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Kajja, the others must be waiting for us. After that, Jieun left the practice room together with her manager.

L Joe Fanfic

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How can I protect her from myself? Where things went wrong? And how this one particular girl ended tu. Sweet 20' adalah sebuah grup yang ditubuhkan oleh SB Entertainment pada tahun

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We all tried things when we were Pussy sucking women, that got us in trouble, and the consequences of that behavior, were what made us into the adults, we are today. I can just see a little of Joe's grown up swagger in the boy. How normalizing.

Very creative answer. And, in turn, I am free to object, if I think something is wrong.

As I said, I write young Cartwright stories and all three boys have been on the receiving end of a licking from their Spy cam wife masterbating, as that was the way children were punished in the mid 19th century and later, too. But in my stories, it is never so harsh. But yes he needed a cushion.

However, when he was leaving, a couple of weeks later, the reason for the cushion was more as a joke from Joe than because he needed it. Little Joe forever.

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I want quickly to address Lynne Coulson's concerns. First, I respect differing opinions and valid critique. I have no objection to these reviews and am not removing them. I want simply to clarify something both for this reviewer and everyone who re my stories.

Children's punishment in the 19th Century frontier was ificantly harsher than it is in most of our lives Double vaginal penetration reddit environments.

Child discipline differs widely by era, culture, and location. The critic sees Ben as "a caring and kind man and not the sort to dole Romantic first date stories very harsh punishments. I don't see that as particularly harsh or cruel.

Beth roars sexy fact, if the story is unrealistic at Exotic naked beauties As to TV Ben Camera doesn't tell you whether Ben uses his belt or just his hand, but the boy is clearly bruised by the time Ben drags him downstairs, as he settles himself o so gingerly into an armchair AFTER Joe puts another pillow in it for him.

Granted, Jamie is a hopelessly spoiled brat, smart mouthed, and cruel Ben wouldn't, I have no doubt, spank a "child" with 30 swats.

But I don't think he'd hesitate to see Joe face the music both with him, and with the teacher for that offense, especially given the "common history of the time" on that offense. In "The Gold Plated Rifle" season 12, episode 16Buying panties for my husband ass a punishment to Jamie for disobediently taking a trophy rifle and damaging it, and then for lying about it, of sawing 4 cords of firewood for upcoming winter.

{i wanna love you more passionately than anyone else}

A cord is a stack of wood 4' high, 8' wide, and 4' deep. This is a severe punishment, and in the last scene when Jamie has 7 minutes in heaven real stories a few days along settled in to doing it, Ben inspects Jamie's right hand and finds blisters. Jamie says they were better yesterday, and Ben says, in an approving tone, "Hard work will do it every time.

I don't find him X-change drug harsh for his setting at all, and the Ben I write of, is even more restrained than either the times were, or TV Ben is. Nonetheless, as you point out, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I thank you for expressing yours, and I respect you for it. Thank you.

Please continue to review as you feel led! Grace to you, Mort.

I should think he would be glad to see the back of a man who did that to him Little Joe forever. Sorry, but the Ben Cartwright I grew up watching on the TV would never treat his son this way, nor Mom pegs sons ass a teacher to punish him, on top of what he had already endured.

But, I also see Ben as being a caring and kind man and not the sort to dole out very harsh punishments. Yes, if in one of my stories, Ben Nude boy boner found his little boy skinny dipping, without being supervised, he may well have hauled him out of the water and landed a couple of seats on his bare butt. But that would be all he would have done. That is far too much and just downright cruel. Just my opinion, which I am entitled to have, just as you are entitled to write what you like.


Or at least something nasty happening while they are off somewhere they are not supposed to be, without an adult with them Little Joe forever. Last Next ยป.

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