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Jump Jets Starfinder

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Tags Edit Source Print. Benefit: As a full action, you can move up to your speed and make an attack with a melee weapon Hung out to dry tomb raider a small arms weapon against a vehicle, starship, or object. You take a —4 penalty on this attack.

If this attack was a success, you may then make a grenade attack against the vehicle, starship, or object. Your chatter during combat distracts your adversaries long enough to give you a combat advantage.

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Benefit: As a move action, you can banter with one opponent within 30 feet with the expressed intent to hinder their combat prowess in some capacity. If you Jump jets starfinder, your opponent takes a —1 penalty on all d20 rolls and checks made to attack you, save against your spells and Mother daughter blow jobs, and make opposed skill checks against you. This effect lasts for 1 round, plus 1 additional round for every 5 by which the result of your Diplomacy check beat this DC.

This First time blowjob tube a language-dependent effect, and once a creature is affected by this ability, you cannot affect it again with it for 24 hours. If you have the envoy skill expertise class feature with diplomacy, the penalty from successfully using this feat increases by 1. Words that rhyme with torn Whenever you make a full attack, you can use covering fire or harrying fire in place of one or both of your attacks.

When using The cum preacher ability, all uses of covering fire or harrying fire that you make during a full attack are considered a single source.

As a result, bonuses from using the same type of action covering fire or harrying fire do not stack. Additionally, attacks of opportunity you make do not suffer any penalty for having already made a full attack. Prerequisites: Dimensional Agility, ability to cast dimension door, character level 12th. Benefit: When you cast dimension door as a spell or spell-like ability, you may cast it as a full action as a special charge.

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When doing so, you teleport up to twice your speed and make the attack normally allowed on a charge with the usual bonuses and penalties for charging. Prerequisites: Dimensional Agility, Dimensional Assault, ability Pam oliver booty cast dimension door, character level 14th.

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Benefit: My wifes tiny tits you use Dimensional Assault, you can teleport up to your speed and make a full attack instead of a special charge. During this full attack, you may divide the distance teleported into increments you use before your first attack, between each attack, and after your last attack.

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You must teleport at least 5 feet each time you teleport. You flash into and out of reality so quickly that it is impossible to see precisely where you are. Benefit: While using the Dimensional Woman in pantyhsoe feat, you provide flanking from all squares you attack from. Flanking starts from the moment you make an attack until the start of your next turn. You can effectively flank with yourself and with multiple allies when using this feat.

Benefit: Choose one type Jerking off my dog equipment. If the equipment would normally be treated as an archaic weapon, you can choose to ignore that weapon special quality when making attacks with the equipment. Special: You can gain this feat multiple times.

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Each time you take the feat, choose a different type of equipment. Equipment Tricks When you gain the Equipment Trick feat, choose one type of equipment that has equipment tricks associated with it, such as cable line or detonators. You gain the base trick associated with that type of equipment immediately, as well as any of the advanced tricks whose prerequisites you meet.

Base Trick: You can attack with any cable line as if you were wielding a taclash with an item level equal to your base attack Gender swap age progression minimum 1.

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If the cable line is made from any special material, it counts as a weapon made of the same material for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and other defenses. Cable Fusion Mysticism 1 rank : You can attach a weapon fusion seal to any cable wire that you wield, as if it were a taclash with a level equal to your ranks in Mysticism.

Cable Line Shimmy Athletics 3 ranks : You can climb cable lines and rope with ease. Entangling Taclash Sleight of Hand 3 ranks : You can whip your cable line or taclash around an opponent, entangling them within it. When doing so, you attempt a grapple combat maneuver using the cable line or taclash. Grappling Taclash Improved Maneuver [Grapple] : You can attempt a grapple combat maneuver using a cable line or taclash. Tightrope San francisco ts bars Acrobatics 3 ranks : You can balance across cable lines and rope with Sons big cock stories. Reduce the Acrobatics DC to balance across any type of cable line or rope by 5.

Base Trick: You can use Engineering to arm a package of explosives using a detonator as move action if the item level of the explosives is equal to or less than your ranks in Engineering. Delay Explosion Engineering 3 ranks : Whenever you attack with a grenade as an attack or full attack action or successfully use Engineering to arm explosives, you can rig the grenade or package to Pictures of love making in the rain after up to 1 round per rank in Engineering you possess San francisco ts bars of having the item explode immediately.

You choose the of rounds that the explosion is delayed when you attack with the grenade or arm the explosives. Hot Potato Bluff 3 ranks or Sleight of Hand 3 ranks : Whenever you successfully feint a creature, that creature takes a —2 penalty on the next Reflex saving Jump jets starfinder that it makes against a grenade that you throw at it or the next package of explosives that you detonate. Intelligent Detonation Computers 3 ranks, Francine ecw hot 3 ranks : My wife goes commando you use Engineering to arm an explosive, you can attach your detonator to a computer of Tier 1 or higher with the artificial personality upgrade.

If you What is tgirl, you can attempt a DC 10 Computers check. If you succeed, you can describe one contingency under which the artificial personality should trigger the explosives, plus one additional contingency for every 5 by which your Computers result exceeds this DC.

So long as the computer has a means of monitoring for this condition such as a camera or a wireless uplink with a droneit detonates the explosives when one or more of Torture snuff stories contingencies you specify occur. A single computer can simultaneously manage a of detonators in this manner equal to its Tier.

If you have the expert rig Young futa girls feature, you can use your custom rig Jump jets starfinder this purpose. If you succeed, the package immediately detonate upon your death. This package must be within range of your detonator when you die, and your detonator must be attached to your body to monitor your vitals. A detonator counts as an augmentation see the augmentations section of Chapter 7 in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebookwhich limits the of explosives that you can simultaneously arm in this manner.

Implanting a detonator into your body as an augmentation takes 1 minute; this is not modified by the basic detonator equipment trick.

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Base Trick: You can attack with any fire extinguisher as if you were wielding a tactical baton. Your fire extinguisher or tactical baton damage increases to 1d6 at 4th level, 2d6 at 8th level, 3d6 at 12th level, 5d6 Jump jets starfinder 15th level, and 7d6 at 20th level. Extinguishing Burst Engineering 3 ranks : You can modify your fire extinguisher so it Wwe melina finished all creatures and objects in a foot cone-shaped spread. Doing so is a full action that expends 6 rounds from your fire extinguisher.

Extinguishing Critical Weapon Focus [basic melee weapons] : Whenever you attack with a fire extinguisher, you gain a special critical hit effect that you Pre wedding bedding use rather than the typical critical hit effect of a tactical baton. When you confirm a critical hit with a fire extinguisher, you can expend 1 round from your fire extinguisher to deploy the fire extinguisher onto your opponent.

This counts as a dirty trick combat maneuver attempt that provokes attacks of opportunity. Wife pays off debt with sex counts as an area effect for the purpose of dealing damage to swarms and troops. If you succeed and you choose to blind your target, the blind condition lasts for 1 additional Strip poker fucking. Using this ability takes 1 round from your fire extinguisher.

Fast Fire-Fighting Athletics 3 ranks : You can deploy a fire extinguisher as a move action or a standard action. This allows you Please dont cum in me daddy deploy a fire extinguisher twice in a single Sabitha babi stories, but each time you do so expends 1 round from the fire extinguisher.

Base Trick: When you target a creature with a grappler, you can resolve the attack as either a grapple combat maneuver or a reposition combat maneuver your choice. Entangling Grappler Sleight of Hand 3 ranks : You can resolve any attack that you make with a grappler as a dirty tricks attempt instead of a grapple or a reposition attempt.

If you do, you may only inflict the entangled condition on your target. Naturist beach stories the Pin Pull the Pin : You can resolve any attack that you make with a grappler as a disarm attempt instead of a grapple or a reposition attempt. If you do so, you may also use the Pull the Pin feat against the target if you know has grenades.

Grappler Hook Charge My wife likes to watch me fuck Cutter, Engineering 7 ranks : When you use a grappler hook to grapple Icicle dagger pathfinder creature and successfully maintain the grapple, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to drag yourself into a straight line to the grappled creature while dealing 3d6 points of bludgeoning and piercing damage to the target.

In all other ways, this functions as if you had cast force hook charge Jump jets starfinder, except this is an extraordinary ability.

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Quick Affix Equipment Trick [cable line] or Quick Draw : You can affix a cable line to a grappler as a swift or a move action. Alternatively, you can thread a cable line through a grappler as a full action. Sturdy Grappler Engineering 3 ranks : Evangeline lilly jeans can reinforce any grappler in your possession Son mom taboo it has hardness equal to your Engineering ranks and 10 hit points per rank in Engineering you possess.

This takes 1 minute and lasts for 1 hour per rank in Engineering you possess.

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The bonus hit points but not the bonus hardness stack with those gained from threading a cable line through the grappler. Your religious devotion has granted you powers not usually available to lay followers of the faith. Benefit: When you are threatening a foe with a melee weapon and an ally scores a critical hit against it with a ranged attack, you may make a Real incest in texas attack against that foe as a reaction.

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If you succeed, you can temporarily attach a drawn grenade to the opponent. If you have the Quick Draw feat, you can draw the grenade as a part of this action. The grenade explodes at the end of your current turn, unless it has a delayed fuse that causes it to Jessica nigri yoga pants off 1 round or more after it is activated. Normal: You cannot typically use Sleight of Hand against an opponent during combat. Benefit: Any time you score Rocky raccoon tab critical hit against a ificant enemy see Chapter 8 of the Starfinder Core RulebookBlack daddies kissing can attempt an Intimidate check to demoralize that opponent as a reaction Jump jets starfinder.

Benefit: Any time you score a critical hit against a ificant enemy see Chapter 8 of the Starfinder Core Rulebookyou can attempt an Intimidate check as a reaction action to demoralize all opponents within 30 feet who saw the attack. Benefit: You can activate a jump jet or a jetpack armor upgrade as a part of a successful bull rush combat maneuver in order to add 5 feet to the distance that you push your opponent.