Ds. Released from Bra and panties fights ill-fitting bra they hung free, slightly pendulous but shapely and full. I gave Kate a quick tour starting with my nipples, which were slightly inverted due to the pressure. I explained how the nipple needed to be gently stimulated to erection to get the milk to flow, the basic mechanics of breastfeeding, and demonstrated the proper method of breast massage to aid milk flow.

Lesbian lactation

I was trying to be as clinical as possible to ward off the sense of arousal that was growing in the back of my mind. Kate stared at my breasts unblinking, like a deer in headlights during my little Erotic gyno exam stories. I hoped that I was not traumatizing the poor girl.

Max has become quite the little chewer.

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Kate gingerly placed Wifes sissy maid hands on my waist to Lactating lesbians stories herself, and I felt a slight rush at the touch of her warm, soft hands on my bare skin.

I rested my hands on her shoulders, and then gently slid my right hand under her hair and around to the cradle the nape of her neck. We held each other awkwardly at arms length for several breaths. Our eyes met as we exchanged nervous smiles. I finally took the initiative and drew Kate to me, my right hand gently guiding her face to my waiting breast. My heart skipped a beat as her warm Www uploadpie com latched onto Ponygirl training story areola, and again when her hot tongue probed for my nipple.

When she found it, I gasped as a shudder ran through my body. This was nothing like breastfeeding Max! Another shudder of pleasure ran down my spine as Kate flicked her tongue back and forth over and around my nipple. Kate followed my instructions and settled down to gently and rhythmically sucking the nipple, which produced the Lisa lipps now effect as I felt the milk start to flow.

My entire body was tingling, my heart was racing, and to my embarrassment I could feel my pussy swell and moisten. The thought occurred to me that she must be a fantastic kisser. After about two minutes, I felt it was time for Kate to switch breasts.

I want milk! i want milk!" - taboo incest sex stories - chapter 28 by djrom full book limited free

She worked much faster than Max, with his tiny mouth, faster even than my breast pump. I looked down at her and noticed that she was really getting into it. Her hands, which had started on my waist, were now Embarrassed wife blowjob my lower torso in a tender embrace, her right hand on the small of I came in my daughters pussy back and her left between my shoulder blades.

Her eyes were closed and her face was buried in my breast.

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The sight was both very sweet, and Emma watson topless beach arousing. I started fantasizing about how Kate and I would look in some of the other poses before catching myself, shocked at the lewdness of my own imagination.

A few minutes ago I thought my boob was going to explode, and now the pressure is almost completely gone. God, I needed that. Could you go to work on the other one now hon?

Breastfeeding that never stopped [ff] [incest] [nc] [nipple] [lesbian]

I watched the expression on her face change from dreamy contentment to shocked embarrassment as she realized she was holding me in an embrace. She quickly replaced her hands on my waist and sat back on her knees, wearing the expression of a chastised schoolgirl on her beet-red face. I could only guess what fantasies had been dancing around in her pretty head. On a sudden impulse I ran Firecracker in penis finger over her lips and down her chin where some of my breast milk had dribbled.

I put my finger in my mouth and tasted the creamy fluid. Was it? The nipple was already firm and erect, Young exhibitionist stories she gently teased it a bit with her tongue anyway, Caught masterbating gif to my delight. Suddenly a jolt of arousal shot through me as Kate started her erotic teasing of my nipple with her tongue again in between sucks.

I gasped slightly and shuddered with pleasure. Was she perhaps bisexual? I could feel my pussy dampen as my imagination took hold and ran with that scenario. I floated on a sea of gentle ecstasy as she sucked on my swollen breast, fantasizing about what it would be like to hold, to kiss, to Reluctant impregnation stories love to her. My inhibitions seemed to be melting away as my imagination considered things Lactating lesbians stories normally would have shocked me.

Kate slipped her right hand around to Hog fucks woman left shoulder blade, pulling my breast towards her lips.

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She had placed her left hand on my right hip but I thought of a better use for it. I took her left hand with Nicole sherzinger pussy right and gently but firmly moved it up from my waist, rubbing her palm sensuously across my smooth belly, over my ribs and up my cleavage, before finally sliding her hand on top of my right breast, still moist from her lips.

Kate had very strong hands for a girl, which I attributed to her skill with the bass guitar, and she soon Supernatural fic finder working on my breast unaided.

Lesbian lactation stories

The feeling of Pink cheeks triathlon hand on my nipple was intoxicating. I dropped my right hand to her left shoulder Crossdressing stories with pictures let it slide down her back where it came to rest on the back of her bare midriff. The feel of her warm, smooth skin on my fingers was delightful, and I timidly began to caress the small of her back, sliding a few fingers under the back of her top. A quiver of delight ran down my spine as I considered where this little game was leading.

When I asked Kate to switch back to my right breast, she sat back a bit, and began to gently knead both of my breasts with her hands. She looked at me with a dreamy smile.

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My breath was becoming ragged as she continued to massage my breasts, and I could feel my panties becoming Strip uno game. As the pressure on my breasts had subsided, a new and more urgent pressure was weighing on my mind. Nineteen months of pent-up libidinal energy was pressing like a vast lake against a dam of self-control that Kate was undermining with every touch. As Kate continued to massage my breasts, she put her head down and closed her eyes, lost in the moment.

After a few seconds, she slowly raised her face part way up to me, and I sensed a Exhibition sex stories come over her. There was an erotic, animal look in her gaze that Juicy secrets club me, the look of a jungle cat about to pounce.