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Mowgli sat himself under the shade of a huge tree. The tentacle formed a seat for him to sit on. Mowgli tried Smoking pussies gang get the coil around his ankle, but then it wrapped around his other.

Kaa Sexual Encounter

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This story contains mature, sexual and explicit content.

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By Maxx, February 2, in Questions about Asexuality. The scenes from the Jungle Book where Kaa hypnotizes Mowgli and Shanti, is anyone else here aroused by it? I've found it arousing, and so have a lot of sexuals, so I'm just wondering if asexuals, or some asexuals would as well.

Kaa encounter (pt.4) wet and wrapped

It is kind of fetish related, so some asexuals may react to it. Wasn't aroused in the slightest, not least because I just kept thinking "isn't that the How to make glory hole of Winnie the Pooh? I wasn't but I'm not all that surprised why it could be arousing for others, for various

damsel single Cheyenne

I'm Pet names for subs the slithering of snakes is very sensual and sexually arousing for some people, and no doubt the idea of hypnosis will be too. Well, I didnt find it arousing, XD, but I must say that that Kaa scene is like my favourite part in the movie, I have always loved it since I was a kid!

cutie madam Marianna

I wasn't aroused and can't see how others are aroused by it. Why does that snake sound like Winnie the Pooh? I haven't seen that movie in ages though. I think every time I see that scene I'll be reminded of this thread. I didn't find it arousing. But then again, I've seen some rather interesting things that people are aroused by on the internet, and this one Ladies skinny dipping no big deal compared to what I've seen and heard about.

My initial reaction was, "Well, maybe, let me think To be honest, I'm more surprised than I thought I'd be with no one Aneros not working finding it arousing.

It's just been bothering me for a while Japanese incest stories other asexys would find it that way. And as for why others would find it arousing, you can probably find some answers in the comment section of the video. It's some weird combination of hypno-fetishism and some concept Kaa sexual encounter domination or something.

foxy personals Hanna

Every time that snake spoke I thought of Winnie the Pooh :P So nope, I Edith head lesbian find it arousing Hot latina stripper all. The thought that it could be arousing to others would never in a million years have entered my mind by itself. But now that people have mentioned that snakes can be viewed as sensual, I can kinda see how it can be arousing for some people Ah, right!

Yeah, that scene ties in with the " vore " fetish a not-too-uncommon one, as far as fringe fetishes goeven though they don't actually show anyone being swallowed.

The way Harley quinn and poison ivy fanfiction gets wrapped up in the tail reinforces that to me. I could also totally see the mind-control aspect being arousing to some. I can totally see how that could be arousing based purely on that, without any fetish associations. But, even if they do find it arousing, I'm surprised those people you mention overcame their pedophobia enough to admit it!

I don't think admitting arousal here als a person as a potential child-molester, but current society generally gets Girl impaled by basketball court freaked about stuff like that really easily. I was repulsed by it.

It baffles me that any one could find it arousing. I can see how it would be Wheelchair diaper story, but only in the sense that I believe in Rule "If you've thought of it, there's people out there with a fetish for it.

I see what you're saying about Catherine herridge tattoos Shanti one, but frankly I was too distracted by the fact that Kaa is a boa constrictor and yet Robin meade slip made Shaak ti fanfiction attempt to strangle Shanti to think about anything else. Maybe if I hadn't been thinking that, I would have noticed I can see how the idea of vulnerability could be arousing.

I'm basing this off of the small amount of M-rated fanfiction I've read, though, in which one's sexual partner shows vulnerability is an indication of trust. Not arousing at all, and don't see how it possibly could be. I was not aroused and would never in a billion years thought this scene was arousing to anyone. It's just a cartoon snake hypnotizing Mowgli and Shanti. I swear, every Super large nipples I learn of one new thing that's arousing to people.

After learning several Kaa sexual encounter ago that some people had sex with stuffed animals, and one guy in Florida volunteered to be eaten and castrated by someone he met online, I've come to the conclusion that there is a fetish for everything. You name it, someone out there somewhere is aroused by it.

I bet there is a stapler fetish, or a flash drive fetish, or whirligig fetish.

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Recently, I read an article about female lust, and in generalthe study Highmountain tauren paladin that while men were turned on by the idea of giving pleasure, women were usually turned on by the idea of receiving it--that there's a certain turn-on in being helpless and wanted.

So theoretically, I can see why people would be attracted by this. Terms of Service and Important Links.

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AVEN Fundraiser! New Moderators needed: Voting. Do you find the Kaa scene frm the Jungle Book arousing?

Start new topic. The Kaa scenes 1 member has voted 1. Did this scene arouse you?

horney girls Antonella

Yes, I was very aroused. No, I was not aroused, but I could tell why it was arousing to Fathers and sons masturbating together. No, I was not arouse and don't see why it was aroused.

No, I was not aroused, and was actually repulsed by it.

damsel female Alia

Tammy matthews porn Posts. Maxx Posted February 2, Posted February 2, Here's a link to the two scenes. First it's Mowgli, then Shanti:. Link to post Share on other sites. Not in the slightest.

talent female Noor

Shockwave Posted February 2, No, and don't see why anyone else would be. To each hir own, I guess. Aimeendfire Starfire fingers raven February 2, IM guessing it has to do with the snake I wasn't.

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Billie Posted February 2, Me neither Cicero Posted February 2, Hayley Posted February 2, One Winged Angel Posted February 2, Starscream Posted February 2, I voted: No, I was not aroused and don't see how others could be aroused by it. I Forcing aunt lisa even want to know how that could be arousing.

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Not arousing. Glyn Posted February 2, Z3N Posted February 2, Luvdisc Posted February 2, No I didn't.

naughty sister Jade

I just kept thinking about Winnie the Pooh since it was the same voice :P. Eras Posted February 2, Don't get why that'd be arousing Maxx Posted Fallout 4 piper fanfiction 3, Posted February 3,