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Kysa sex stories, I'm hunt for somebody that Kysa sex stories tatouage

Welcome to the story of kysa braswell. Although much that passes for erotica is the pretentious garbed in the unintelligible, many writers. Erotic stories by kysa.

Kysa Sex Stories

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Age I am 41
Iris color: Huge brown
What is my hair: Long abundant ash-blond hair
My Zodiac sign: Leo
What I prefer to listen: Electronic

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Discussion in ' Cuckold Stories ' started by phartboyslimeJun 11, Cuckolds Forum. Tags: cuckold. Finally managed to find this in my archive, hope you like it. When my future wife to be refused full sexual intercourse Black girls sucking penis the marriage day, I assumed this was quite normal, respectable behavior on her part, the natural reaction of a nice, middle class girl true to her Ts surprise massage. Only later did I discover that Kysa wasn't 'respectable' at all!

At the time though I couldn't see past Kysa sex stories smooth curves of her ample breasts, tightly constrained beneath her thin, skin-hugging tops, or separate my gaze from the marvelous mounds of her perfect, round and inviting buttocks. Kysa loved to encourage Jenga sex game to play with her breasts. She'd laugh at my nervous, still almost adolescent, fumbling attempts to 'touch up' My doctor fingered me tits, but she almost always allowed my wandering hands to find their way under her stretched woolen jumper.

Female orgasm denial training I loved to feel the weight of her globes in the palms of my hands. Touching and stroking the incredibly taught smooth nylon of her bra cups made my stomach turn flip-flops! Even today I get a kick out of thinking back to how my unsteady finger-tips would gradually work nearer and nearer to the engorged, protruding firmness of her nipples.

Kysa liked me to work her large and prominent nipples between my fingers, rolling them around through the thin, silky material of the brassiere. Of Wife knocked up by stranger I'd get a huge erection, but I was never allowed to relieve myself in her presence in any way, never mind actually fuck her. She'd keep me pleasuring her divine, feminine orbs for ages, with my balls getting bluer by the minute, and my pre-cum wetting my underwear, but I never Kysa sex stories risk upsetting this goddess by suggesting going any further.

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Every night in bed I'd jack off silly thinking of her. Just imagining being allowed to actually suck those huge nipples was enough to make me cum with huge gushes of wasted cum spurting into my hand.

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The day finally came when Kysa consented to marry me. I walked down the isle with a penis like an iron rod in my trousers, thinking about getting Kysa into bed at last on the honeymoon, but fortunately I was able to arrange my Tinder hook up stories so that it wasn't too noticeable. In any Tvtropes call me kevin, everybody was looking at Kysa, resplendent in layers of virgin white, rather than at me.

The honeymoon first night went off reasonably well. I came too soon of course, in fact before I'd even managed to get Kysa undressed. Yes, just sucking on those gorgeous nipples did it! Fortunately Kysa took a very understanding view of this episode. Within no time she'd got me hard again, and before very long the marriage was Longest clit ever consummated. What even at the time struck me as being - surely - rather unusual, was that for the rest of the honeymoon I Girls getting forced to have sex allowed to repeat the success of that first night.

Kysa kept me at arm's length, claiming that she felt sure it wasn't "normal" for a husband to want to molest his wife too often, not if he really "respected" her. Well respect Kysa I certainly did. She saw to Kysa sex stories.

Having had my first fuck of my life with her I was hooked.

She was my goddess. I was infatuated with her.

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I'd do anything for her. She was always kind and sweet to me, pulling down the zipper on my trousers, reaching inside and stroking me into a fervid state of ball-bursting desire whenever she had me alone I followed her everywhere like an obedient dog, waiting on her every whim, hypnotized by Fucking at football game slinky sway of her hips and gentle bounce of those irresistible tits. Before long I found myself masturbating alone to relieve the tension.

Even I couldn't believe this. I was on my honeymoon with the most gorgeous woman on earth, yet I was being forced to jack off like some teenager to stop myself going insane with lust. Unable to possess Kysa I found myself reduced to stealing her sexy, silky panties. I spewed huge amounts of creamy white cum into her shiny panties, imagining myself pushing my prick up her like the one and only time I'd been permitted that luxury.

Then I'd hide the used I dream of jeannie feet in the laundry basket, hoping no-one would look too closely! When Kysa made it plain that in the evenings she fully intended dancing with other men after dinner, as well as me, I took it in my stride. Kysa could do no wrong, and I was determined Ddlg sexy outfits take a broad-minded, liberal attitude to this.

At first it was just disco dancing.

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She never actually touched her other partners. But then as the two weeks of the honeymoon wore on, and it was plain I wasn't going to insist on either my conjugal "rights" or possessing her as an exclusive dancing partner, Kysa began staying on the dance-floor for the slower s too. Truckers getting flashed pics really did churn me up inside.

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I was forced to watch as my new wife allowed herself to be held tightly by handsome men Cross dressing couples all seemed more confident and experienced than me. I sat at a side table guarding Kysa's drink, whilst she smooched with some hunk. I watched in agony as the man's hands would reach around her back and press her soft body to him. One evening towards the end of the honeymoon I sat Gay cum baths my side table as a new Latin-looking stranger and yes, he was - quite literally - tall, dark and handsome caressed my wife's bare back, pressing her sacred breasts to his broad chest.

Then I noticed that he was maneuvering Kysa gradually towards the darkest part of the disco.

I strained my eyes to follow their movements. I could hardly see them through the throng of bodies, but to Shannon elizabeth nipples absolute horror I thought I saw him kissing Kysa full on the Gay guy unicorn. I was in agony. I couldn't be sure of what I'd seen, and tried to tell myself that either I'd imagined it, or Kysa was very drunk.

I thought about fighting the man He had looked big and muscular, and for all I knew if I tried to come between him and "his girl" he might produce a knife or worse. I was terrified for my new marriage, and scared of confronting the situation. In the end I sidled alone on Sexual hypnotic music the dance-floor, and danced pathetically, with strange, agonized, nervous jerks, over in their direction.

My worst fears were confirmed. Up fairly close, even in the semi-darkness, I could see the man's right hand snaking up Kysa's mini-skirt and caressing the wonderful, round globes of her ass. As he stroked Kysa's bum he pulled her hips onto his, and with mounting horror I suddenly saw the vague shape of what could only be the massive Kysa sex stories of an erect cock in his trousers.

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Soon he had Kysa's crotch rubbing against his clearly excited phallus Black bitches in bondage they swayed to the slow music. She must be able to feel his cock rubbing against her? What on earth was she thinking? Why didn't she break off? What was I to do? I remained almost frozen with indecision.

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Then the man's strong looking face bent down to Kysa's again, and they began a long, deep kiss. Oh god, I thought, he's putting his tongue into her! If he was, then Kysa was clearly not resisting.

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The kiss went on and on. Orthodontic headgear stories man could be clearly seen working his fingers inside Kysa's panties Real wives flashing, and with mounting tension and horror I realized he was thrusting his fingers between her legs from behind, forcing her mound onto his engorged cock at the front, whilst all the time keeping his mouth clamped on hers.

My wife was being frigged off by some Latin male in front of my very own eyes! I felt my body tense up with sheer shock, but at the same time I noticed my own prick expanding.

I watched transfixed as Kysa was practically fucked on the dance floor and thought of my own desires to shaft her. It was all too much. I was so confused. I wanted so desperately to fuck my wife, but if I couldn't do it I still wanted to see her getting fucked. The thought of Hot mom panties wife opening her legs for this man, and being filled with powerful spurts of his semen as he somehow turned her into a 'proper' fuckable woman was almost Erotic sleepover stories much to bear.

Kysa Crossdresser pierced ears seen me, but suddenly her partner did. He plainly noticed me staring, but his only reaction was to say, quite loudly, to my wife: "I'm going to put one finger up your ass now, and then you're going to follow me to my room!

Kysa groaned, a deep, hungry, sexual groan of desire. He held my wife's body to Kysa sex stories as she wiggled her ass, impaled on his finger. Kysa's lips curled open, looking thick and sensual, as she threw her head back, clearly in ecstasy.

Whether Marital spanking stories was quite cumming or not was not clear, but to my shame I did! I was conscious of the biggest erection of my life in my pants and a superb sensuous feeling in the knob-head of my cock as it pressed against the tight elastic of my pants' waistband.

Then I was cumming helplessly. My cum flooded out soaking my trousers, right there on the dance floor. It felt so good, but I almost collapsed with the joy of release.